CPH Customs Uses Salespanel to Bridge The Gap Between the Website and Sales

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CPH Customs is a multifaceted agency dedicated to excellence in design, marketing services, e-commerce, and consulting. Primarily focusing on eCommerce, the agency is committed to creating a distinctive and consistent visual language while helping stores provide a seamless, personalized, and omnichannel shopping experience.

The Challenge

Founded by Behruz Jahangiri, CPH Customs faced a significant disconnect between their website and the rest of their sales and marketing funnels. The website’s primary function was to collect leads through forms, but it lacked the capability to provide detailed information about these leads. This limitation forced the company to rely on unpersonalized and unsegmented email campaigns for their marketing activities, rendering their website a passive player in their sales strategy.

To overcome these challenges, CPH Customs needed:

  1. The ability to segment users based on their interactions and behaviors.
  2. Detailed insights into lead activities to help sales representatives understand buyer intent and act accordingly.
  3. Seamless integration with Close.com to pass data directly to their CRM, ensuring sales teams had access to up-to-date lead information.

Why Salespanel?

Behruz Jahangiri chose Salespanel to close the gap between their website and sales channels. Salespanel’s robust tracking software offered extensive capabilities that CPH Customs needed to transform its lead generation and marketing strategies.


CPH Customs implemented Salespanel by setting up website tracking and activating the Close.com integration. Since all sales representatives worked on Close.com, the data synchronization between Salespanel and Close.com meant that the team did not need to be added to Salespanel, streamlining the workflow.


The integration of Salespanel provided CPH Customs with several critical benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Website Tracking: Salespanel enabled CPH Customs to gain control over their website activities, which were previously untracked. This visibility allowed them to understand visitor behaviors and interactions in real-time.
  2. Enhanced Lead Tracking: With Salespanel, CPH Customs could track lead activities effectively. The detailed tracking capabilities of the software were highly praised by the team.
  3. Seamless CRM Integration: The Close.com integration facilitated the smooth transfer of leads and their behavioral data to the CRM. This integration empowered the sales team to close deals more efficiently by leveraging actionable insights.
  4. Maximizing Visitor Value: CPH Customs was able to “make use of every single visitor,” ensuring that no potential lead was overlooked.
  5. Effective Segmentation: The ability to segment and filter out qualified prospects allowed CPH Customs to target their marketing efforts more precisely.
  6. Diversified Marketing Activities: By shifting from a sole reliance on email campaigns, CPH Customs could leverage website data for various sales and marketing activities, enhancing their overall strategy.

Final Thoughts

Salespanel has been transformative for CPH Customs, bridging the gap between their website and sales channels. The enhanced tracking, seamless CRM integration, and effective user segmentation have enabled CPH Customs to optimize their marketing efforts and drive more efficient sales processes. The partnership with Salespanel has empowered CPH Customs to harness the full potential of their website, ultimately contributing to their growth and success in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

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