Customer Interview

Dariusz Krupa talks about the need of visitor tracking and attribution in B2B sales

Dariusz Krupa, CEO of PINNACLE sp. z o.o.

Pinnacle is an industrial wastewater treatment and management service for small and medium-sized businesses. Dariusz Krupa is the founder of Pinnacle and he has been running this Polish company since 1992. While traditionally an offline local business, Pinnacle quickly understood the potential of digital channels like email outreach and search engine marketing to acquire clients.

Pinnacle sp. z o.o.

Wastewater management, Industrial equipments manufacturer, Consultancy services

The Need for Tracking and Attribution

Pinnacle uses strategies like SEO, video marketing, and email outreach to bring potential clients to their website. With all these different channels bringing in clients, Pinnacle needed a reliable tracking solution that could consistently track leads from their website and emails, in a cohesive manner. Here's what Dariusz said to us: "Selling for B2B takes time. It's usually 3 to 6 months (for us). During this period, we need to talk to multiple people from the client's team. Therefore, it was extremely important for us to have a system that was reliable."

Finding the Right Partner

Dariusz said that Pinnacle needed 'a partner who knows what's going on' and a tracking solution that just works. Pinnacle tried to implement this system for many years, mainly with Zoho SalesIQ without success. Dariusz claimed that Zoho is a great CRM but the tracking has not worked properly for them.

"We have been trying this for many years while working with Zoho. This is a good CRM. But, with Sales IQ, I don't know till this day why sometimes it's working and sometimes it's not working. You can do everything they recommend (and still not get it to work properly)."

- Dariusz Krupa

Pinnacle's problems were solved when they discovered Salespanel.

Getting Accurate Tracking With Salespanel

Pinnacle discovered Salespanel through word-of-mouth from other Polish businesses. And, Salespanel's tracking system has been able to fulfill their requirements. "It's very accurate. That's the biggest advantage that I have seen from the very first day," claims Dariusz.

What Pinnacle gets from Salespanel

  • Reliable and accurate B2B tracking
  • Email tracking
  • Top-level support
  • An opportunity to leverage data-driven sales and marketing strategies

"What is advantageous with you, (which) I noticed, is your support. For the first time I have seen somebody who is sending me customized answers to my questions. Plus, the Loom (support) videos are excellent for those from other countries."

- Dariusz Krupa

Looking into the Future

Now that a predictable tracking system is in place, the company now aims to leverage custom event tracking like video views, button clicks, etc. to create better experiences for its customers. Like we mentioned earlier, the company, while being in a very traditional industry, is not shying away from using the latest sales and marketing technology. Dariusz Krupa, with his 20 years of experience, is leading this operation.

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