Top 10 App Integrations for Hubspot CRM

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Hubspot is hands down one of the most revolutionary marketing service providers out there.


A few years ago, the company set out on a journey to identify and get rid of the annoying, complicated and ineffective advertising techniques that have been in use in the traditional marketing scenario for ages, and they certainly made their mark.


Today, Hubspot is a name that is synonymous with easy, advanced, effective and fun marketing techniques. They generated an ‘inbound’ movement and the company runs a popular conference by the same name. They are most known for their innovative and thoughtfully created marketing tools specifically meant to work with the new tech savvy, well-informed and knowledgeable generation of today.


In terms of honors, Hubspot was named one of the most promising and fastest-growing companies by Inc, Forbes and Deloitte; all for one primary reason – “Best Customer Results”. Needless to say, it is a great favourite among entrepreneurs, from small businesses to large enterprises, because of how easy it makes marketing for them.


One of the most unique aspects of Hubspot is that it offers over 500 integrations to enhance the effectiveness of its core solution – the CRM. They are all available for use in the Hubspot App Ecosystem as well.


While Hubspot on its own is great, the value you generate from the CRM can scale massively if you combine it with the right apps. Hubspot offers a lot of features and not everything will be the right fit for you. You may only need their CRM but need to connect to third-party apps to get the desired results.


Before we get into the best integrations of Hubspot, here’s a quick brief about Hubspot and its efficient CRM solution. If you are not a Hubspot user, this might change your mind.


The Hubspot Empire

Hubspot, in a nutshell, is a powerful comprehensive all-in-one marketing, sales and customer relationship software solution that is used by over 30,000 companies, across 56 countries around the world. They literally pioneered the concept of inbound marketing, took it to great levels and are now the market leaders.


At its core, Hubspot offers a Customer Relationship Management solution that works in a freemium model, where they offer pretty much everything a small business needs in their free version. In fact, it is considered most ideal for startups and small businesses that are comparatively new to the concept of CRM. It features some of the best free tools to manage an unlimited number of leads or contacts, track their progress in the sales funnel and monitor performance, easily.


For more established businesses, Hubspot also offers a paid premium segment featuring more advanced capabilities, with fewer limits.


Going by their own definition that says “…an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers” – by all means, the company does what it promises.


As mentioned before, the most fun part about Hubspot is that it offers tons of free and paid integrations to boost the efficiency and impact of their CRM solution.



10 integrations of Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM integrations come in a variety of types, depending on their purpose. There are email integration tools that let you sync your email marketing activities with your CRM, there are analytics tools that allow you to better gauge your marketing performance, then there are content creation tools, sales tools, and many more.


Also, if you are already using another application for your sales and marketing, chances are that it already integrates with Hubspot. Many of the apps listed here are standalone tools that integrate with Hubspot to help you in data-sync.



Salespanel is a lead identification, tracking, and qualification platform. Salespanel helps you capture leads from all your lead acquisition sources, track these leads, and qualify them using predictive and point-based lead scoring. It also identifies companies who visit your website and leave without signing up.


B2B businesses have different tracking needs. While your CRM will always try to provide you all the features, you will often need dedicated applications to get your job done. Visitor tracking is one such functionality. Salespanel also provides real-time point-based lead scoring with quality grades of visitors. If you are using the freemium version of Hubspot then a combination of Hubspot and Salespanel might do wonders for you.


Using Salespanel’s integration with Hubspot, you directly sync leads that are captured using Salespanel to Hubspot in real-time. You can also automate marketing actions like creating deals of marketing qualified leads or adding them to a campaign.



Unbounce is a conversion rate optimization tool (CRO). What it means is that it helps capture leads, collect lead info and effectively escalate it to the sales and marketing teams to further pursue them and in turn optimize conversion.


Unbounce offers excellent features to easily create attractive landing pages and forms that are integrated with your Hubspot CRM, which means that the lead info is automatically reflected in your CRM system. It provides simple and easy to fill forms that induce customers to give you their info, thereby capturing more leads. It also provides powerful testing and optimization features to make further improvements, until you get the most effective combination.


Side Note: Salespanel automatically syncs leads from any web form without needing an integration with the form software provider.



Databox is a data collection and reporting tool that helps pull information from various sources and makes it available for you in a single place, in an easy-to-read format. It collects data from different places like Google Analytics, Google Ads, other Hubspot CRM integrations like Unbounce and MailChimp, and many other third-party applications and presents all the relevant information you need in a crisp and clear format. This allows you to offer more personalized marketing messages to your customers.


For example, depending on specific customer behavioral analytics sourced from the website, opt-in forms and Google search, you can figure out what certain demographics of customers are actually looking for and create personalized onboarding email campaigns for each demographic.


Seventh Sense

One of the biggest challenges faced by marketers in any medium is customer engagement. Whether it is social media, or email, or any other online platform, it takes more than personalized messages to get customers to respond and interact with your content.


Seventh Sense is a powerful AI-based analytics tool that allows you to monitor and predict the actions of email recipients. It helps analyze customer behavior inside and outside of their inbox and gives a better idea of how people are interacting or engaging with your emails. This helps determine patterns and take necessary steps to improve deliverability, and increase open and click-through rates in the long run.


Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is yet another analytics and CRO tool but a more comprehensive one. It comes with a number of features like heat maps, session recordings, polls, live chat, form analytics, and many more, all of which help improve different aspects of marketing efforts.


For example, with heat maps and form analytics, it helps capture website visitor information and track their behavior on your website. With detailed information on how visitors use different elements on your website, how people navigate, what they click etc. it helps you optimize your UX/UI design.


Similarly, it provides analytics for you to gain inside knowledge on different aspects to make improvements.


Lucky Orange pulls session recordings to your Hubspot contacts which will help assigned sales reps watch session recordings of their leads if they need to. This is especially helpful for high-ticket B2B leads.



Verblio is a written content outsourcing platform that houses efficient writers from around the world. It is meant to help you in your content creation processes. It effectively augments your social media, email and website based marketing programs with insightful high-quality content offered by writers on the platform, whose services you can avail on a subscription basis. It also provides an easy to use the platform to manage writers and content. Whatever type of content you need, whether it is web page content or blogs or articles or social media posts, Verblio offers the perfect writers with convenient payment methods. Integrating it with Hubspot allows you to publish the content directly on any platform.



Freshdesk is a helpdesk tool that facilitates better management of customer queries and complaints with a ticketing system. It helps provide more prompt customer service by being available for customers round the clock. It also comes with automation features that speed up redundant and repetitive tasks like adding customers in queue for queries to be resolved by the customer support team, acknowledging receipt of complaints to customers etc.
Integrating it with your Hubspot CRM allows tickets to be added as contacts and leads to further pursue. This is useful if your company is using Hubspot for customer success. Even for sales, integrating the support system to CRM means that your sales team would know if their leads have active support tickets.



MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms and Hubspot features a dedicated built-in integration with MailChimp. It combines email marketing with customer relationship management tools and offers the best of both worlds. It syncs subscribers, adds them to your email list, provides user analytics, and enables you to create more personalized email drip campaigns. It provides further tools to send targeted marketing messages on social media by analyzing customer profiles associated with the captured leads.



Zapier is a holistic online workflow automation aid that helps connect your Hubspot CRM with more of your favorite applications such as Gmail, Slack, and many more. It opens a new doorway for marketing automation and data sync with tools that don’t natively integrate with Hubspot.


Zapier alone provides more than 1000 app integrations, which means you get to further diversify and reap even more benefits through seamless connections. It is the perfect tool to customize third-party integrations.


For example, it allows you to use another application to gather contacts or leads and seamlessly sync the data with your email marketing system as well as your CRM solution. All tools that integrate with Zapier provide a set of data sync and automation triggers. For example, you can set up an automation where Salespanel would create deals for all MQLs and also notify your sales team on Slack at the same time.


Call Rail

Call Rail helps properly track leads generated through calls, rather than forms or landing pages. It helps monitor inbound phone calls as well and provides an all-encompassing view of leads generated through different sources, in a single place.


You also get to view all your leads along with their original sources to make better more informed decisions related to future lead generation venues by finding out which channels are bringing the best callers.


Call Rail’s Hubspot integration helps you sync caller data and analytics directly to Hubspot.



Wistia is a video hosting platform, much like YouTube, that comes with its own analytics and inbound marketing tools. Unlike YouTube, Wistia offers more customization features associated with the visual appearance of embedded videos in your website. This helps you offer better video content experience for visitors. It also offers analytics related to video views, engagement, and interaction that let you gauge the performance of your videos and make improvements accordingly.


Wistia helps you capture leads by embedding forms to videos and also syncs the leads to your Hubspot CRM. Once captured, it will sync logs of all the videos a particular contact has watched.


Bottom line

Hubspot CRM offers a lot more useful and powerful integrations apart from the above 10, that allow you to boost the efficiency of your existing setup.


As a standalone tool as well, Hubspot CRM functions perfectly to aid your general marketing efforts. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose integrations and further customize each tool to create a holistic and fine-tuned all-inclusive marketing solution to gain more leads and increase conversions.





Bhagya Rose

The article has been written by Bhagya and edited by Nilangan Ray.