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ADvendio's Maria Gracia on switching from Leadfeeder, making life easier for sales reps, and helping them close more deals

Maria Gracia Gomez

ADvendio is an advertising management company that helps publishers buy and sell ads through their Salesforce platform. ADvendio helps advertisers, publishers, and agencies reduce their advertising costs while streamlining advertising management with automation. ADvendio has head offices in the USA, Germany, Ireland, and Chile and clients in over 25+ countries.

Maria Gracia Gomez is a Sales operations specialist  for ADvendio. Her job is to implement sales strategies for the company to attract potential customers and provide sales reps with various solutions that would help them close more deals. Maria also acts as a bridge between sales and marketing in the company as she facilitates communication between the two parties.

ADvendio was using a visitor identification based lead generation software that was not generating the results they needed. This brought them to Salespanel.

Maria tells us how switching to Salespanel has helped ADvendio boost sales productivity and close more deals.


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We were using Leadfeeder and the information we got from it didn't have the extra push we needed. Our whole team tested out Salespanel and they were all pretty happy with the product. We also discovered that Salespanel is the best priced tool based on quality pricing.
Salespanel has provided much needed sales intelligence to our sales reps which helps them close more deals. Overall, Salespanel has been super helpful for us and the team is extremely happy.
Maria Gracia Gomez Sales Operations Executive, ADvendio

What is ADvendio? What does your Salesforce solution do?

ADvendio is a leading advertising management solution powered by Salesforce. We help media companies simplify their processes so that they can manage orders, contracts, inventory, analytics, and billing within one location including seamless third-party integrations, rather than across multiple disconnected systems. ADvendio is a future-focused solution for the advertising industry leveraging the very latest technologies including business intelligence, artificial intelligence, automation, and self-service advertising to ensure publishers, advertisers, and agencies have the tools they need to streamline all advertising transactions.

What is your role for ADvendio?

My primary job is to implement sales strategies in order to help the company attract potential customers while maintaining a competitive edge. I also work alongside the sales managers who work collaboratively to create sales business plans in order to establish sales priorities and establish a roadmap for financial success. My goal is to research and provide solutions for the sales team in order to improve the sales cycle and also take care of the traffic of the inbound leads.

What challenges were you facing before you tried out Salespanel? Why did you switch from Leadfeeder?

The plan that we had was way too basic and the plan for the information we needed was far too expensive. We could track some companies, but we didn't have the extra push that we needed. After speaking with the Head of Marketing, we started to research tools that could assist us and that is when we came across Salespanel.

The whole team tested the tool and they were all pretty happy with the product. We also discovered that at the moment, you're the best priced in the market based on quality-pricing.

How is Salespanel helping you?

We have a very mixed sales team and it is hard to find a tool that suits everyone's needs and requirements while making everyone happy because they have various sales approaches. We chose Salespanel because during the trial the whole team began to use and take advantage of the tool.

Our sales team receives daily notifications based on their territories, something that we had in the past but was not as in-depth. What we really like about Salespanel is that we can receive notifications when a lead is on our website based on their geographical location, which is very useful for our global sales team. One key feature we use frequently is that we can also customize the tool, based on URL visits or company size. This has been something very positive for the team as they can build their own personalized segments.

How do you think our data compares to the software that you were previously using?

As I mentioned before, the plan we have with Salespanel is much more complete for a very similar price than what we had before. So of course the data is much more precise.

Sometimes, when a lead comes in on my SFDC (Salesforce) data, the country or region is not identified. I now cross-reference the information with Salespanel which provides us with a lot more detail. So far, I can say that all of the data to date has been extremely accurate.

What do you think is the most obvious advantage that Salespanel offers?

For the ADvendio, the most obvious advantage for us is the lead identification. This is something that we can take advantage of the most because it is something we didn't have in the past. Although we could identify some of the companies, many were missing. Salespanel has contributed to invaluable information that enriches our sales database.

How are you using segments and lead scoring?

Segments have been useful as our sales reps are building their own segments based on their individual strategies. For lead scoring, when our sales reps find someone who has high intent, they see their lead score and verify in which page of our website they were. So it's easier to identify when a lead came back. This has been very useful for them. Our sales reps are creating intent-based segments for things like visiting the pricing page or the contact page. Higher-level intent includes watching webinars, etc.

How does your team collaboration work on Salespanel?

Basically, it is represented by sales reps, two people from the marketing team, and myself who regulates all the traffic with assignments and follow-ups on each inbound lead.

What improvements are you seeing after using our product?

Salespanel has provided much-needed sales intelligence to our sales reps. I have received some positive feedback from the sales team such as "I'm so happy with Salespanel because now I know there was a cold lead that came in the last webinar" and "Now I can see that this old opportunity opened my emails and I can see that he's back. I could give him a call because of this. And he came back, so he just needed an extra push."

Overall Salespanel has been super helpful for us and the team is extremely happy.

What do you think of Salespanel's support and services?

I think you're an awesome team. You're always available and that's something very valuable to us at ADvendio.

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