Source Tracking

Salespanel helps you effectively track where your visitors come from with referrer and UTM tracking. Salespanel provides you the data for every individual lead and helps you identify marketing campaigns that are bringing the best results by tallying it with sales figures.

Real-time Activity Tracking

Track how visitors are engaging with your website and content in real-time. Salespanel tracks companies who are visiting your website and are still anonymous and logs behavioral data. Salespanel tracks every single visitor on your website.

Connect sessions when an anonymous visitor converts into a lead

Salespanel automatically connects a visitor’s anonymous session with lead information when they are identified through forms, email campaigns or live chat. This plays a crucial part in closing the loop and connecting a converted lead to the original touchpoint.

Real-time data sync with sales

Use Salespanel to push all lead data including activity and referrer data to sales and bring back to marketing for a proper closed loop. Salespanel helps you understand which marketing channels are bringing high value customers by creating a seamless bridge between sales and marketing.

Bring Data from CRM to Marketing stack

Salespanel provides a two-way data sync solution that not only moves data from marketing to sales but also brings data from sales into marketing for better segmentation and content targeting. Salespanel’s two way sync helps in streamlining sales and marketing as data goes back and forth to complete the loop.

Closed-Loop Reporting

Easily create reports and map high value customers to original touchpoint in minutes with Salespanel’s in-depth reporting. Picture the entire buyer journey from within Salespanel to analyze marketing campaigns and strengthen alignment.

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We have tried a number of B2B lead tracking solutions for both our internal PPC experts group and for our B2B clients.

Salespanel provides the most accurate and fair data for further evaluation and efficient usage. In addition, it is affordable for SMB needs, while still offering a significant number of useful features.

Dan Burykin Founder, Metamediary

Our customers are large companies in the Solar Energy segment. Salespanel helped us to increase our sales by providing us visiting company data.

Salespanel lead tracking features and data enrichment is a complete package for a business like us. Support is awesome.

Shree Kant Bohra CEO Geekybuddha Technologies

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