One Tool to Track All Lead Interaction Channels

Salespanel tracks your leads at every engagement point. Whether they are interacting with your ads, visiting pages on your website, talking to live support, reading your newsletters or engaging on sales emails, they will be tracked. This makes the perfect lead tracking solution for your business.

The Perfect Customer Behavior Analysis Platform

Salespanel tracks every movement of your website visitors. Salespanel tracks a prospect’s discovery source, page visits, email opens, page duration and much more. All of this information is gathered in real-time for fast data processing.

What's Included:

Track every website visitor

Track every lead in real-time as they engage with your website from different marketing touchpoints. Know what your leads did before and after the sign up. Process the story of a customer’s engagement from one platform.

Salespanel tracks all visitors on your website in real-time. This includes individual prospects, companies, and existing customers. The visitors are monitored with an advanced deep tracking algorithm. Even if they go cold and return after months, Salespanel will merge the sessions and bring them under one contact. When the visitor provides his email by filling out a form or messages through live chat or signs up, his profile and firmographic information is added to the contact details.

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Track Marketing Campaigns

Track lead interaction with different marketing touchpoints. Bring leads from different sources under one platform and monitor marketing performance.

Salespanel helps you track how your leads engage with your marketing campaigns. This includes promotional posts, adverts, content distribution, etc. You will also know how your existing customers are engaging with new touchpoints. With ValueTrack parameters, Salespanel helps you know which keyword your leads searched for, which adverts they saw and which campaign they belong to. The data can be used to create advanced filters and lead scoring strategies.

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Track Leads from Email Marketing campaigns

Track leads and customers who engage with your email marketing campaigns. Send targeted email campaigns based on customer profile. Works with all major email service providers.

Track drip emails and newsletters that you send to your prospects and customers. Send laser targeted emails to prospects and know how they are engaging with your content. You can also set up workflows to segment leads and send relevant campaigns to them. Salespanel supports all major email marketing tools.

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Track Sales emails

Track 1:1 sales emails sent from Gmail and Outlook. Get notified when recipients open an email or click a URL. Perfect for tracking your sales process.

With Salespanel, your sales team will be able to track sales emails they send from G-Suite or Outlook. They will be notified in real-time when a lead opens their emails or clicks a link. These activities are also logged under the same contact. Salespanel tracks every activity and every email engagement of your prospects and brings them together for evaluation and qualification.

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We have tried a number of B2B lead tracking solutions for both our internal PPC experts group and for our B2B clients.

Salespanel provides the most accurate and fair data for further evaluation and efficient usage. In addition, it is affordable for SMB needs, while still offering a significant number of useful features.

Dan Burykin Founder, Metamediary

Our customers are large companies in the Solar Energy segment. Salespanel helped us to increase our sales by providing us visiting company data.

Salespanel lead tracking features and data enrichment is a complete package for a business like us. Support is awesome.

Shree Kant Bohra CEO Geekybuddha Technologies

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