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RST Bialystok uses Salespanel to create a proper lead acquisition system, identify new business opportunities and increase their ROI.

Salespanel RST Bialystok

RST Bialystok is an electrical equipment business located in Poland. RST sells copper bonded grounding and overvoltage protection locally within Poland. While they are an offline business, they created a digital brand presence as customers would search for relevant keywords looking for help or they would see their offline advertising and search for them. Customers land on their website after discovering them through these channels and then evaluate their services before booking a call. To get the most out of their marketing efforts, identify new opportunities and enable sales with key customer information, RST Bialystok uses Salespanel.

RST Bialystok

Electrical Manufacturing

Salespanel: Would you recommend Salespanel to a business similar to yours?

Michal: No! It gives me so much advantage!

Michal Zielenkiewicz - Founder

The Challenge

Michal Zielenkiewicz, founder of RST Bialystok, was made aware of a company identification software which he decided to try out. After being left unsatisfied, he tried out four other products before landing on Salespanel. The challenge RST Bialystok faced was that they were struggling to systematically capture leads from their website and qualify them to prioritize the good leads. Michal also wanted to help his sales team be aware of the motivations of their prospects to better resonate with the customers. A software that identifies companies was simply not enough.

Solving the Problem Using Salespanel

A Proper Lead Acquisition System

To start the sales process, Salespanel automatically captures leads who make an enquiry and also identifies potential clients that can be worked on. These leads are enriched with B2B data which helps RST Bialystok identify valuable prospects.

Customer Profiling for Sales

The customer profile data and behavior data is shared with sales reps in RST Bialystok, who use this data to understand customer intent and motivation. Sales finds out how leads are interacting with the website to determine their needs and serve them accordingly. Sales also prioritizes the higher ticket prospects.

Finding New Opportunities

RST Bialystok also uses Salespanel’s visitor identification feature to find new opportunities and transfer them to sales for follow-ups. This helps them increase their monthly quota as the amount of total leads is increased by identifying good prospects who have left their website without providing a contact information.

Comments from Customer

Question: How would you rate our support?

Michal: Support is great. You guys are the best. I talk to our account manager a lot. He is around almost all day. I talked to him a lot. All the problems we had, he managed to solve.

Question: Would you recommend Salespanel to a business similar to yours?

Michal: No! It gives me so much advantage! :-)

RST Bialystok uses Salespanel to capture over 150 leads while identifying 500 new opportunities in a month that were otherwise hidden.

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