Hundreds of businesses worldwide use Salespanel to accelerate business growth.

Customer Interview

Pinnacle CEO, Dariusz Krupa, explains how they use Salespanel for reliable tracking and attribution for B2B sales.

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Florian Frese, Marketing Lead, Container xChange

Customer Interview

Container xChange is a B2B product company in the shipping and logistics industry.

Marketing Lead, Florian Frese, tells us about scaling 3x during the pandemic, selling a SaaS product in a very traditional brick and mortar industry, and using Salespanel for better sales and marketing alignment.

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Customer Interview

ADvendio is an advertising management SAAS company who help publishers buy and sell ads through their platform on Salesforce. ADvendio uses Salespanel to boost sales productivity and close more deals.

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Tana Rulkova, Senior Marketing Manager, PourMyBeer

Customer Interview

Creating a support system between partners and adapting strategy to the new normal has helped PourMyBeer stay afloat in the hard-hit Hospitality industry. PourMyBeer also uses Salespanel to create a smooth marketing and sales alignment and help sales close more deals.

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Customer Interview

Voxie is a text messaging software that helps businesses connect with their customers with personalized text messaging at scale. Mikhail and his team have been using Salespanel 'since the early days of Voxie' and it has been their go-to tool for marketing, visitor identification and tracking, and sales collaboration.

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Mikhail Avady

Case Study

To get the most out of their marketing efforts, identify new opportunities and enable sales with key customer information, RST Bialystok uses Salespanel.

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Customer Interview

AppyBee uses Salespanel to get a 360-degree view of marketing, identify good marketing agencies by avoiding skewed statistics, find winning marketing campaigns, and route budget to working strategies.

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Our customers are large companies in the Solar Energy segment. Salespanel helped us to increase our sales by providing us visiting company data.

Salespanel lead tracking features and data enrichment is a complete package for a business like us. Support is awesome.

Shree Kant Bohra
CEO Geekybuddha Technologies
Case Study

We had a new project Diatom Teams Landing page and I was looking for a Lead Generation platform to monitor the leads to our Landing page.

Accidentally, I found some platforms on Google, contacted all of them and at the end I chose Salespanel and the first reason was its team, they always reply on time and do their best to make their platform better.

Ilaha Hajiyeva
Marketing specialist Diatom Enterprises

Diatom Enterprises were able to generate qualified leads from their specialized landing page without using any lead forms.

Nopio team was able to create a central lead aggregation platform from where they could score leads and move qualified leads to the sales funnel.

One of the best software we signed up for. It does exactly what we need it to do and it does it well. We use it to track leads and combine all meta information in one place.

It also has one of the best support I ever found. And all this at a very good price.

Piotr Nowak
CEO Nopio

We have tried a number of B2B lead tracking solutions for both our internal PPC experts group and for our B2B clients.

Salespanel provides the most accurate and fair data for further evaluation and efficient usage. In addition, it is affordable for SMB needs, while still offering a significant number of useful features.

Dan Burykin
Founder Metamediary

Salespanel is helping me to increase efficiency of my sales.

It takes long time to close complex consulting deals and with Salespanel I can see how much traction I really have.

And it works nicely with Pipedrive. I recommend Salespanel to all kind of sales teams – both with digital products and with services too.

Wojciech Ozimek
CEO Rokanan Group

Had an opportunity to know their work when Webspdy's monitoring saved us from an SSL blunder. With Salespanel they are making lives of all kind of businesses easier.

At Dailyrounds we believe frameworks are an important part of decision making and Salespanel is going to get you a strong set of principles out of the box which is essential for acceleration for any sales and marketing workflow. Highly recommend it.

Priyaank Choubey
Co-founder Dailyrounds Inc

Leading brands trust Salespanel

Customer Feedback

We always encourage our customers to provide feedback. This helps us in constantly improving our product.

Here's what they say about Salespanel.

Powerful data platform Must have for CRM users Great real-time lead tracking No hidden costs Offers everything without killing budget Everything in a single dashboard Lead scoring came out to be exactly like what we had in mind Very user-friendly platform Best support I ever found

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