Case Study

Devs love Salespanel as much as marketers. Regrid uses Salespanel to predictably pass qualified leads to sales with first-party data.


Regrid is a location intelligence platform for enterprises. It currently covers 99% of US residents & has mapped over 152+ million parcels. With customers like Ford, Regrid is one of the best property data mapping tools in the market. Once Regrid’s team chose Salespanel to be their single source of truth for their product-led model, Stephen Anderson from the engineering team optimized Salespanel to bridge the gap between their product, marketing, and sales. Their website and application both get tons of daily activity from prospects and the team’s goal was to identify qualified leads from this abundance of traffic and pass them on to sales.


Parcel data licensing, Location Intelligence Platform, Information Technology

"Salespanel is a game-changer."

"What is most helpful about Salespanel is how easy it is to get started, just drop your tracking snippet into your site and you're up and running."

Software Engineer at Regrid

First-party intent data and product-led growth

Regrid has set up a lead scoring process based on how their prospects interact with every critical piece of the components on their website and in their application. Custom event logs and attributes from these prospects allow the Regrid team to differentiate one cohort from the other. This information, which is tracked by Salespanel in real-time, helps you proactively understand which leads are likely to purchase and which are not. Or, which leads are likely to upgrade. Regrid uses a product-led model where most of its users sign up for the free plan. Using intent data, Regrid understands which users would benefit from using the product or upgrading to a higher tier plan. Once these leads are identified through key product actions and milestones, they are passed on to the sales reps who take over and complete the job. As simple as that.

"We're using Salespanel to find quality leads based on user activity on our platform, it has allowed us to identify the folks that could really benefit from our products and packages and help get them connected to our sales team."

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