Create reports of inbound leads from different marketing channels

Generate reports of leads who are captured from different marketing channels with a few clicks. Identify which campaigns are bringing you leads and which are not. On Salespanel, you can generate reports based on lead source, keywords, UTM parameters, etc. Optimize your expenditure accordingly and improve your conversion rates.

Easily customize reports with interactive dashboard

Visualize data the way you want in a few clicks with Salespanel’s interactive dashboard. Instead of showing static reports, Salespanel helps you customize your reports to get the exact information you need.

Identify where your MQLs are coming from

Easily identify where your MQLs are coming from with Salespanel’s closed-loop reporting system. Generate reports for marketing qualified leads and trace back to the original source to find out high performance campaigns. You can also identify high value accounts and trace back to the first touchpoint.

Add your team members and share information

Add your team members to your Salespanel account and share data. Create reports for your whole team and let them contribute to your reports. Analyze and dissect information together and come up with plans for improvement.

Export reports and share data with executives

Export reports and share insights with upper management, other departments and executives in your company with ease. You can also set up Salespanel to periodically email the latest reports to your teammates and partners.

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