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Implementation of Salespanel has helped Cap Expand Partners use data-driven tech to sell more efficiently.

Sergio Van Luijk, Managing Partner at Cap Expand Partners

Cap Expand Partners, first established in the 1970s, is a leading European advisory business specializing in supporting cross-border M&A initiatives with innovative financing solutions. The company advises private and institutional investors and mid-sized companies in their pursuit of tailored capital investment solutions.

Sergio Van Luijk leads Cap Expand Partners as its Managing Partner. Before Cap Expand Partners, Sergio, as the director of a boutique investment bank, Leonardo & Co., played a key role in deals worth over €1bn.

Despite having a global scale, Cap Expand Partners works with a relatively small core team and relies on partnerships. The company uses Salespanel for its digital acquisition efforts.

Cap Expand Partners
Cap Expand Partners

Wastewater management, Industrial equipments manufacturer, Consultancy services

Implementation of Technology to Understand Potential Clients

“10 or 20 years ago, you would have to step into your car and drive to a prospect. That was a lot of work. But now, a lot of the work happens online. We try to understand if there is a potential for collaboration before actually stepping into the car.”

“This is an acceleration towards tech-enabled efficiency.”

- Sergio

A lot has changed since Cap Expands Partners originally started operations. Sergio and his team have worked rapidly to implement technological advancements in their customer acquisition process. Their primary digital strategy includes ranking on relevant keywords and getting potential clients to their website. Once these visitors start engaging with the website, Cap Expand Partners uses Salespanel to visualize the entire customer journeys of each individual prospect.

Qualifying Leads and Gauging Buyer Intent Before Pursuing Them

“A powerful tool like a Salespanel helps you avoid speaking to 20 people face to face to understand whether out of those 20, maybe 5, are interested. And, after the discovery call, (it helps us track) who are interested in our service and have the most interactions. It helps us save time and, and resources.”

“We want to focus on the right people, be it customers or prospects, or our investors.”

- Sergio

Cap Exchange Partners works with high-ticket B2B deals. And, every deal needs a good amount of care and effort. The company uses data-driven filters to qualify leads with the help of Salespanel. It tracks prospect interactions both before and after the discovery call to gauge intent and prioritize accordingly. Because they operate with a small team, qualifying leads is mission-critical for them.

“Quality is key. We need to combine technology and human capital in the best interest of our clients both before and after the execution of a project. We're part of an international network of offices and intermediaries across the globe. And, at the end of the day, we want to know which partners or prospects make the most sense to follow up on. And that's part of the efficiency and possibilities that probably did not exist 20 years ago.”

- Sergio

How Segmentation Plays a Part In Lead Qualification

Sergio claims segmentation on Salespanel to be his favorite feature. The team uses profile attributes like demographic data to determine closeness to the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and behavioral attributes to determine interest. The team has created several segments to group leads that are acquired from their website.

“Salespanel helps us understand who our ideal customers are and define those segments. We get alerted (about the leads) and also integrate the data into our CRM. Evaluating both customer profile and behavior data is important. How much intent they have, you can find out from their behavior.”

“How often are they looking at what you're sending over to them? How eager are they? What are the areas on your website that interest them? These are all signs. Knowing all of these before we go on a call with any prospect helps us understand their interests and direct the conversations accordingly.”

- Sergio

Thoughts on Salespanel Support and Services

Sergio, like most other Salespanel customers, praises our support and services highly. When asked what he had to say about our support, here’s what he had to say:

"In a few words: Personal, Support from A to Z, and Perfect. I'm not a technical person, but Paras and his support team really made an effort to sit down with us a couple of times and help us tailor the features of Salespanel in our best interests."

- Sergio

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