Salesloft: Pricing Breakdown, Review, and Alternatives

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Salesloft has established itself as a key player in the sales engagement and productivity software landscape, offering a robust suite of tools designed to bolster the performance and efficiency of sales teams. This platform stands out for its comprehensive approach to enhancing the various stages of the sales process, from lead generation to customer retention. Let’s delve deeper into what Salesloft offers, its pricing structure, how it compares in the market, and possible alternatives.

What is Salesloft?

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Salesloft is a cloud-based sales engagement platform that has gained significant traction in the market since its inception in 2011. The platform is designed to optimize workflows for sales teams, enhancing their efficiency in connecting with prospects and driving sales cycles more effectively, thereby contributing to increased revenue. Initially focusing on sales development, Salesloft has expanded its functionalities to cater to the entire sales organization, incorporating tools like Conversation Intelligence and Revenue Intelligence.

The platform proves particularly beneficial for various sales-related activities:

  • Prospecting: Assists sales teams in efficiently managing schedules, calls, and emails.
  • Sales Coaching: Facilitates collaboration between managers and representatives for tracking, transcribing, analyzing, and coaching.
  • Opportunity Insights: Offers comprehensive insights for monitoring pipeline health and forecasting revenue.
  • Optimizing Sales Workflow: Aims to enhance the sales process for effective use of time and resources.

Salesloft is tailored for various roles within an organization, including Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)/Business Development Representatives (BDRs), Sales Leaders, Marketing Leaders, and Account Executives. These roles utilize the platform for a range of purposes, from prospecting new leads to optimizing the sales team’s workflow.

Key Features of Salesloft

  • Call Repository: Useful for onboarding new representatives, it includes libraries of recorded calls and virtual meetings for training and quality assurance.
  • CRM Integration: Automatically syncs activities to CRM contact and account records, maintaining up-to-date customer interaction data.
  • Cadences: Automates lead routing, assignment to representatives, and communication workflow integration to enhance conversion rates.
  • Real-time Notification: Informs users when prospects engage, helping prioritize activities based on lead scoring or activity type.
  • Real-time Coaching: Offers coaching during calls and meetings, and responds to assistance requests in real-time.
  • Reports and Analytics: Provides detailed analytics on sales process effectiveness, offering insights for strategy refinement and improved outcomes.
  • Mobile Accessibility: The mobile app enables contact management and opportunity engagement tracking from mobile devices.
  • Rhythm: An AI-driven feature that creates prioritized workflows, including cadence steps and tasks, for increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Advanced Email Sequence Capabilities: Employs generative AI for sophisticated email sequencing, including personalization and A/B testing to optimize email campaigns.

Salesloft’s comprehensive approach to sales engagement positions it as a versatile tool for modern sales teams, aiming to improve efficiency and effectiveness across the sales cycle.

Pricing Breakdown of Salesloft

Salesloft offers a range of pricing packages designed to cater to different business needs.

Note: The pricing details are not publicly listed.

Prospect: This package is designed for teams focused on generating leads.

Sell: Aimed at teams focused on managing opportunities to close.

Engage: This package is for teams focused on engaging and growing customer relationships.

Enterprise: This package is for teams working across every stage of the revenue lifecycle. It includes opportunity management, cadence, conversation intelligence, dialer (unlimited talk and text), live call studio, email calendaring, analytics, mobile app access, and CRM sync.

Essentials: This package is designed to grow pipeline and gain insight.

Is Salesloft a Good Fit for You?

Salesloft is a highly comprehensive and robust cloud-based sales engagement platform that has been effectively enhancing the productivity of sales teams since 2011 by streamlining workflows and improving the connection with prospects. The expansion of its functionalities to cover the entire sales organization, including advanced features like Conversation Intelligence and Revenue Intelligence, underscores its adaptability and growth in the field.

Salesloft’s key strengths lie in its versatility and its suite of features tailored for various sales roles, ranging from prospecting and sales coaching to providing opportunity insights and optimizing sales workflows. Features like CRM integration, real-time coaching, advanced email sequencing, and AI-driven prioritization of tasks (Rhythm) not only improve efficiency but also enhance the effectiveness of sales teams across various stages of the sales cycle.

The pricing structure, though not explicitly detailed, appears to be thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse business needs, with packages ranging from lead generation to comprehensive enterprise solutions. This flexibility makes it suitable for different team sizes and functions within an organization.

The tool positions itself as a vital tool for modern sales teams, aiming to bolster efficiency and effectiveness across the sales cycle, making it a valuable asset for organizations looking to optimize their sales processes.

Top 9 Salesloft Integrations for 2024


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This platform is particularly designed for scaling lead generation and sales through automation. It allows users to import leads from various sources like Google Sheets and CSV files. Instantly stands out with its email-focused features, like smart send options and automated rewriting to avoid spam filters. Its analytics section provides in-depth insights into email campaigns, open rates, and reply rates, essential for refining sales strategies.

Zoho CRM

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Zoho CRM is an all-encompassing CRM solution that is adaptable for businesses of various sizes. It comes equipped with automation tools, analytics, and AI-powered sales assistants, making it a robust platform for managing customer relationships and sales processes. Its wide range of integrations with tools such as G Suite, WordPress, Mailchimp, and Unbounce sets it apart, offering a diverse and flexible CRM experience.


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Recognized for its user-friendly and visually appealing design, Pipedrive is a CRM system focused on enhancing deal management. It’s known for its affordability and customizable sales pipelines, allowing teams to effectively visualize and manage their sales processes. Additionally, Pipedrive supports bulk emailing, automated reminders, and scheduling, making it a practical choice for teams seeking a straightforward CRM tool.

InsideSales (XANT)

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Targeted at enterprise-level sales teams, InsideSales offers AI-driven data analysis and collection. It’s designed to accelerate the sales process, focusing on rapid deal closure. The platform’s key features include a sophisticated dashboard for campaign management, email tracking, workflow management, and tools for setting and managing sales goals.


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Groove is a sales engagement platform that works closely with Salesforce. It enables the creation of multi-channel automated sequences, including LinkedIn, cold calling, and emails. The platform boasts CRM automation tools that update sales lead information, offering flexibility and efficiency in managing sales campaigns.


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This platform eases lead tracking and follow-up with tools like automated SMS and email nurturing. ClickPoint’s dashboard is user-friendly, facilitating the management of large volumes of leads. It also features local presence dialing, which can enhance the effectiveness of sales calls.

Hubspot Sales Hub

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As a part of the larger Hubspot CRM ecosystem, the Sales Hub offers an extensive array of integrated sales tools. It provides businesses with a customizable sales pipeline and integrates with major social media and email platforms, centralizing sales efforts and customer relationship management.


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Salesflare is optimized for SaaS B2B companies, marketing agencies, startups, and similar organizations. It leverages AI for sales automation and lead generation, offering a user-friendly interface and compatibility with a wide range of platforms, including Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Gmail, and Outlook.


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Geared towards individuals and smaller-scale operations, Vocus specializes in multi-step cold email campaigns. It offers features for automating follow-ups and personalizing emails, which can be particularly beneficial for individual entrepreneurs or small sales teams.

Each of these platforms provides a unique set of features, catering to different aspects of sales engagement and management. Their specific functionalities, ranging from AI-driven analytics to comprehensive CRM integrations, make them viable alternatives to Salesloft, depending on the particular requirements of a sales team or organization.

Final Thoughts

Salesloft emerges as a versatile and comprehensive sales engagement platform, notable for its wide array of features tailored to enhance various stages of the sales cycle. Its capabilities range from prospecting and sales coaching to providing opportunity insights and optimizing workflows, making it a valuable tool for diverse sales roles. Though pricing details are not publicly listed, Salesloft offers multiple packages to suit different business needs.

For those seeking alternatives, platforms like Instantly, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, InsideSales (XANT), Groove, ClickPoint, Hubspot Sales Hub, Salesflare, Pipeline, and Vocus offer unique features, catering to different aspects of sales engagement and management. These alternatives provide a spectrum of solutions, from AI-driven analytics and comprehensive CRM integrations to specialized email marketing tools, addressing varied requirements of sales teams and organizations.

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