Create an Automatic Lead Transfer System

With Salespanel you can automatically capture leads from different acquisition channels and transfer marketing qualified leads to your sales team. Set this up once and sit back and relax as all MQLs along with their data are automatically routed to your sales team. Empower your sales team with customer intelligence while you focus on driving growth for your business.

Send Highly Targeted Email Nurturing Campaigns On Scale

Boost email engagement with your customers by sending them highly targeted email marketing campaigns based on their characteristics and behavior. Automate this through Salespanel and forget about creating spreadsheets, manually researching leads and adding them to relevant email campaigns. Whether you want to send out solution based drips to customers or send discount offers to low engagement customers, Salespanel has got you covered.

Personalize Customer Engagement with Account-Based Marketing

Create personalized purchase experiences for your customers by using Salespanel. Show relevant content and engage your audience in a predictable manner by using Salespanel’s account based marketing automation solutions. Create long lasting relationships and generate value for your customers on scale with Salespanel.

Prioritize High Value Customers and Instantly Connect Them To Sales

Skip the lengthy forms and eliminate some steps on the funnel. Whenever Salespanel detects a high value prospect that fits your ideal customer profile, they will immediately be routed to schedule a call with your sales team. Being the first one to reach out to your customer significantly increases the chances of closing the sale. Leverage customer intelligence data to ensure that high value customers are prioritized.

Supercharge your Remarketing Campaigns by Targeting High Value Accounts

Leverage your demand generation strategy by retargeting decision makers from close-fit accounts that are detected on your website. You can also create retargeting campaigns on high engagement platforms like Facebook and only target qualified visitors even if they are anonymous and have provided no contact information. Salespanel helps you optimize your advertising ROI by focusing budget on the right targets.

Automatically Notify Sales about High Value Prospects

Create automation workflows to instantly notify your sales team about marketing qualified leads and high value prospects through push notifications, email or a team messaging platform. Get your sales team involved immediately to increase your conversion rates.

Automate Workflows Based on Two-Way Data Synced Between Sales and Marketing

Salespanel syncs data between your sales and your marketing in real-time. It takes data from marketing to sales and brings back sales data to marketing. Use data provided by sales for cost optimization and run personalized campaigns. Create powerful segments and improve sales and marketing alignment across the board.

Automate Workflows Based on Two-Way Data Synced Between Sales and Marketing

Create Workflows in Minutes using Zapier

Create advanced workflows to sync data and run marketing automation across your toolset without any coding by using Zapier. Zapier is a free app and can be used to create automation workflows between different apps in minutes. There are limitless opportunities on how you can use Zapier to integrate Salespanel with other products to create focused workflows.

Use Salespanel API to Build Custom Solutions

Salespanel’s RESTful API and Webhooks gives your company the power to create highly sophisticated marketing automation workflows to help you do your job more efficiently. With Salespanel’s API, your possibilities are endless. From lead injection to account based marketing, we have got you covered in all scenarios.

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