Track your emails from Gmail and Outlook

Track emails that you send manually through Gmail and Outlook. Salespanel’s browser extension makes tracking really simple for Gmail/G-Suite users. Carry out your conversations while Salespanel takes care of keeping logs.

Get your contacts automatically created

Whenever you send a Salespanel tracked email, a contact is automatically created on your Salespanel account. The contacts are enriched with business data and all lead activities are tracked in real-time.

Get notified about lead actions

Get real-time notifications when a lead opens your email or clicks a link to visit your website or perform any significant actions. Stay one step ahead as you dictate the buyer journey and close the sale.

Track leads from automated outbound campaigns

Salespanel automatically captures and tracks leads who visit your website from outbound campaigns. It works with almost all commonly used outbound platforms like MailShake and Outreach.

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