Top 14 Salesloft Integrations for 2024

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In the fast-paced realm of sales, efficiency and adaptability are not just virtues but necessities. Salesloft, a leading sales engagement platform, has been catching attention with its innovative features. However, the true magic of Salesloft unfolds when it’s paired with other powerful software and tools. In this article, we’re diving deep into how Salesloft’s integrations with various platforms – from CRM systems to email services, and analytics tools – are reshaping the sales landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned Salesloft user or just getting acquainted with its capabilities, this piece promises to shed light on how these integrations can streamline your sales process, enhance efficiency, and drive better results. So, let’s embark on this journey to unlock the full potential of your sales strategies with Salesloft integrations. But before that, let’s cover some basics!

What is Salesloft?

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Salesloft is a cloud-based sales engagement platform that has become a significant player in the Sales Engagement platforms market since its founding in 2011. The platform is designed to automate workflows for sales teams and enhance their ability to connect with prospects, thereby accelerating sales cycles and driving increased revenue. Originally focused on sales development, Salesloft has expanded to offer functionalities for the entire sales organization, including Conversation Intelligence and Revenue Intelligence.

The platform is particularly useful for:

  • Prospecting: Sales teams can manage their schedules, calls, and emails efficiently.
  • Sales Coaching: Managers and representatives can collaborate to track, transcribe, analyze, and coach each other.
  • Opportunity Insights: Provides detailed insights for pipeline health and revenue forecasting.
  • Optimizing Sales Workflow: Enhances the sales process to use time and resources effectively.

Salesloft is an ideal solution for a range of sales roles within an organization, including Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)/Business Development Representatives (BDRs), Sales Leaders, Marketing Leaders, and Account Executives. These roles utilize Salesloft for various purposes, such as prospecting for new leads, managing relationships with customers, understanding the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and optimizing the sales team’s workflow.

Key Features of Salesloft

  • Call Repository: This feature aids in onboarding new representatives by building libraries of recorded calls and virtual meetings, which can be invaluable for training and quality assurance purposes.
  • CRM Updation: Salesloft syncs activities back to CRM contact and account records automatically, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring that customer interaction data is always up-to-date.
  • Cadences: The platform automates the routing of leads, assigns them to representatives, and adds them to recommended communication workflows, helping to maximize conversion rates.
  • Real-time Notification: Salesloft notifies users in real-time when prospects are engaging, allowing sales teams to prioritize activities based on lead scoring or activity type.
  • Real Time Coaching: This feature offers coaching during calls and virtual meetings, and allows for real-time responses to requests for assistance.
  • Reports and Analytics: Salesloft’s robust analytics measure the effectiveness of the sales process, providing insights that can be used to refine strategies and improve outcomes.
  • Salesloft Mobile: The mobile application allows for managing contacts and tracking opportunity engagement from mobile devices, offering flexibility and accessibility.
  • Rhythm: This AI-driven feature builds prioritized workflows for users, including cadence steps and tasks, enhancing productivity and efficiency.
  • Advanced Email Sequence Capabilities: With the help of generative AI, Salesloft delivers advanced capabilities for email sequencing, including personalization at scale and A/B testing to optimize email campaigns.

Top 14 Salesloft Integrations for 2024

Here’s a detailed look at some of the top integrations available with Salesloft.

Salespanel Integration

  • Functionality: Salespanel is designed to track, identify, and qualify leads in real-time. When integrated with Salesloft, it enhances lead management capabilities.
  • Benefits: This integration allows sales teams to seamlessly sync leads and their activities between Salespanel and Salesloft. It’s particularly useful for tracking website visitor behavior and aligning this data with sales engagement strategies. The real-time lead qualification and insights provided by Salespanel ensure that Salesloft users can prioritize and personalize their outreach effectively.

Salesforce Integration

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  • Functionality: This integration synchronizes data between Salesloft and Salesforce, ensuring consistency across both platforms.
  • Benefits: It enables automated recording of sales activities, setting up of custom automation rules, and provides a comprehensive sync log. This integration is essential for maintaining data integrity and streamlining sales processes.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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  • Functionality: Directly links Salesloft with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, allowing access to LinkedIn’s extensive network for prospecting and social selling.
  • Benefits: Enhances visibility of insights, strengthens account-based selling strategies, and offers improved access to LinkedIn’s network for better lead generation and relationship building.

Gmail and Outlook (Salesloft Connect)

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  • Functionality: Integrates Salesloft’s capabilities into Gmail and Outlook, enabling email tracking and analytics within these email platforms.
  • Benefits: Saves time by allowing sales reps to use Salesloft features without leaving their email inbox, improving efficiency and user experience.

Salesbolt for Salesforce and LinkedIn

  • Functionality: Combines LinkedIn with Salesforce within Salesloft for creating new leads or contacts.
  • Benefits: Streamlines the process of transferring LinkedIn interactions into Salesforce and Salesloft, enhancing lead generation and contact management efficiency.


  • Functionality: Automates the process of connecting with decision-makers by eliminating manual dialing.
  • Benefits: Increases efficiency by connecting sales reps with multiple decision-makers per hour, reducing the time spent on cold calling.


  • Functionality: Merges a large contact database and lead intelligence platform with Salesloft.
  • Benefits: Provides access to extensive contact information, enhancing lead generation and prospecting capabilities.


  • Functionality: A comprehensive sales enablement platform that integrates training and coaching tools into Salesloft.
  • Benefits: Enhances seller performance by providing access to training and coaching resources directly within the Salesloft platform.


  • Functionality: Identifies B2B prospects and verifies their contact information in real-time.
  • Benefits: Aids in building a robust sales pipeline by providing accurate and up-to-date contact details of potential leads.


  • Functionality: Adds the ability to send personalized gifts and eGifts within Salesloft cadences.
  • Benefits: Boosts engagement and response rates by integrating personalized gifting into the sales outreach process.


  • Functionality: Provides advanced integration capabilities and workflow automation.
  • Benefits: Enables the creation of customized integrations and automations, adapting Salesloft to unique business needs and enhancing operational efficiency.


  • Functionality: Automates SMS reminders and online scheduling linked to Salesloft’s calendar.

  • Benefits: Reduces the incidence of no-shows and simplifies the scheduling process, improving client engagement and time management.

Dear Lucy

  • Functionality: Offers revenue forecasting and sales insights.
  • Benefits: Helps in driving predictable revenue growth by providing actionable insights and forecasting capabilities, essential for strategic planning.

Revenue Ops LLC

  • Functionality: A consulting integration focusing on optimizing sales processes.
  • Benefits: Assists in enhancing sales operations, driving efficiency, and improving sales outcomes through expert consultation and strategy optimization.

These integrations demonstrate how Salesloft leverages various technologies to augment its platform, offering a more comprehensive, efficient, and effective sales engagement experience. By integrating these tools, Salesloft not only simplifies the sales process but also empowers sales teams with the data and insights they need to succeed in a competitive environment.

Final Thoughts

The integration of Salesloft with various other powerful tools and platforms marks a significant advancement in the domain of sales engagement. The diverse range of integrations – from Salespanel’s real-time lead tracking to Salesforce’s data synchronization, and from LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s networking capabilities to the advanced workflow automation provided by Workato – illustrates Salesloft’s commitment to creating a versatile and highly efficient sales platform. These integrations not only simplify the sales process but also empower sales teams with enriched data, deeper insights, and enhanced operational efficiency.

As we navigate through the evolving landscape of sales technology, Salesloft’s integrations stand out as key enablers for sales teams to reach their full potential. They offer tailored solutions that cater to the unique demands of different sales roles, driving effectiveness in prospecting, lead management, customer engagement, and revenue generation. By harnessing the power of these integrations, Salesloft users can expect to see a significant uplift in their sales performance, making the platform a pivotal tool in the arsenal of modern sales organizations.

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