Identify companies who visit your website

Salespanel identifies companies who anonymously visit your website and provides you their firmographic and behavioral information. You can use this data to qualify them and outreach to those who match your qualification criteria.

Instantly notify sales when high-value leads are identified

Salespanel immediately notifies your sales team about high-value accounts when they show intent. This helps sales take quick action and start talking to these companies while they are still on your website. Use Salespanel to increase the amount of qualified leads you generate every month.

Nurture qualified accounts with personalized content through retargeting

Salespanel helps you qualify visitors on your website using firmographic and behavioral data even if they have not signed up. Retarget them with personalized content on low cost high-engagement advertising platforms and convert them.

Track them as they go from anonymous visitors to identified leads

Salespanel tracks your visitors from their first visit to their last visit. When anonymous visitors provide their email, Salespanel merges the company session with the individual session and enriches the contact with additional information like job role, social media profiles, bio, etc.

Aggregate leads from all lead generation channels

Salespanel aggregates leads from all marketing channels and brings them together under one platform for you to effectively manage and track them. Salespanel captures your leads when they fill out a form, engage with your email marketing campaigns or message you through live chat.

Create detailed reports of all the new leads generated

Salespanel helps you generate reports in minutes and share information with your team. With a few clicks, you can generate reports based on tracking parameters, demographics, lead qualifications, conversions and pretty much any data attribute available on Salespanel.

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