Get sales intelligence right at your fingertips

Spend less time on research and more time on selling as Salespanel brings all lead information right inside your CRM. Salespanel also updates your contacts in real-time to help you stay updated with the latest information.

Salespanel significantly reduces the time you need to spend on research by bringing all lead information to you. Salespanel enriches your leads with information like job role, company details, social media profiles, lead activity, etc. and syncs the data to your CRM. This helps you know your prospects as humans, understand motivation and provide solutions they are looking for. Salespanel also brings lead temperature and lead score directly to you. Spend less time on research and more time on closing.

Qualified leads reach directly to you

Salespanel automatically brings marketing qualified leads directly to your pipeline. Start your day with fresh leads who are ready for the discovery call.

Salespanel fills up your CRM with all new leads or marketing qualified leads depending on how your set it up. You do not need to wait for your marketing team to pass on the leads to you. This helps you work independently while maintaining a smooth lead flow system in your company. You also do not need to worry about unqualified leads as you can set up workflows to only have qualified leads injected into your pipeline.

Track Sales Emails

Track all of your sales emails and know how your prospects are responding to them. Instantly get notified and take the right actions.

Track sales emails that you send to your prospects using Gmail or Outlook with Salespanel. Salespanel logs when they open your emails or click a link. You are also alerted about these activities with push notifications. This helps you know how a prospect is engaging with your emails and plan your strategy accordingly.

Run data driven marketing campaigns while staying GDPR compliant with Salespanel.

Know when leads show purchase intent

Know exactly when your leads show real purchase intent and time your follow ups at the right time. Close the deals before they start to think about your competitors.

Salespanel adds a temperature to every lead. A lead’s temperature changes based on how they engage with your product, content and sales emails. Leads who show a high temperature are heavily engaging with your product or company. Use this information along with lead score to bring out leads who are ready for the sales call. You are also notified about active leads by Salespanel.

Plug Salespanel to your existing toolset

Instantly connect Salespanel with your favorite tools. Salespanel is a pluggable solution and works with almost all commonly used sales and marketing tools.

Salespanel easily fits into your workflow without requiring any change. It will work with the software and services that you already use. Salespanel supports CRMs like Salesforce, email marketing tools like Mailchimp, business messengers like Slack and email services like G-Suite. Salespanel thrusts an environment that is already familiar to you.

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We have tried a number of B2B lead tracking solutions for both our internal PPC experts group and for our B2B clients.

Salespanel provides the most accurate and fair data for further evaluation and efficient usage. In addition, it is affordable for SMB needs, while still offering a significant number of useful features.

Dan Burykin Founder, Metamediary

Our customers are large companies in the Solar Energy segment. Salespanel helped us to increase our sales by providing us visiting company data.

Salespanel lead tracking features and data enrichment is a complete package for a business like us. Support is awesome.

Shree Kant Bohra CEO Geekybuddha Technologies

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