How Site Builders Impact Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital marketing utilizes online media to promote a business for it to be accessible through computers and mobile devices. The goal is to distribute the brand message through various areas of the Internet, including search engines, websites, social media, and more. Business owners turn to site builders to ensure visitors can get a good user experience from their websites. But, in what ways exactly? These are:


1. Ease Of Use Allow Focus On Marketing Efforts

While your digital marketing strategy requires careful considerations due to many areas of the Internet that you can use, site builders offer a drag-and-drop technology that’s easy to use.


You don’t have to graduate from a specific course to learn to use site builders. They have beginner and user-friendly interfaces that allow ordinary users to input text, upload videos or images quickly, and move elements around using the mouse.


Website builders aren’t just for those who can code or create programs anymore. It’s essential that building a website is easy so that business owners can focus on digital marketing strategies, from content creation, to marketing and advertising at various platforms.


2. Help Track Visitors

Website builders often have apps or plugins that help track visitors or contribute to visitor forensics. It pertains to the analysis of visitor data that goes through your website. It’s a method businesses can use to track behaviors on their websites and other online platforms. It’s beneficial with B2B looking to retain customers and increase sales.


You can apply these visitor trackers to help you adjust your marketing strategies accordingly. Knowing what customers want helps you create a plan that you can use to improve your website and your advertising efforts on various platforms. Site builders can use multiple applications from different developers or vendors. It’s only a matter of testing to find out which helps your website better.


3. Affordability Saves Budget For Assets

Digital marketing strategies require the use of various assets: image and video content, brand logos, social media profiles, blog posts, ebooks, reviews, and more. The production of some of these assets may require a budget, especially if you need to use specific paid software or hire professionals to do the job for you. These can cost from USD$3,000 to USD$4,000.


But, some small businesses may not have enough capital to hire the right people. That’s why they start with website builders that cost up to USD$40 per month only. Some builders also allow the business owner to host their website for free. With an easy-to-maintain webpage, you can use your budget more to expand your digital marketing efforts if needed.


You can create a website builder comparison and see which one can offer you the best features and pricing.


4. More Control Over Customization

You can ask a professional to work on your website if you have enough budget for it. But, you’d likely have to go back and forth with the person making your website if they couldn’t express your brand message the way you want them to. You could be wasting your time and possibly your budget if the web designer charges you per hour.


Using a website builder allows you to decide on a specific theme, color, fonts, and where you want to place images or videos. Most site builders are easy to use, and they come with tutorials from developers and users themselves. You also control the atmosphere you want to take on depending on your business. The customization that comes with site builders gives you the freedom to make it your own, at the pace you want.


Site builders also give you a choice to edit your website using any device. They’re Internet-based, so the builders host the files filled with your digital marketing assets. It means that their servers keep your content intact instead of your computer.


5. Integration Of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a known method that helps place web pages or websites at the top page results of search engines. Using the best SEO practices, such as link building and putting keywords, makes it easier for your target market to find your website quickly. SEO influences search engines to find your website and feature it on the search engine results pages (SERPs).


Website builders use an SEO plugin that analyzes and optimizes content. It helps improve readability, monitors the age of the content for timely updates, and sets indexing options through meta tags, among others.


These plugins are beneficial because they help the average website creator to make use of SEO through a guide that’s easy to understand. When you want to focus on increasing visibility through SEO as a part of the digital marketing strategy, the application walks you through the process in a suitable manner for beginners.


6. Ensure Site Speed For UX

You can have the best digital marketing strategy, but if your website is loading slow, the visitor won’t see much of your efforts. Site speed has so much to do with conversions, and about 47% of users expect websites to load no more than two seconds. Anything past that, and 40% of site visitors will leave. That alone, and you lose almost half of your site guests before your content fully loads.


There are ways to improve the speed of your websites, such as lowering HTTP requests, combining files, asynchronous loading of JavaScript and CSS, and much more.


With a website builder, you can also optimize images and videos to improve the performance of your website.


  • Use Alt attributes on both images and videos. It also adds SEO value to your marketing assets.
  • Lessen the file size of your images. There are site builders that allow you to edit the pictures.
  • Use JPEG, GIF, and PNG files, but only depending on the purpose of the images. JPEG files appear the best, even at smaller file sizes. If you’re using large product images, avoid PNG files. If you’re left with PNG as an alternative, make sure to use PNG-8 or PNG-24.
  • If you feel it’s necessary, adjust the width and height of your video. There are site builders that allow you to manipulate the video dimensions.


7. Access To Ready-Made Stock Assets

If you’re hiring a graphics designer for the images you’ll use, you’re spending more money than you should. Budgeting is also essential, and you don’t need to pay another person to get great images to use for content.


Site builders will have stock-free photos ready at their disposal. There’s no need to hire professionals that’ll deduct a significant amount from your funding. These builders will already have an expansive database of assets suitable to your content and business.


You can use these images for your static and landing pages to attract page visitors. The best thing about these photos is that you don’t need to drop by outside other stock-free image websites. What you need is likely in these website builders already.


8. It’s Easy To Incorporate eCommerce

Showcasing products or services is more straightforward with website builders that offer themes and templates for you to choose from. Thus, you can have an eCommerce store ready within 24 hours, even if you don’t have experience. They also have many tools that could help create a gallery of photos and categorize your product line.


You can link your store to various platforms to get the word out for your business. You can also use social media platforms to create a community page where your customers can read posts and invite other people to introduce your business to them.


Some platforms will have mapping tools to place your business address so that people within the area can find you.


9. Simplify Website Maintenance

It’s essential to be aware that your marketing strategy may work now, but things may be different the following week. Updating your plan also means keeping your website updated with your newly found data. Customer behavior may change, and you’ll have to create new content in place of the old ones. It can be taxing and expensive if you’re paying for someone else to maintain your website.


That’s not the case when you’re using the website builder yourself. Knowing that you’re responsible for its best practices, you can see what needs to improve, what apps to remove and try, which images and videos need to be optimized, and more. Using analytics and reporting tools can help you boost the performance of your website.


Website builders have various tools to help keep your website fresh and informational. Neglecting your websites is one of the fastest ways to lose customers. If they can’t see what you have to offer, your business is as good as done for.



Website builders have been a game-changer for business owners who want to boost their sales through visibility and engagement. These platforms have the tools to help those with no programming knowledge with beginner-friendly interfaces and tools. They provide affordable solutions for your marketing efforts so you can put your concentration into it without stressing so much about building the website.

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