Salespanel Partner Program

Grow your business by becoming a certified partner with us and earn commission based revenue.

Use Salespanel to provide lead tracking, lead qualification and account based marketing based solutions to your customers. We are actively looking out for opportunities to partner with marketing agencies and business consultants who specialize in sales and marketing services.

I see that B2B marketing can be set to a next level with Salespanel. It is super easy and fast to take use and offers a great value for its price.

Wide integration possibilities makes it suitable for many kind of companies already working with other tools. Salespanel + Pipedrive + Mailchimp combination is our favorite and what we recommend to all of our customers who are looking flexible and efficient way to do their marketing and sales. One of the best software we signed up for.

Timo Veirto
Markkinoinnin Muurahainen  Finland-based Marketing & Advertising Company

Why become a Salespanel partner

Market opportunity

Salespanel is growing fast and it will be your one stop solution for all kind of lead intelligence based solutions. Participate now with the future of lead intelligence.

Extend your product portfolio

Salespanel works for all ranges of businesses and needs. Solution is designed with a thoughtful solution alignment with existing sales and marketing tools. Super charge your product portfolio with a competitive advantage today.

Partner support

Your success is our success. Our free partner programs provides training and tools, dedicated assistance, acceleration and exciting commission rates.

Find new customers

Create new business opportunities by participating with us in co-marketing opportunities. Get featured in our partners listing. Lead a target marketing channel with sales enablement from Salespanel.

Krishna Panicker

"Historically, CRM and marketing tools have been separate tools used independently by sales and marketing teams, respectively, but they actually both fit into the larger revenue cycle and need to be considered in tandem to help customers hit their revenue marks.

With app panels on Pipedrive, we help partner applications update data in the CRM in real-time for deals and contacts. Salespanel uses this functionality to bring dynamic marketing data to sales reps in real-time, helping them close deals more efficiently."

Krishna Panicker
Chief Product Officer

"Using Zapier and Salespanel, marketers can transfer data and lead intelligence to any sales workspace and create workflows for marketing qualified leads."

Andrew Edelman
Head of Strategic Alliances
Andrew Edelman

Program details


Salespanel provide best in class lead generation, qualification and data driven marketing automation solution for B2B businesses. We are actively looking out for opportunities to partner with marketing agencies and consultants who specialize in sales and marketing services. We will be providing you the product, training and sales resources. You will be able to extend your solutions and will be able to serve a wide range of businesses.


  • Training and support to partners.
  • Association on co-marketing opportunities such as webinars, newsletters, articles.
  • Get featured on our partner’s listing page.
  • Access to partner resources.
  • Our contribution to customer acquisition strategies and internal insights to help you create unique solutions in your region.
  • Free Salespanel demo account.
  • Commision for the lifetime of the customer’s contract.
  • Early access to new features and opportunity to impact new launches.


  • Evaluation call and essential partner training.
  • Active communication and feedback to the product.
  • First B2B client within 5 months after enrollment in order to keep the Salespanel partner demo account.

Salespanel is helping me to increase efficiency of my sales.

It takes long time to close complex consulting deals and with Salespanel I can see how much traction I really have.

And it works nicely with Pipedrive. I recommend Salespanel to all kind of sales teams – both with digital products and with services too.

Wojciech Ozimek
CEO Rokanan Group



2Evaluation call


3Partner training


4Access to sales resources


5First B2B client




Participate in the partner program

Salespanel Partner Program Guide

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