Use customer data to align your marketing with revenue and activate ROI scaling

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Connect revenue to marketing campaigns

Salespanel connects your campaign data with deal information to close the loop. Pull up live reports and find out how each marketing and advertising campaigns or customer attributes are leading to the highest revenue.  

Prioritize prospects who are likely to have high LTV

Based on characteristics of your existing customers, Salespanel helps you identify new leads who are likely to have high LTV (lifetime value). Prioritize these leads and close important deals effectively by channeling more attention to them. 

Optimize budget allocation on ARPU

Connect average revenue per user/customer (ARPU) with different marketing campaigns and optimize your strategy and budget based on results brought by each campaign. Measure how your campaigns are performing and optimize bidding and budget accordingly.  

Generate reports that tie your marketing with revenue

Generate reports in real-time and identify data attributes that align with revenue. Find how each marketing campaign is contributing to your ROI and share data with your team members and management.

In conclusion

Revenue marketing can bring home the revenue by leading both sales and marketing workflows and taking measures to optimize marketing efforts.

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