Venkel Ltd., an Equipment Manufacturer from Texas, Uses Salespanel to Streamline Customer Tracking

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Venkel Ltd., a leading B2B enterprise in the manufacturing sector, specializes in the production of essential printed circuit board components such as Capacitors, Resistors, and Inductors. With its headquarters located in Texas, USA, Venkel boasts over 35 years of industry experience. Despite its traditional offline business model, Venkel has adapted to the evolving market by embracing digital engagement strategies to meet the modern demands of digital sales. This strategic shift led Venkel to partner with Salespanel for its digital solutions.

Anand Venkatrao, Director of Business Development, was responsible for picking Salespanel as its web-tech solution provider.

Why Salespanel?

The decision to integrate Salespanel into Venkel Ltd.’s digital strategy was driven by a series of strategic needs identified by Anand and his team. These requirements were crucial for enhancing Venkel’s lead management processes, ensuring a more efficient and targeted approach to digital sales and customer relationship management. 

Here’s a quick look at why Salespanel was the chosen solution:

Lead Prioritization Through Lead Scoring

In the competitive landscape of B2B sales, efficiently managing and prioritizing leads is crucial. Venkel required a system that could accurately assess and score leads based on their potential value to the business. Salespanel offers automatic and rule-based scoring systems that prioritize leads from various marketing channels. 

Customized Setup

Venkel’s unique business model and specific operational requirements necessitated custom programming solutions. The off-the-shelf software solutions were insufficient for Venkel’s specialized needs. Salespanel stood out by offering the capability to develop tailored programming adjustments specifically for Venkel’s setup.

Immediate Lead Identification

The early identification of potential leads as they enter the sales funnel is critical for timely engagement. Venkel sought a solution that could not only track leads at the point of entry but also provide immediate insights into their potential value. Salespanel’s technology enables the swift identification of leads upon their interaction with Venkel’s digital assets. 

Seamless Integration with Salesforce

For Venkel, the ability to integrate tracking data with Salesforce CRM was a critical requirement. Salespanel’s highly functional integration with Salesforce meant that Venkel could automatically sync lead data and interactions into their CRM. 

Salespanel was selected by Venkel for its ability to provide a comprehensive solution tailored to their specific needs.


The implementation of Salespanel at Venkel Ltd. involved key steps:

  • Review and Team Onboarding: Anand reviewed Salespanel and onboarded his team on Salespanel’s application.
  • Custom Solution Development: Salespanel was tasked to develop a custom framework for their sales and marketing automation system, ensuring seamless integration with existing operations.
  • Lead Scoring Module Setup: A lead scoring module was established to prioritize leads based on engagement and potential value, enabling focused and effective engagement efforts.
  • Integration with Paperform and Salesforce CRM: Salespanel integrated with Paperform for lead capture and Salesforce CRM for data synchronization, automating lead management and enhancing the sales process.


The integration of Salespanel into Venkel Ltd.’s operations brought significant results, transforming the company’s approach to digital tracking and enhancing its sales and marketing strategies.

Seamless Lead Capture and Tracking

Salespanel enabled Venkel to develop a comprehensive system capable of capturing and tracking leads across various acquisition channels, including web-forms via Paperform. This system streamlined the process of collecting lead data and ensured that all relevant information was accurately captured and organized. By automating the flow of data to Salesforce CRM, Venkel could maintain a centralized database of lead information, facilitating easier access and analysis.

Superior Setup Compared to Competitors

Venkel observed that the overall setup provided by Salespanel with its integration with Hubspot was superior to those offered by other tools like Hubspot. The distinction was particularly noticeable in how Salespanel’s system accommodated Venkel’s unique requirements, offering flexibility and customization that traditional tools could not match. 

Delivery of Custom Programming Requirements

A significant advantage of partnering with Salespanel was its ability to meet Venkel’s specific programming requirements. As a managed solution provider, Salespanel offered a level of customization and technical support that traditional SaaS platforms typically do not provide. This capability was crucial for Venkel, as their unique operational needs demanded more than a one-size-fits-all solution. Salespanel’s services ensured that Venkel’s system was precisely aligned with their processes and goals.

Improved Lead Qualification and Data Integration

The implementation of lead scoring within the Salespanel system allowed Venkel to more effectively qualify leads based on their potential value and readiness to engage. This mechanism ensured that the sales team focused their efforts on leads most likely to convert, thereby increasing efficiency and improving conversion rates. 

Final Thoughts

Venkel Ltd.’s adoption of Salespanel significantly transformed its digital lead management strategy. This move, directed by Anand Venkatrao, was aimed at enhancing efficiency in managing its digital sales and marketing process. Salespanel was selected for its customizability, advanced lead scoring, swift lead identification, and seamless Salesforce integration, catering specifically to Venkel’s needs.

The implementation involved onboarding Venkel’s team, developing a custom framework, setting up lead scoring, and integrating with Paperform and Salesforce CRM. This approach ensured a seamless operational fit and maximized the efficiency of Venkel’s sales processes.

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