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Essential tracking and analytics for sales and marketing teams

Essential tracking and analytics for sales and marketing teams

Salespanel helps sales and marketing teams get a grip of all their visitors, leads, and customers and understand each interaction while leveraging data to nurture and close deals. Use data to qualify leads and nurture them on every step of the buyer journey.

Visitor intelligence for converting visitors into customers

Visitor intelligence for converting visitors into customers

Predict visitor quality even if they cannot be identified and run highly targeted marketing campaigns to qualified visitors on and off your website and convert them into customers.

Use the best tools to acquire customers

Use the best tools to acquire customers

Your central marketing software or CRM will always try to do everything. And, you would be compelled to use their add-ons for convenience even if that means settling for less. Salespanel captures and syncs leads from any lead form, lead magnet, live chat, or email tool in real-time letting you create your lead acquisition system freely without relying on any product’s ecosystem.

360° Sales and Marketing Platform

Salespanel tracks all visitors on your website in real-time. It logs where every individual lead came from to help you identify the marketing touchpoints.

Lead Generation

Capture and aggregate leads from acquisition channels and generate new leads by leveraging data intelligence.

Real-time Tracking

Track all of your visitors and leads in real-time and trigger real-time sales and marketing actions on any scale.

Lead Qualification

Qualify leads and accounts by leveraging personal, firmographic, and behavioral data and using predictive and point-based lead scoring.

Marketing Automation

Facilitate any data sync and marketing automation workflow using Salespanel’s pluggable nature.

360° Sales and Marketing Platform

Use Cases

Central Marketing Platform

Bring every lead captured from different marketing channels under one single platform. Monitor campaign performance, qualify leads, or start email nurturing from one central starting point.

Account-based marketing

Identify high-value accounts and create personalized customer experiences in real-time with account-based marketing

B2B Advertising

Acquire customers by targeting ICP qualified visitors with highly personalized content on low-cost high-engagement acquisition channels like Facebook.

Lead Scoring

Prioritize and score your hottest leads and empower your sales team with sales-ready prospects. Find who your customers are even before they buy from you.

Data-driven Marketing
Sales Intelligence

Spend less time on research and more time on selling as Salespanel brings all lead information right inside your CRM and keeps updating them in real-time.

Sales Tracking

Track your leads and understand lead intent and motivation. Know when leads are engaging with your website and emails and perfectly time follow-ups.

Marketing Connection

Directly connect to marketing and automate pipeline based nurturing campaigns as leads move through the funnel.

Real-time Notifications

Get notified in real-time when leads show significant intent or become sales qualified. Talk with sales-ready leads and use your time efficiently.

Data-driven Sales

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“Very helpful tool connecting all the puzzles pieces together.”

Tana Rulkova, the Marketing Manager of PourMyBeer says,

Love that this tool helps to connect the information from marketing to Pipedrive, where the sales team can use it to their benefit and see how many times has lead returned to our website. Especially their lead scoring is very helpful as that makes things much easier for identifying how hot the lead is.
Tana Rulkova

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