Avoid Getting Locked Into Any Product’s Ecosystem And Create the Best Customer Acquisition System With Pluggable Economics

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If you have an iPhone, you might want to use an Airpod since it makes for a seamless experience. You might have liked another set of headphones better, but the convenience of being in a hassle-free ecosystem precedes your will for a better pair of headphones. And why would it Read more…


[Marketing Handbook] Unfair ROI Advantage for Proactive Marketers with Visitor Intelligence

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Marketers of the digital age have started to utilize data to up their marketing game. But, are all of them proactive marketers? Can data be leveraged to make real-time decisions that significantly affect the marketing outcome?   Proactive marketing is a system where marketers analyze data and take quick decisions Read more…

Lead Scoring and Qualification

[Marketing Handbook] Automate the SAAS Buying Process in a Freemium Model and Push The Right Customers for Upgrades

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The SAAS industry has rapidly moved to the freemium model. Even if there isn’t a Lite/Free Plan, there is always a free trial of some sort. We know that the freemium strategy usually means a pricing model that has a permanent free plan but for this article, we will consider Read more…


[Marketing Handbook] Campaign Monitoring and B2B Advertising

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B2B Marketers run several types of campaigns across different customer engagement and advertising platforms. Each campaign brings several different dynamics to the table. The biggest challenge marketers have is scrutinizing data to optimize customer acquisition costs and connecting campaigns with revenue.     The difference with B2C B2C sales cycles Read more…