Top 7 A1 Webstats Alternatives for 2023

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Identifying who is visiting your website is important for B2B businesses for the purposes of lead generation, firmographic reporting, lead qualification, and personalization. A1WebStats is one of the MANY SaaS providers that offer IP to company data.


However, every product comes with its own set of drawbacks. Some users tend to complain about not getting value for money, desiring better match rates, or wanting to explore alternative options with additional features. With so many A1WebStats alternatives available in the market that essentially do the same things, it is quite understandable.


If you are looking for an alternative to the software, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will explore five alternatives to A1WebStats that can help you better identify your ideal prospects among your website visitors and strengthen your marketing strategies to convert them into paying customers.


What is A1WebStats?

A1WebStats is a website analytics software that identifies companies visiting your website. It gives you a detailed breakdown of which pages they visited and tracks every visitor’s page-by-page movements in real time. The software uses a tracking code that needs to be inserted in your website to identify visitors, and then it sends out daily emails to you, detailing which organizations visited your online storefront the previous day.


Moreover, A1WebStats offers insights into why your website isn’t generating more inquiries or sales. The system also helps users identify visitors who ‘bounce’ from specific pages and alerts them of visits to designated pages, desired patterns, and irrelevant traffic when using the software.


There are primarily two ways that A1WebStats helps you generate more qualified leads from your website:

  • It provides you with the names of the companies visiting your website and monitors their page visits, thus, making it easy to understand what type of information they are interested in.
  • It helps you generate more qualified leads and boost sales by providing you insights into the aspects of your website that are underperforming and need optimization to attract the right kind of potential customers.


  • Tagging visitors
  • Filtered view of companies by country
  • Daily alerts from real-time website visitor tracking
  • User-friendly accurate reporting and analytics



A1WebStats is fairly affordable and its pricing compares well with its competitors. The software offers a 30-day free trial to its users, and if you want to continue using the tool afterwards, there are 3 different paid plans you can sign up for:


A1Starter Plan: £30 to £100 per month for 3000 to 20000 visitors.
A1Standard Plan: £40 to £110 per month for 3000 to 20000 visitors.
A1Plus Plan: £50 to £120 per month for 3000 to 20000 visitors.


The subscription model is grouped based on the number of website visitors on your website and the features you need. There is a separate pricing plan available for web success consultancy services. You can know more about it on their Pricing page.


Now, let’s check out seven alternatives software options to A1WebStats in the next section.


Top 7 A1WebStats Alternatives

The list given below highlights the top alternatives to A1WebStats, along with their features and pricing details.



Salespanel is a comprehensive visitor intelligence and data-driven marketing software that goes beyond merely identifying website visitors. It tracks visitors from their first to their last visit and leverages first-party data to help you generate and close deals more efficiently.


The software tracks website visitors in real-time, including individual prospects, businesses, and existing clients. Salespanel’s advanced deep tracking algorithm consolidates sessions even when a prospect goes cold for months and resurfaces. When a visitor provides their email address, the pre-existing anonymous session is merged with the new identified contact. Plus, this works across multiple domains that your business might have.


If you are looking solely for a IP-to-company data provider, you can take a trial and do a head to head comparison. But, Salespanel is ideally more suited to businesses who want to leverage first-party data and are preparing for the cookie-less server side tracking focused future.



  • IP to company identification with leading match rates.
  • Real-time website visitor tracking
  • Prepared for the future of tracking (Doesn’t use third-party cookies and can help businesses implement server-side tracking)
  • Customer journey tracking using engagement from all marketing touchpoints
  • Website triggers and personalization
  • Segmentation and lead scoring
  • Lead activity alerts
  • Seamless CRM synchronization of web visits and custom events
  • Visitor qualification API and website triggers



Salespanel offers a 14-day free trial on all of its paid plans, which include:


Basic Plan: $149 per month
Growth Plan: $499 per month
Scale Plan: Request a quote from the company



Google Analytics (4)

Google Analytics is great for tracking the general traffic inflow on your website, but it is challenging to track individual visitors and their page-by-page movements. However, Google Analytics is the most widely-used tool for web analytics and it is free. Therefore, we thought about covering how you can track website users separately using this tool. Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of Google Analytics and will be the default going forward.


For user tracking, you will need your website to have a login authentication system. If it does, then you can use the User ID tracking feature in Google Analytics to find out individual website visitor details.


Here’s how that works:

  • When a visitor visits your website, Google Analytics places a cookie on their computer and assigns them an anonymous ID. Under GA4, there is a dedicated report called “User Exploration”.
  • You can find that by looking under the “Exploration” section in your Google Analytics account.
  • Once you are there, select the template “User Explorer”.
  • You can then click through to examine the many interactions that each anonymous visitor had on your website, such as a view, event, purchase, or goal completion.


However, Google Analytics neither identifies companies for you, nor does it allow you to extract personally identifiable information about your visitors. Therefore, the product is a good fit for businesses that need web analytics but do not need data of individual leads.



  • Real-time reporting of website or app activities, user behavior, audience engagement, conversion patterns, monetization, ad clicks and much more
  • Visualization and funnel analysis
  • Website and campaign traffic monitoring
  • Custom dashboards
  • Keyword and third-party referrals tracking



Google Analytics 4 is free, but its enterprise offering, Analytics 360, starts at $50,000/year. This makes it a challenging purchase for businesses that need more than free data without support but cannot afford to pay such prices.



Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is one of the earliest players in the IP-to-Company data business. And for this reason, they have the goodwill of being the first mover. The data you get from Lead Forensics should be more or less similar to what you get from Leadfeeder. However, that does not translate to prices. Lead Forensics is pretty expensive for what it has on offer. With the early mover’s advantage, they were able to dictate the pricing on free will. Combine that with their hard-sales-focused strategy (according to their customers) and you would know how their model works. Not a bad tool by any means but not ‘value for money’ either!


If you want to reveal companies for sales outreach and don’t care about budget, you can use Leadforensics. And, if you want to work on visitors and proactively influence their customer journeys using their account and intent data, use Salespanel.



Pricing of Lead Forensics is on the higher side and start at over $400 per month (according to many sources). The pricing is not publicly available.




Matomo is an open-source web analytics platform that offers a range of useful features, while providing security and protecting the privacy of its users. This helps you learn how to develop your website and optimize it for conversion, in a safe way with 100% data ownership and maximum flexibility.


You can install the Matomo tracking code on your website with just a few clicks and securely track your visitors’ personal data in compliance with privacy laws.


Using Matomo, you can discover who your customers are and what they really need, not to mention, what content works and how engaged your audience is. You can also determine which marketing channels provide the highest ROI and make informed decisions about investing in the ones that support greater awareness and engagement. Matomo also helps you identify bottlenecks on your website that is causing it to underperform and fix them fore more qualified lead generation and higher conversion.



  • Campaign tracking and identification of visitor profiles.
  • Tag manager, segmentation, dashboards, transitions and export features.
  • Heatmaps, sessions recordings, form analytics, and funnel analysis.
  • Real-time reporting, report comparisons and sharing, visualizations and more.



  • Matomo is free for its On-Premise hosting option.
  • Matomo charges $20.69 per month for its Cloud hosting option. This is valid for 50000 monthly traffic hits. They provide a range of pricing options for upto a 100 million monthly traffic hits.



Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a leading web analytics platform that allows for real-time tracking of website metrics like user behavior and engagement and audience segmentation for multiple marketing channels.


Adobe Analytics has progressed beyond metrics like measuring website traffic and page views to become the industry’s premier web analytics tool, delivering more accurate customer insights faster than ever before by leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other advanced data analysis techniques.


Using Adobe Analytics, you can use insights to personalize and tailor experiences for your visitors. Adobe Analytics, along with Adobe Launch (the latest tag manager) enables you to collect data from numerous marketing channels, analyze it, and integrate it with other systems to meet end-to-end web analytics needs. For more digital marketing-focused needs, the Analytics Cloud is also tightly integrated with other Adobe solutions such as Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Advertising Cloud.



  • Unified customer and audience overviews to better understand individual visitors, audience segments and target prospect populations.
  • Powerful audience segmentation using AI and machine learning to discover missed leads and improve targeting.
  • Fallout, cohort and flow analysis to decipher traffic pattens and anomalies and elevate performance KPIs.
  • Accurate visualizations into engagement and conversion opportunities.
  • Tag management and easy sharing of data across teams.



Adobe Analytics offers three pricing plans: Select, Prime, and Ultimate. You need to separately request a quote from the company for your unique business needs and the solutions you require to serve them. The pricing would be on the higher side.



Leadfeeder (now Dealfront)

Leadfeeder is another software that helps you identify businesses that visit your website using IP reveal. The product used to specialize in this particular use case before merging with Echobot and being repackaged as Dealfront. Now positioned as a “go-to-market platform for Europe,” Dealfront has a significantly different market presence. Nonetheless, it was still important to mention them as one of the larger players in the market.



  • Lead identification
  • Lead scoring
  • Integrations
  • Reporting and analytics



Dealfront’s pricing starts at €199/month and goes up to €2999/month.




Plausible Analytics is a user-friendly, open-source, and lightweight (<1 kB) web analytics tracking software. It is privacy-friendly and requires no cookies or GDPR consent to extract web analytics data.


It has a real-time dashboard, where you can monitor the success of your paid campaigns and conversions. The dashboard can also be linked with Google Search Console, allowing for more streamlined business operations. You can even import historical data from Google’s Universal Analytics.


Plausible Analytics is easy to set up and integrates seamlessly with Ghost, WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. It has a built-in API which provides a simple approach to retrieve website metrics data, and forward or present them in various forms as desired. The software also allows customers to monitor traffic with monthly or weekly reports and receive real-time notifications about any hacking activities.



  • Multiple site management
  • Event and goal tracking
  • Campaign management
  • Filtered view of dashboard metrics
  • User interaction and time on site tracking
  • Report generation based on visitor behavior and engagement



Plausible Analytics offers a 30-day free trial. The paid plans start at $9 per month for 10,000 monthly page views. There are varied pricing plans for page views ranging up to 10 million and more.



Final Thoughts

In today’s competitive online landscape, businesses strive to acquire and retain more customers. In such a scenario, software that not only identifies website visitors but also utilizes first-party data to acquire customers more efficiently is invaluable.


The five tools mentioned above can be a great starting point for exploring alternatives to A1WebStats. However, you must first deeply understand your business goals and determine what your business needs most. Only then should you select the software that best serves your needs.


If you’re looking for a feature-rich yet easy-to-use website tracking software that helps you identify, track, and qualify leads with visitor intelligence for developing a robust data-driven marketing conversion strategy, check out Salespanel’s 14-day free trial today!

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