Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency, PNV, Utilizes Salespanel to Enhance Content Marketing

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PNV is a web development and digital marketing agency based in Slovenia. With a portfolio that includes several local businesses like Elementum, LedUp, and Lunar Consulting, the agency excels in website building, SEO, e-commerce setups, marketing, and design.

To effectively identify website visitors and optimize content marketing efforts, Rok Dominico, the CTO and founder of PNV, chose Salespanel.

Why Salespanel?

PNV required a powerful yet user-friendly tool to enhance their digital marketing strategies. Their specific needs included:

  • The ability to accurately identify accounts visiting their website.
  • Analyzing the profiles of website visitors to serve industry-specific content.
  • A tool that is straightforward to use and not as complex as many other products in the market.

Implementation Strategy

The implementation of Salespanel at PNV was straightforward and efficient. Rok installed the Salespanel tracking code on the PNV website, which immediately began capturing valuable visitor data. No additional steps were necessary for PNV’s specific use case.


The integration of Salespanel brought several notable improvements to PNV’s marketing efforts:

  • User-Friendly Product: Salespanel proved to be easy to install and use, fitting seamlessly into PNV’s workflow.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: PNV was able to identify the types of visitors coming to their website, allowing them to tailor their copywriting and content to improve conversion rates.
  • Customer Profile Analysis and Website Optimization: The tool provided insights into the profiles of website visitors, enabling PNV to create industry-specific content that resonated with their audience.
  • Excellent Support: PNV was highly satisfied with the level of support provided by Salespanel, ensuring smooth operation and effective use of the tool.

Final Thoughts

Salespanel has significantly improved PNV’s ability to identify website visitors and optimize its content marketing efforts. By utilizing Salespanel’s advanced tracking and analysis features, PNV has enhanced its marketing strategies and conversion rates.

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