Our Purpose.

Salespanel helps B2B organizations prioritize revenue streams with the help of data processing, data warehousing, data stitching, and AI/ML. Our mission is simple - helping B2B Enterprises convert visitors into customers in non-intrusive ways while adhering to data regulations. Our product helps customers apply behavioral tracking and combine it with first party data points to create a Single Customer View and leverage the data across the pipeline.

Our platform helps businesses accelerate their revenue by storing and processing crucial data for customer journey analysis, predicting ideal buyers, creating targeted experiences for them, and identifying and scaling channels where these ideal buyers come from.

Our Approach

Our Approach.

Salespanel at its core is a technology company. We help marketing leaders implement and adapt trending MarTech strategies like ABM, Revenue Marketing, and PLG. We want to enable marketing teams in translating their understanding of their Ideal Customer Profiles into a reactive system that can identify matching accounts when they are active in the pipeline.

Salespanel is a small organization. So, when you talk to us, you talk to our core team directly. We work as consultants and partners for our customers and create customized solutions on top of the Salespanel architecture to deliver on their requirements. Using our platform, leaders stay at the top of their games by using our capability to rapidly implement modern technological solutions while adapting the latest in the data ecosystem.

Working with Salespanel, for our Enterprise customers, is like having a data engineering team on retainer.

Our Values - Being Technology-driven.

Our Values - Being Technology-driven.

Our strength lies in our technology and our emphasis has always been on creating great product based solutions. We consistently improve our product to serve our customers while creating seamless ROI-driven experiences for them. Third party data plugs into Salespanel easily and enables various B2B sales and marketing use cases using our technology.

Working with Salespanel.

Working with Salespanel.

We are a small team of highly motivated individuals who are trying to provide marketing solutions to B2B businesses. If you think you can play a role for Salespanel and build your career at a fast-growing startup, write to us at [email protected].

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