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Account Based Marketing

Pipedrive CRM helps salespeople track and manage their sales pipeline and take actions to close the deal. While Pipedrive is a simple app that helps in streamlining the sales process, salespeople need something more. In a traditional workflow, marketing team runs campaigns which bring the leads. These leads are then transferred to Pipedrive from a spreadsheet or with a webform integration. Leads from other sources are uploaded manually.

The job of Pipedrive CRM is to manage leads in pipelines and leads progress through different sales stages until they are closed. Your reps are able to keep a tab of where each deal is on the pipeline and take appropriate actions to take them to the next stage. Businesses would usually use spreadsheets to get these leads to the CRM or make an integration with their lead generation form. Salespeople are then on their own to take these leads through each stage. This is fairly adequate if you have an outbound sales-heavy approach but businesses that rely on digital marketing or acquire leads/customers from their website can help sales reps with much more data that can significantly improve their closing rates. Imagine a scenario where your sales reps knew who are more likely to buy and what pain points they have and what interests them at the right times. This is what implementing lead tracking and lead scoring on Pipedrive will help you accomplish.

Do Your Sales Reps Have These Questions?

Depending on how your business operates, your sales framework, and the volume you work with, lead tracking and lead scoring can land anywhere between ‘good to have’ and ‘extremely important’. To figure this out, you need to answer these questions for yourself.


  • Do my sales reps need to call or email people who are not qualified and are wasting time? Can resource utilization be optimized by prioritizing leads who are more likely to buy?
  • Do my reps need to work with a high number of leads? Would they be more productive if they could prioritize and spend more effort on high-intent leads?
  • Is website activity important for sales? Will sales reps benefit from knowing what leads are doing on the website and when they are active?
  • Would reps benefit from knowing when a lead is ready to be passed on to the next stage?
  • Would reps benefit from knowing when a lead is ready to be pushed to the next stage?
  • Is back and forth between sales and marketing teams affecting productivity?


  • Can sending pipeline data back to marketing teams help us finetune our engagement?
  • Do we benefit from personalizing our retargeting campaigns and email campaigns based on where leads are in the pipeline?
  • Does marketing need sales data for closed-loop analytics?
  • Do we need attribution for marketing events connected to revenue?

If your answer is yes to some of these, you need lead tracking and scoring for Pipedrive. And, Salespanel can help you.

Introducing Salespanel

Salespanel is a lead capture, tracking, scoring, and analytics product for B2B businesses. While the product works completely standalone, we have an app that brings crucial tracking and scoring data to Pipedrive CRM in real-time. This empowers sales reps with all the data they need and creates a bridge between sales and marketing. Marketing data flows to sales and sales data goes back to marketing in real-time.

Introducing Salespanel

What is Lead Tracking?

What is Lead Tracking?

Website lead tracking is a method to track activities that leads perform from the moment they visit your website for the first time by engaging with the first touchpoint. It helps you determine the source of your lead, know how they are engaging with your content, and understand where they are in your sales process.

Lead tracking is important for both your sales and marketing teams for different reasons. For marketers, tracking leads helps them understand where leads are coming from, identify high-value channels, prioritize leads and optimize retargeting campaigns, personalize engagement, and much more.

What is Lead Tracking?
What is Lead Tracking?

On the other hand, lead tracking helps salespeople qualify leads, know what they are interested in, understand their motivations, personalize sales pitches and perfectly time their follow-ups. Having all the information and knowing when a lead is sales-ready helps them close more deals.

Krishna Panicker

"Historically, CRM and marketing tools have been separate tools used independently by sales and marketing teams, respectively, but they actually both fit into the larger revenue cycle and need to be considered in tandem to help customers hit their revenue marks.

With app panels on Pipedrive, we help partner applications update data in the CRM in real-time for deals and contacts. Salespanel uses this functionality to bring dynamic marketing data to sales reps in real-time, helping them close deals more efficiently."

Krishna Panicker
Chief Product Officer

What is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is a methodology used to rank prospects against a scale in numerical values. It uses rules to positively or negatively score leads based on characteristics and actions. Lead scoring can be done using various account and behavioral data points.

As leads progress through your sales cycle, they would be accumulating points gradually. This essentially gives your reps information to take steps to move leads to the next stages while also understanding what significant actions they are performing. Marketing teams can also use lead scoring to Marketing Qualify leads and only pass them to Sales when they cross the minimum qualifying threshold.

What is Lead Scoring?

The Process

Capturing and Tracking Leads:

The lead tracking process starts with lead capture. Leads come to you from different sources. Bringing these leads together and manually uploading them to your Pipedrive account can be tiresome. Salespanel captures leads from your lead magnets, webforms and email campaigns and tracks how they engage with your website and sales emails. All of your leads and their activities are synced to your Pipedrive account in real-time. You can also assign reps to your leads based on your setup (all leads or particular segments). Tracked data includes lead source, form submissions, button clicks, visit duration, custom events, etc.

Salespanel can sync either all leads to your CRM or leads belonging to particular segments. You can set these segments up from the Salespanel application.

Lead Segmentation and Scoring:

Salespanel helps you segment and score leads using their profile and behavioral attributes. You can do this either on Salespanel or using filter options provided by Pipedrive. Segments can also be created based on lead scores. For example, you can set up a workflow where leads who have scores higher than X and are from the Y location are synced to your Pipedrive account.

Salespanel provides you with an automatic scoring feature (that uses machine learning to determine lead quality) and a manual rule-based workflow creator. The manual creator lets you create your own rules to qualify leads. For example, you can award 30 points to leads who watch a testimonial video or deduct 20 points when they unsubscribe to newsletters.

Our tool uses Pipedrive App Panels to show you both automatic and manual lead scores in your Pipedrive contacts in real-time. You can get a breakdown of scores for every lead from Salespanel.

Perfectly timing the sales conversation:

A study found that businesses who follow up within an hour are “seven times more likely to qualify the lead than those who follow up an hour later and 60 times more likely than those who follow up after 24 hours.” Salespanel brings intent data and scoring systems (quality score, lead score, and lead temperature) to your CRM. If a lead shows the ‘Hot’ temperature, it means that he/she is actively engaging with your content and showing an urgency. You can also filter out leads who show the desired temperature for a quick look at leads who are active and leads who are going cold. Salespanel alerts you in real-time when a lead visits your website or opens your sales emails. You can also set triggers for high-intent activities. This helps you perfectly time your messages and decide when it’s the right time to push for the sale.

Integrating Salespanel With Pipedrive

If you have already created a Salespanel account and installed the tracking code on your website, integrating with Pipedrive is a 1-minute process. Visit the Salespanel app page on Pipedrive marketplace and click Install Now. Complete the installation procedure and you are good to go. Lead tracking will start immediately and all synchronizations will be performed in real-time. You do not have to worry about outdated data.

Real-time indicators like lead score are synced to your contacts through the Pipedrive App Panel widget. To activate App Panel, go to a Contact’s or a Deal's detail page and press the Activate App Panel button under the Salespanel widget. It will show you the latest data about your leads by fetching real-time information from Salespanel APIs.

Salespanel was created after interviewing a lot of Pipedrive users, and we kept their concerns in mind while building the product. This is why Salespanel is a perfect fit for your CRM requirements. It boosts your pipeline with much-needed sales intelligence and is a perfect addition to your toolset.

Ready to improve ROI by prioritising the right customers?

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