Website Tracking 

Stop missing sales opportunities and turn website visitors into customers. Track leads who visit your website using Salespanel.

Lead Generation 

Reveal anonymously visiting companies. Capture leads when they engage with your website or emails.

Lead Scoring 

Score active leads with automated lead temperatures. Create custom rules for lead scoring.

Data Enrichment 

Automatically enrich inbound leads and turn them into complete business profiles. Spend less time on digging up data and more time on sales.

Lead Generation

Uncover hidden opportunities and generate more leads with Salespanel.

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Customer acquisition starts with Lead Generation. Why spend time looking for leads elsewhere when qualified leads can be generated right from your website? Capturing visitors from your website is an effective lead generation strategy as leads visiting your website are already showing some intent. Use Salespanel to generate leads when visitors engage with your website or emails and close more sales.

Generate leads by identifying companies who visit your website

On average, more than 90% of website visitors don’t sign up or fill out a webform. Anonymous leads who leave your website without signing up are lost. Salespanel helps you identify these companies who visit your website anonymously. Convert anonymous sessions into real leads.

Automatically capture leads when a user provides his email

Salespanel automatically captures leads when they provide their emails. Whether they create an account or make an inquiry, they are captured and brought under one single screen. Salespanel aggregates your leads without you needing to do anything manually.

Capture leads generated from your Newsletters and Cold Emails

Generate qualified leads from big email lists. Salespanel captures leads who show interest in your product by engaging with your newsletters and cold emails. Stop worrying about finding qualified leads from a high volume of contacts. Salespanel will find them for you.

Know more about your leads

Salespanel provides you detailed information about leads just from their emails. Find all of lead’s available information like social media profiles, company details, bio, lead source etc. Use this data to qualify them or engage with them on social media. Stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Track what leads do on your website

Salespanel tracks what leads do on your website. You will be able to view all activities leads perform on your website before and after they sign up. This helps you know what a lead is looking for and learn how they interacted with your content. Use this information to your advantage while talking to them.

Qualify your leads

Salespanel uses machine learning to determine when a lead turns sales-ready. Get alerts when you need to take action and close more sales. You can also use custom filters to qualify leads based on their actions.

Align your Sales and Marketing teams

In a traditional workflow, the sales team needs to constantly sync with the marketing team to get the latest leads and find out if they are qualified enough. Now with Salespanel, your leads will automatically be exported to your sales pipelines and your salespeople will have all information at their fingertips.

Export Leads to your CRM

Automatically export generated leads to your CRM and start the sales procedure. Forget the hassle of manually adding leads and using spreadsheets. Salespanel exports contacts to your CRM as soon as they are captured. Their activity logs are synced in real-time.

Salespanel supports 1000+ integrations via Zapier.

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Identify, track and prioritize your leads with Salespanel.

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