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AB180, the biggest data company in Korea, uses Salespanel for lead scoring and CRM data sync


AB180 is a mar-tech consultancy that sells and consults solutions like Amplitude and Braze in the Korean market. They are also a data behemoth in South Korea and have a universal web and mobile attribution solution called Airbridge and a blockchain technology-based decentralized privacy-focused data exchange platform called Airbloc. Airbridge's platform tracks over 40 million mobile devices (2/3rd of all Korean devices) and collects 100M data points daily. It is used by 150+ enterprises and startups including eBay, Burger King, and Samsung Securities. This big data company uses Salespanel for its own B2B lead qualification and data sync needs.

AB180 operates as a tightly knit startup and CEO, Roi Nam, picked Salespanel for his team. The company uses Salespanel to qualify leads using lead scoring and transfer the data to Pipedrive.


Advertising, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Information Technology

"We are using Salespanel for lead scoring purposes in alignment with Pipedrive. It helps us prioritize which leads to focus and reach out from our end first.

Salespanel is surely a simple and easy-to-use solution for startups like us."

Sungpil Nam Roi - CEO

Featured in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia

Prioritizing leads using lead scoring

B2B leads progress through the sales cycle gradually. Digital businesses would periodically perform key actions on websites that help in predicting buying intent. AB180 and its sister websites get first-party intent data from Salespanel and score leads based on different behavioral rules that correlate with buying intent.

AB180 takes both email and website engagement into consideration for its lead scoring workflow. Lead scores are used by sales reps to prioritize leads.

AB180's sales team gets lead score synced to Pipedrive CRM in real-time

Salespanel uses Pipedrive's app panels module to bring lead scores to deals and contacts in real-time. Since the lead score keeps changing constantly, having the latest lead score at all times helps AB180's sales reps prioritize leads based on the scores and their breakdowns. The team prioritizes leads who have higher scores and has conversations with them first. This helps them close more deals and spend their time on leads who are actually likely to buy.

Salespanel also syncs other attribution data points (lead source, medium, campaign data, etc.) and activity data to Pipedrive contacts to help reps understand lead motivation and make more informed decisions.

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