Lead Scoring and Qualification

[Marketing Handbook] Automate the SAAS Buying Process in a Freemium Model and Push The Right Customers for Upgrades

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The SAAS industry has rapidly moved to the freemium model. Even if there isn’t a Lite/Free Plan, there is always a free trial of some sort. We know that the freemium strategy usually means a pricing model that has a permanent free plan but for this article, we will consider Read more…

Lead Scoring and Qualification

Product Qualified Leads: Are they as important as MQLs and SQLs for SAAS businesses?

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  The traditional B2B marketing process has a very simple funnel system. Leads are acquired, they are then ‘marketing qualified’ and pushed to sales. Sales then does their vetting and ‘sales qualifies’ the leads before closing the deal. That’s it. But, SAAS companies have another item on their plate that Read more…

Lead Scoring and Qualification

Use Page Visit Duration and Deep Referrer Tracking to Get the Extra Information Needed to Understand Buyer Intent and Qualify Leads

Understanding lead intent is one of the most important things in the qualification process. Just tracking activities was not enough. There is a stark contrast between a lead who spent 30 minutes on carefully reading your documentation and a lead who skimmed through everything in 30 seconds. To give our Read more…