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Account Based Marketing

Pipedrive CRM helps salespeople track and manage their sales pipeline and take actions to close the deal. While Pipedrive is a simple app that helps in streamlining the sales process, salespeople need something more. In a traditional workflow, marketing team runs campaigns which bring the leads. These leads are then transferred to Pipedrive from a spreadsheet or with a webform integration. Leads from other sources are uploaded manually.

These leads are then dealt with using a preset framework and moved through the pipeline based on their engagement with the salesperson. Salespeople also need to research the leads before they can start talking with them. While following this procedure, a few challenges arise:

  • Is every lead generated worth my time? Should I talk to everyone and improve the odds of hitting my quota?
  • Do I need to constantly ask about lead information and updates from marketing team?
  • How do I understand a lead’s motivation to assist him/her better? What is the job to be done (JTBD) of the lead?
  • When is the right time to make the sales pitch? How do I know if a lead is sales-ready?
  • Can I know how leads are engaging with our product or website? How interested are they?
  • How do I know how leads are responding to my sales emails? Do they read it? What do they do after reading it?

Introducing Salespanel

Many teams use a combination of tools to solve these challenges. If you leave some of them out, your conversion rate is affected. This is where Salespanel comes into play. Salespanel is a tool that helps you get answers to all of these questions right inside your Pipedrive CRM.

Salespanel provides you a complete website lead tracking and scoring solution. Combine the sales intelligence provided by Salespanel with your Pipedrive CRM to create a seamless sales workflow. Bridge the gap between sales and marketing and create perfect alignment for your business.

What is lead tracking? Why do I need it?

Website tracking is a method to track activities that leads perform from the moment they enter your marketing funnel. Lead tracking helps you determine the source of your lead, know how they are engaging with your content and understand where they are in your sales funnel.

Lead tracking is important for both your sales and marketing teams for different reasons. For marketers, tracking leads helps them understand where leads are coming from, identify high-value channels, create reports, improve campaigns and optimize funnels. This helps them improve conversions and ROI.

Lead tracking helps salespeople qualify leads, know what they are interested in, understand their motivations, personalize sales pitches and perfectly time their follow-ups. Having all the information and knowing when a lead is sales-ready helps them close more deals.

Krishna Panicker

"Historically, CRM and marketing tools have been separate tools used independently by sales and marketing teams, respectively, but they actually both fit into the larger revenue cycle and need to be considered in tandem to help customers hit their revenue marks.

With app panels on Pipedrive, we help partner applications update data in the CRM in real-time for deals and contacts. Salespanel uses this functionality to bring dynamic marketing data to sales reps in real-time, helping them close deals more efficiently."

Krishna Panicker
Chief Product Officer

The Process

Capturing and tracking leads:

The lead tracking process starts with lead capture. Leads come to you from different sources. Bringing these leads together and manually uploading them to your Pipedrive account can be tiresome. Salespanel captures leads from your lead magnets, webforms and email campaigns and tracks how they engage with your website and sales emails. All of your leads and their activities are synced to your Pipedrive account in real-time.

Getting Lead Information within your CRM:

Data is key for a proper lead tracking system. Proper lead data helps you identify and segment customers, know where leads are in your sales cycle and prioritize ideal customers. Whenever a lead is captured, Salespanel automatically enriches them. You will know who the lead is, what is his/her job role and get information about his company (company size, industry, etc.). This data is also exported to your Pipedrive account and is visible from a contact’s detail section.

Lead Segmentation and Qualification:

Leads need to be qualified before they are ready for the sales conversation. Also, not all leads belong to the same cohort. Leads belonging from different areas and having different requirements may need to be segmented. Salespanel helps you segment and qualify leads using their profile and behavioral attributes. You can do this either on Salespanel or using filters options provided by Pipedrive. You can also create lead scoring rules on Salespanel and engage with those who pass your minimum threshold. For example, with Zapier, you can set up a trigger to create deals for only those leads who pass the minimum qualification threshold.

Perfectly timing the sales conversation:

Going back to the question: When is the right time to push for the sale? A study found that businesses who follow up within an hour are “seven times more likely to qualify the lead than those who follow up an hour later and 60 times more likely than those who follow up after 24 hours.” Salespanel brings Lead Temperature to your CRM. If a lead shows the ‘Hot’ temperature, it means that he/she is actively engaging with your content and showing an urgency. You can also filter out leads who show the desired temperature for a quick look at leads who are active and leads who are going cold. Salespanel alerts you in real-time when a lead visits your website or opens your sales emails. This helps you perfectly time your messages and decide when it’s the right time to push for the sale.

Integrating Salespanel With Pipedrive

If you have already created a Salespanel account and installed the tracking code on your website, integrating with Pipedrive is a 1-minute process. Visit the Salespanel app page on Pipedrive marketplace and click Install Now. Complete the installation procedure and you are good to go. Lead tracking will start immediately and all synchronizations will be performed in real-time. You do not have to worry about outdated data.

Salespanel was created after interviewing a lot of Pipedrive users, and we kept their concerns in mind while building the product. This is why Salespanel is a perfect fit for your CRM requirements. Salespanel boosts your pipeline with much-needed sales intelligence. Salespanel is a perfect addition to your arsenal and will help you convert more customers.

Ready to improve ROI by prioritising the right customers?

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