Using Data-driven Intent Alerts To Notify Sales About Crucial Signals During The Buying Journey

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With the surge of a data-driven sales cycle, marketers have turned to predictive modeling to understand buying intent and track crucial signals across the buying journey and push sales-ready leads for the conversion. If you study your website visitors’ behavioral patterns, it’s not difficult to determine whether they have purchase intent or not or when they need to be pushed to the next stage. Given that timing is everything in sales, closing the deal as soon as your prospect becomes sales-ready, when the lead is hot, would be the picture-perfect dream.


However, the world of sales is not that picturesque. While keeping tabs on how a visitor’s interacting with your platform is part of lead sustenance, sales representatives juggle between tens, if not hundreds of leads at the same time. And on top of it, they have to come up with onboarding schedules and contracts for the new conversions, that it almost feels unfair expecting them to recognize immediately when they should push a lead to the next stage or when they should pull the trigger on the final sales conversation.


This problem can be at rest if, in some way, your sales team can automatically know when a lead becomes product or marketing qualified. And what better option than notifications and alerts to let your sales team know in real-time about sales-ready leads?



Mapping Intent with Customer Data

Salespanel helps you track every intricate customer interaction on your website that is important for you. You can track anything from page views to page duration to email engagement and even activities like button clicks, media views, etc. If your product is hosted on your website (like SaaS for example), tracking behavior brings more power as you can map in product user actions with value and intent and product qualify leads.


The first step to identify specific actions that can directly co-relate to intent. This is different for every business but here are some examples:


Site Engagement:

  • Lead checks out pricing and continues to explore afterward i.e price-fit (data points: page visits, amount of visits)
  • Lead checks out webinars and actually watch the entirety of the webinar (data point: media view custom activity)
  • Lead checks out the white papers, guides, case studies and spends a significant amount of time reading your content (data points: page visits, visit duration)


Product Engagement:

  • Lead adds payment details
  • Lead adds team members
  • Lead continuously uses the product throughout the trial and especially during the final days of trial
  • Lead is using specific high-value features
  • Lead is close to hitting his account quota (Hint: Alert sales for upsell opportunity!)


Once you have identified data points, you can easily create your segments on Salespanel and set up an alerting system through a medium of your convenience. All alerts can be sent in real-time.


Let software do some of the work for you

While Salespanel brings complete flexibility to create custom workflows based on specifics that you and only you know, it also provides you algorithmic assistance to evaluate behavior. Lead temperature on Salespanel changes dynamically as leads engage with your content. A ‘hot’ status would indicate that the lead is engaging very frequently.


On the other hand, we have Quality Score. Our quality scoring system analyzes your data and lead characteristics and uses machine learning to understand the quality of your leads. This data is provided to you without you needing to set up anything from your end.


It is not a competition between automatic measurement and your custom measurement system. You can choose to use either or combine both for maximum outcome.



Triggering the alerts

Here are three different scenarios where you can use intent alerts.


Get alerts when your leads show purchase intent
There is an invisible path every visitor-turned-customer walks. Starting from engaging in your content—downloading case studies, reading your blogs, and help documentation, to submitting a sales form, they show a behavior pattern with a consistent interest in your product. But will your sales team know every time there’s a customer who shows purchase intent? Well, not always.

With Salespanel, rather than sales chasing leads, your team would take action based on actions performed. And all you need to do is, set your lead’s purchase behavior roadmap as criteria to automatically determine who shows purchase intent. As soon as we spot a prospect who fulfills your set of rules, we will alert your sales team and managers by sending notifications, facilitating instant action.


Get alerts when we spot your ideal customer
Every company would have a list of identifiers to determine their ideal customer. The identifiers can be but are not limited to the number of employees of the customer’s business, the designation of your site’s visitor, or the lead score. Your customers may even belong to a particular industry from a specific region or country. But the problem is your ideal customer might be an anonymous visitor, hard to identify or analyze.

In cases like this, all you need to do is let us know your buyer’s persona, and Salespanel will automatically find your visitor’s firmographic information and notify you when a lead matches your ideal customer’s profile. It doesn’t end here. You can even define the revenue of your visitor’s company as an identifier to get notified whenever high-value accounts visit your site.



Get alerts when your leads become sales or product qualified
Marketing and sales work hand in hand. While the marketing team perfectly orchestrates the visitor experience of your website to push the marketing qualified leads further into the purchase route, the sales team would dive in at the right time to convince a deal out of a sales qualified lead standing at the fence. But timing is all that matters here. As the prospect moves through your website and becomes sales or product qualified, your sales team would have to instantly contact them while they are still on your website to convert a qualified lead into a customer.

However, it’s easy to miss the moment your leads become sales or product qualified. With a lead scoring based qualification system, we will instantly send an alert to notify you when a lead gets sales or product qualified. Refer to the product qualification examples shared earlier in the article to set up your qualification process.


Now with a list of leads who are sales qualified, having high value, and showing purchase intent in hand, and notified in real-time, your sales team doesn’t have to chase unfit visitors but can spend their valuable time on prospects with potential at the right moment. The biggest advantage of Salespanel’s alerts is that you can get notified anywhere you want from any communication channel. Given that everyone has their own choice of tool to communicate and that it doesn’t end with your browser or PC, get your notifications on your mobile phones or browsers, through emails or Slack, the options are widespread. We integrated Salespanel with 100+ communication platforms for you to get your notifications anywhere you want.


Sending push notifications or email alerts to your sales team is not only about the efficiency in the lead to customer conversion but is also about time management and productivity. You can even send notifications specifically to the target account. All you need to do is sync your CRM data with Salespanel. And when you automatically update your team about their leads via alerts, you remove them from complexity, letting them effectively use the time they would have lost elsewhere.


And the best thing about Salespanel alerts is, you can configure multi-level data-driven workflows to start automatically with lead alerts. As soon as we send you a notification, you can also nurture qualified accounts. This workflow, in turn, keeps your lead interested in a business with you, giving sales representatives a little more time to get on with their pitch.

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