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Understanding Lead Motivation and Achieving Sales and Marketing Alignment

Christina Pillmair, Head of Marketing at Testify

Testify is an Austrian-built no-code checklist workflow platform that aids industrial businesses in digitizing complex checklist processes. The business predominantly caters to customers in the EU, particularly those in the automotive and food production industries.

Christina Pillmair, who joined in 2020, currently holds the position of Head of Marketing at Testify. Her responsibilities primarily entail online marketing tasks such as content creation, performance marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and SEO.


Software Development, Quality Management, Data Analytics, Process Mining

A Need To Uncover the Motivation of Leads and Working Closely With Sales

Testify operates with a very small core marketing team of two people. And, they need to work closely with Sales. However, there were two problems. One, the business did not have a framework to analyze lead activity and buyer motivation. And two, they also did not have the means to convey marketing information to their sales reps. During her research, Christina came across Salespanel and it has been able to address both of these challenges for her.

Implementing Salespanel To Understand Customers and Avoid "Chaos"

"We didn't have an overview of the leads and how they were qualified. We were unaware of website activities – what the leads were looking at and where they were coming from. The situation was chaotic, unstructured, and time-consuming. However, upon discovering Salespanel, it appeared to address all of our needs."

- Christina

When Christina and her team discovered Salespanel, it was able to check all of her boxes. A critical requirement for Testify was to seamlessly connect marketing data to CRM without requiring the assistance of developers.

Segmenting and Qualifying Leads Faster and Nurturing Them With Emails

Testify used Salespanel to establish a segmentation and lead scoring framework that helps them process leads faster and qualify in real-time. As soon as leads are qualified, they get automated email sequences and are transferred to Sales using Salespanel integrations.

"We use Salespanel for qualifying leads, tagging them, and putting them into segments. We are much faster in qualification and also we have all the information we need of the lead, the whole journey."

"As soon as we qualify leads, we push them into an email automation tool. And, on the other end, these leads are also sent to the CRM."

- Christina

Achieving Sales and Marketing Alignment in Auto-pilot

Salespanel automatically syncing leads to the CRM along with their activity data means marketing does not need to continuously update lead records for the sales team. Christina believes Salespanel provides all the data their sales team needs to work autonomously and make the right decisions.

"As soon the lead is qualified, it is pushed to the CRM. There Salespanel acts as the single source of truth. Salespanel has improved collaboration with our sales team because they have all the relevant data to take the first steps for a lead. They do not need to ask ‘What was the initiative of the lead?' because they all have the information they need to make the right call."

- Christina

Bird's Eye View for Marketing Tracking

Salespanel has not only provided a top-level view of marketing operations to Testify but has also saved them hours of meaningless work. Previously, the marketing team had to work with clutters of data in an unstructured manner. Now, with everything under the Salespanel dashboard, Christina and her team review their marketing progress easily.

"Before we had Salespanel, the data was like really unstructured. It took me ages. I think it took me around one hour per month to aggregate all the data to know which leads are coming from which channels, what industries they belong to, etc. And now it takes me like five minutes to see the dashboard and say, ‘Okay, that's it. That was the month and we are on track'."

- Christina

Thoughts on Salespanel Support and Services

Hear this from Christina herself:

"The support can't be any better I would say. Fast response time and you always help us out if there's something we don't understand in the tool or if something is missing."

- Christina

Conclusion and Advice for Businesses Considering Salespanel

Salespanel has proven to be an invaluable asset for Testify, enabling them to understand customer motivations, enhance lead qualification processes, achieve sales and marketing alignment, and gain a holistic view of their marketing operations.

Here's Christina's advice for businesses that are evaluating Salespanel and considering whether we are a right fit for them:

"If companies want to bring qualification and personalization into the entire customer journey, you have to use tools like Salespanel because you get an overall picture of the whole lead from the beginning till the end."

"In the software industry. It takes sometimes months to years from the first contact to the last. With Salespanel, a marketing intelligence platform, you have the top view and you can make continuous improvements based on this data. You get the insights you didn't have before which help you address problems properly."

- Christina

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