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Basic B2B sales intelligence

  • Track 1000+ website visitors
  • Sync and export unlimited data
  • 5 users included
  • Automatically capture leads from webforms and emails
  • Identify visiting companies
  • Profile and company enrichment of identified leads
  • Lead website activity tracking in real-time
  • Newsletter and sales email tracking
  • Segment your leads
  • Setup triggers for qualified leads
  • Receive activity alerts
  • Sync lead data to your CRM
  • Zapier integration
Monthly plan


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Everything in Basic, and

  • Track 10,000 website visitors
  • Score your leads
  • 20 users included
  • Multiple domains
  • Capture and track your leads from support chat
  • Advanced lead segmentation
  • Point-based lead scoring
  • Profile and behavior based lead scoring templates
  • Live chat and call support
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Everything in Growth, and

  • Track and score 30,000 website visitors
  • Score 2000+ leads from Import or API access
  • Real-time Visitor Qualification API
  • Advanced integrations
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Account based marketing
  • Trigger and customize website content using real-time Visitor Qualification API
  • Advanced technographic and firmographic data out of the box for 2000+ leads
  • Install marketing pixels to re-target qualified leads based on lead score
  • Use assisted setup for onboarding and training

Lead Identification

From webforms 
From newsletters 
From support chatbox 
Anonymous visiting company identification 

Lead Tracking

Website visitors 
  • $49 /mo for 1000 visitors
  • $99 /mo for 2000 visitors
  • $149 /mo for 5000 visitors
Real-time Website tracking 
Email Tracking: GSuite & Outlook
Newsletter link click tracking
Salespanel website SDK 

Sales Intelligence

Visiting company profile details
Historical data
Lead activity alerts
Lead 360° view
Lead Export 
Custom feeds 

Lead Scoring

Automated lead temperature 
Point based
Profile fit based rules
Behaviour fit based rules
Person profile enrichment 
Advanced firmographics data 

Team Collaboration

Team members
Lead Assignment


Custom Integration


Email support
Chat support
Call Support
Assisted setup
Monthly plan


Start 14-day free trial

Basic B2B sales intelligence

Lead tracking, profile enrichment, visiting company identification, lead 360° view, activity alerts, 5 users included.

Monthly plans starting at


Start 14-day free trial

Features in Basic+

Lead scoring, chatbox lead capturing, multiple domains, 20 users included, free training.

Monthly plans starting at


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Features in Growth+

Account based marketing, score based re-targeting, advanced lead scoring signals, assisted setup.

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Hi there. If you just want to find out how Salespanel will fit for your business, we recommend you to try our evaluation account with all features enabled. During this 14-day free trial we will work together to go through your use cases and help you get the most out of it. For example:

  • How it will work with existing tools you have. How would lead tracking improve your lead qualification process.
  • How it will help in generating better leads and scoring them.
  • How can you use this data on your website, advertisements or sales process.

We help you target and engage, follow up with leads in real-time. Salespanel can power up your existing sales & marketing by making it easier to re-target and revealing opportunities you never knew you had. Let's begin!

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One of the best software we signed up for. It does exactly what we need it to do and it does it well. We use it to track leads and combine all meta information in one place.

It also has one of the best support I ever found. And all this at a very good price.

Piotr Nowak CEO, Nopio

Are you a large business, looking for an advanced solution with Salespanel?

What's included -
  • Higher volumes and better ROI
  • Collaboration for bigger teams
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Custom data center
  • Custom Integrations
  • 24x7 Priority support and training
We have a plan for you. Talk to our sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Salespanel for Free?

Yes. You can go for a 14-day free trial. The trial provides you an evaluation account with all features enabled. During this 14-day free trial, we will work with you to understand your use cases and help you get the most out of the product.

No strings attached, no credit is required to sign up.

How is pricing determined for a plan?

Pricing is determined by the features you need and the numbers of unique visitors you want to track per month.

Basic plans have the most used sales intelligence features needed by businesses to track and generate leads. Higher plans have better ROI with the lead scoring framework, assisted setup, and better data to help you sell, market, engage, re-target to qualified leads.

There are absolutely no hidden charges. You get everything out of the box in a plan. You can export unlimited data from your account.

What is lead web tracking?

Lead web tracking is a process to understand and measure your lead's buying interest from website activity. For example, if someone is interested and comes back to look at an important landing page, you get an activity alert. By creating a Segment of leads who go to a specific page on your website or have a minimum amount of website activity, you get to understand who your buyer is. Salespanel extends lead tracking to direct emails, newsletters, and even support chat. You can identify leads from multiple channels and track them with a 360° view.

To track leads, it's critical to identify them and understand who they are by looking at their profiles. Salespanel does this automatically and absolutely no coding is required to configure it.

Leads are captured and identified automatically when they engage with your sales emails, newsletters, lead magnets, webforms and live chat. Leads who do not sign up or provide an email are detected as company leads. You get their business profile to understand your market. You get to look at their activity on your website to understand what they were looking for. You can score all kind of leads and prioritize your leads.

How can I use visiting company data?

Well, for a start, you can understand your market alignment. Think about your marketing. You are working hard to get your product's message out there in the market. Are companies from relevant industries visiting you?

You can also use this data in re-targeting based marketing campaigns by creating a special audience based on Salespanel triggered pixels. By passing qualified leads to your sales team, you can always go after inbound leads which didn't go further for some reason.

Can I score leads?

Yes. Lead scoring is a process to identify qualified leads based on their attributes and behaviors. Salespanel assigns a score to all of your leads based on the rules you create. This number is attached to the contact and is visible right from the dashboard at your first glance. Salespanel also shows you how a lead got its current score. Point-based scores can be configured based on attributes like lead source, company size, visiting location, website activity. Salespanel also provides an urgency based dynamic and automatic lead temperature by learning the frequent activities of a visitor. Using urgency temperature and lead score you can instantly find leads who need your attention.

Can I engage qualified anonymous leads?

Yes! Salespanel provides you the lead score and other important attributes about the lead on your website in real-time. Based on the lead score and some basic criteria available for your website visitor, you can customize your website, fire pop-ups or even plan re-targeting these leads by installing an advertisement pixel. This feature is a part of our premium services, please contact us to know more about it.

Can I capture leads from adword campaigns?

Yes. Salespanel will capture all leads from your marketing campaigns with UTM parameters.

Can I capture leads from newsletters?

Yes. Salespanel provides you a tracking link for any newsletter campaign software you are using to capture leads with Salespanel.

What is profile enrichment?

Usually, a person only provides an email and a name while filling up lead forms. Salespanel provides you more information about that lead including profile photo, social profiles, bio, company details, source etc.

Will it work with my existing CRM.

Yes, it will. Salespanel provides standalone solution and does not require a CRM to be fully functional. Your CRM can use data provided by Salespanel to qualify leads. You can integrate Salespanel with CRMs to sync a lead's activity and profile.

What are anonymous sessions?

Anonymous sessions are users visiting your website without providing any contact information, remaining unidentified. Salespanel tracks and logs activities of these anonymous users. When an anonymous visitor is identified, Salespanel preserves past activities of the user during his/her anonymity and merges the activity log.

How can I import existing contacts?

You don't need to import existing contacts to get started as Salespanel will automatically capture leads from sources. If you still want to import contacts for profile enrichment and for scoring purpose, please signup to know more.

Is it GDPR Ready?

Yes, you can read more about it here. We also expect our customers to go through this compliance checklist.

Can you help me with more questions?

Yes, please contact us through our support chat or email us at support [at]

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