5 Powerful Tools Every Marketer Should Know and Leverage in 2021

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Too many tasks characterize the daily life of an average marketer. From shuffling to respond to your clients’ emails and keeping up with the audience successfully on social media to ensuring you post consistently on several platforms and so much more.


As interesting as being a marketer can be, it can be so much a burden when you have to do it all alone and manually too.


Thankfully, this is where marketing tools come to your rescue. Marketing tools simplify your work by automating most of your tasks for you, so you are never overwhelmed by too much work.


This article will introduce you to the five tools that can make your life easier as a marketer by helping you get more things done faster while relieving stress and improving your bottom line.


Let’s get right into it.


5 Tools to Power Up your Marketing

If you want to elevate your marketing, you need the right tools to help you get there. Below, we discuss the top five marketing tools you can start with to move your marketing game from where it is to where you want it to be.


1. Piktochart


A marketer sometimes also functions as a designer, for instance, when you want to design images on social media or create presentations for reports and review. Piktochart is an efficient designing tool to help you create the best infographics, reports, and presentations.


It helps you simplify your design processes so you can focus on your other duties as a marketer. You don’t have to be a pro at designing to make professional-looking graphics with Piktochart’s infographic maker.


You don’t even need to have any design experience to wow your audience with eye-catching designs that grab attention. Designing with Piktochart has been made simple for any level of design expertise, from novice to pro.


There are ready-to-use templates for you to work with. All you need to do is choose your preferred template from the many templates available, make a few tweaks, and your jaw-dropping design is ready in minutes.


If you lean towards the techy side, say you deal more with products and services that require explaining complex data, you don’t have to worry about simplifying what you have to say because Piktochart has you covered.


There are tons of unique features on Piktochart that help you simplify complex data into compelling and engaging presentations your audience can understand better.


The best part about the tool is that you can never run out of ideas of what to design because there is always a perfect image, template, or icon to illustrate your big idea.


You only have to browse from the variety of templates to get the inspiration you need.
Piktochart is your perfect go-to design tool to keep your audience from scrolling on their feed to focus and interact with your content. Again, if you are also trying to close more deals, Piktochart comes first in helping you create professional-looking presentations that get your clients to say YES.


2. Buffer



Buffer is an all-in-one social media management tool that helps you get it together on social media. You can schedule your post, publish your posts and integrate all your accounts on several social media platforms in one place.


One of Buffer’s major superpowers has to be its optimized scheduling features. This feature means you don’t have to be by your computer when you want to publish a post on your social media platforms during the day or at night.


Why? Because Buffer is there to publish your posts for you even when you are not there. So, if you want a post to be published on a particular social media platform or across several social media platforms, you will only have to choose the date and time, and your post will be published at that specified time.


Other than Buffer’s scheduling function, other super valuable features make your social media management duties a lot easier. For example, Pablo. Pablo is an image curator that lets you resize your images to suit the specifications of different social media platforms.


Buffer also has a fantastic analytics feature that gives you real-time updates of your progress on social media. For example, you can monitor the engagement and performance of your posts so you know which posts are doing well and which posts need improvement.


In the end, you become a better marketer who knows how to generate better engagement through improved content creation.


3. Slack


You need Slack if you are looking for an easier, more collaborative way to communicate with your marketing team. Slack is an online messaging software that lets you discuss projects, plans and collaborate with your team.


Whether you work on-site or remotely, Slack is the best way to bring your team together regardless of wherever they are. It works with Windows, iOS, Android, and MAC OS, and you can synchronize it with multiple other devices when you need to.


One of the best features of Slack is its integrative function. You can link your favorite applications to collaborate better with your clients and team. From Google Drive to Trello to Docs, there is an endless number of the software you can integrate.


Slack enables you to decide the type of collaborative atmosphere you want to set. For example, you can make the mood lighthearted while staying professional with exciting features like GIFs and emojis.


Collaborating and communicating with Slack is instant and seamless; its user interface is straightforward to use, so you can easily carry your clients and team along with projects you are working on.


4. HubSpot Email Marketing Software


When you acquire leads through your inbound channels, you need to nurture them to convert them to customers. The way to go about this is to use an efficient email marketing tool that keeps your leads engaged.


HubSpot Email Marketing Software helps you create engaging emails that convert. But, it doesn’t stop at that. It comes with some powerful CRM tools that give you insights into your email marketing efforts as well.


HubSpot Email Marketing Software keeps your click rate and response rate high through personalized email marketing. It is also equipped with a drag and drop editor that lets you design and customize your emails to suit your audience.


It offers a scheduling feature that lets you focus on other essential tasks after scheduling your posts in advance. Simply queue up your posts, and you can be sure they will be delivered when you need them to be.


5. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is a powerful marketing tool to optimize your SEO strategy. It comes with functional features that help you perform excellently online.


For example, you can optimize your website for higher rankings on Google with the Ahrefs Site Audit or research the right keywords for your content with Ahrefs Keywords Explorer. You can also monitor your Google ranking with its Rank Tracker.


These functionalities serve as a guide to show you where you need to channel your marketing efforts to increase your visibility and boost your sales conversions. If you want to gain actionable insights to review and improve your marketing strategy, then Ahrefs is the tool you need.


How marketing tools help you grow as a marketer



Marketing tools help facilitate your growth as a marketer in the following ways:


1. They automate your tasks to increase your productivity

Your ability to get more things done as a marketer goes a long way in boosting your career growth.


However, getting things done manually will slow you down and reduce your output. This is where marketing tools come in.


With marketing tools, you can automate many processes, that will increase your productivity and boost your output and growth as an individual or a company.


2. They keep you consistent

Consistency is critical in marketing; you have to always be there, to show up for your clients and audience. But having to do many things by yourself will make it difficult to consistently be there for your customers and audience when they need you.


Marketing tools help you stay consistent in terms of helping you schedule your posts and emails. Some marketing tools also have autoresponders that keep your clients and audience engaged when you aren’t available.


3. They keep you professional

Marketing tools work to keep you professional with your marketing efforts.
For example, marketing tools like Piktochart help you create your reports, presentations, and graphics professionally. While Slack helps you stay organized to collaborate with your team and clients like a pro.


By staying professional, you can work better to deliver excellent results consistently and build your customers’ confidence and trust in your business.



As a marketer, there are countless tasks you need to accomplish every day. Whether you are a social media manager, an SEO expert, a designer, or into other marketing roles, this article contains the top five tools you need to work more efficiently.


Start exploring these simple-to-use yet powerful tools now to level up your marketing game.

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