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Salespanel helps you identify, track and qualify leads and use lead data to run marketing automation systems and create tailored customer experiences. Salespanel creates a central hub for your business to monitor marketing performance and aggregate all inbound leads and automatically move them through different stages of the buying process before pushing MQLs to sales. Bring your sales and marketing together with Salespanel.

Salespanel supports 1000+ integrations via Zapier.

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B2B Lead Catcher

Lead Generation

Uncover hidden opportunities and generate more leads with Salespanel. Discover qualified leads who you never knew existed.

  • Identify companies who visit your website anonymously.
  • Capture leads when they fill a webform
  • Capture leads from sales emails and newsletters
  • Get 360° view of leads
Sales Analytics

Track Lead Activities

Know what your leads are looking for. Track how leads interact with your website and emails.

  • Track identified and anonymous visitors
  • Complete lead activity logs
  • Backtrack activities leads perform before email fill.
  • Make sense of lead sessions from marketing campaigns
Sales Intelligence

Enrich and Qualify Leads

Enrich data of collected emails from different sales channels under a single roof. Qualify these leads based on their profile and filter out real customers.

  • Data enrichment
  • Lead aggregation and segmentation
  • Automatic lead scoring
  • Custom lead qualification filters
The easiest way to start with salespanel is to install the tracking code.

Predictive lead generation

One-stop solution for lead generation, tracking and qualification. Use data enrichment to qualify your leads. Use sales intelligence to filter ideal customers. Bring all lead sessions at one place from marketing campaigns. Capture and analyse leads with Salespanel.

Lead Management System

Manage your leads as they journey through your sales cycle. Save time and close more. Score them based on your criteria. Create segments and filters to refine your leads. Sync leads and their source+activity data with CRM for your sales representatives to help them personlize the sales messages.

We have tried a number of B2B lead tracking solutions for both our internal PPC experts group and for our B2B clients.

Salespanel provides the most accurate and fair data for further evaluation and efficient usage. In addition, it is affordable for SMB needs, while still offering a significant number of useful features.

Dan Burykin Founder, Metamediary

Our customers are large companies in the Solar Energy segment. Salespanel helped us to increase our sales by providing us visiting company data.

Salespanel lead tracking features and data enrichment is a complete package for a business like us. Support is awesome.

Shree Kant Bohra CEO Geekybuddha Technologies
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