Capture Leads In Real-Time from all of your Forms

Salespanel instantly captures your leads when they fill out a web form. No integrations or complicated setups are required. It’s that simple. Once leads are captured from your forms, they are enriched with business data and tracked in real-time. You will know who your leads are, how they found you, and what they did on your website. This information helps you qualify leads, trigger automated sequences and empower your sales team with much needed sales intelligence.

Capture Leads from your Customer Messaging Platform

Salespanel immediately captures prospects who start a conversation with you through your customer chat platform. Your sales agent will immediately get access to valuable information about prospects to drive conversations and address customer pain points. Having all data at one place also helps in proper lead management and nurturing. Always stay one step ahead with Salespanel.

Capture Leads from Email Marketing and Outreach Campaigns

Use Salespanel to automatically capture and qualify leads when they visit your website from email campaigns. Generate better quality leads and bring out leads who have real intent. Salespanel works with all major email service providers.

Monitor Lead Generation Channels to Optimize Performance

From one point of interaction, monitor all of your lead generation channels to determine how your campaigns are performing. Amplify high performing sources to increase your ROI. Salespanel goes beyond simple reports and actually helps you visualize marketing performing and run optimization campaigns. Salespanel also helps you run targeted campaigns for remarketing.

Use Data to Fuel Smarter Customer Acquisition

Salespanel provides you meaningful data about your leads right from the moment they enter your funnel. Understand customer motivation and create strong relationships. Use the data provided by Salespanel to strengthen buyer alignment, acquire high quality customers and predict churn for better customer retention.

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