How Salespanel Helps Agile Coach, Sebastian Schneider, Acquire Clients Efficiently

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Sebastian Schneider is an agile coach from Germany who operates his business, Wertikalwerk GmbH. Based near Munich in Augsburg, Sebastian has guided organizations toward agility since 2005. A versatile mentor, Sebastian delivers tailored agile solutions, from lightweight processes to robust implementations.

Sebastian picked Salespanel to understand and effortlessly optimize user engagement on his website.

Why Was Salespanel Needed?

Sebastian required a robust tool to improve client acquisition and website optimization. His specific needs included:

  • Identifying which pages convert visitors into leads.
  • Gaining insights into how customers engage with the Wertikalwerk website.
  • Helping Sebastian optimize the website to increase conversion rates based on user interactions.

Implementation Strategy

The implementation of Salespanel at Wertikalwerk was straightforward and efficient. Key steps included:

  • Sebastian activated Salespanel by simply installing the tracking code on the Wertikalwerk website. He noted that the installation process was very easy.
  • Salespanel’s capability to automatically collect leads from forms without requiring additional integrations made the process seamless.


The implementation of Salespanel brought significant improvements to Wertikalwerk’s client acquisition and website optimization efforts:

  • Clear Understanding of Prospect Interactions: Sebastian gained a clear understanding of how every prospect interacts with the website.
  • Marketing Touchpoint Identification: Wertikalwerk can pinpoint specific marketing touchpoints that compel visitors to sign up.
  • Lead Data Enrichment: Wertikalwerk receives enrichment data for every lead that signs up through various acquisition forms without needing extra integrations.

Final Thoughts

Salespanel has significantly enhanced Sebastian’s ability to acquire clients efficiently and optimize his website’s performance. By utilizing Salespanel’s advanced tracking, lead enrichment, and data-driven insights, Sebastian has improved his marketing strategies and increased conversion rates. This showcases the ability of Salespanel to help small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs as much as it helps Enterprises.

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