Scoring Leads from Mailchimp and Other Newsletter Software

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With the emergence of the internet, marketers have found their new king: content marketing. Content marketing is the most effective digital marketing strategy and most top tier B2B businesses have adopted it. Businesses create content like ebooks, blog posts in order to reach to a defined audience and bring traffic from social media and search engine rankings. The content then serves for generating leads at the top of the funnel by making them opt-in to a mailing list. Even after a lead becomes a customer, they are constantly sent relevant content through emails to continuously provide value. Newsletters are also used to upsell to existing customers.

The problem with leads coming from content marketing is that they are not very well defined and qualified at first. All sorts of people read your content and not everyone is a good fit for your product. If you look at Hubspot for example, they produce a ton of content on a variety of topics. Many of their subscribers probably would never use Hubspot in their lifetime. How do you find leads with buying intent from your large subscriber database? A need for lead qualification and segmentation arises to solve this problem. Also, if your content addresses multiple topics and use cases, it is important to send the right content to the right subscribers. Subscribers who are not sales-ready yet need to be identified and nurtured.


Scoring Email Subscribers


Salespanel can capture, enrich and track subscribers from all popular email marketing software including Mailchimp. All you need to do is convert call to action URLs from your emails to Salespanel trackable URLs. This can be done quite easily in no time. Once a subscriber clicks an email, they are captured and tracked. Salespanel automatically enriches their profile with data like job role, company, social media profiles, etc. You can use this data along with their activity information to score them.
A lead scoring framework needs to be created based on your Ideal Customer Profile. What characteristics do you want your subscribers to have to consider them qualified? How much weightage do you set on profile and behavioral attributes? For example, a subscriber making an enquiry about your product or signing up for a free trial or checking out your pricing can be considered good indicators. These subscribers can be given positive scores based on how important the action is for you. A subscriber having profile attributes that match your desired customers can also get positive scores. When a lead passes a threshold, they can be automatically exported to your CRM for the selling process to begin. Leads who don’t have the minimum score are nurtured further.



Segmenting Subscribers to Serve Relevant Content


Like we mentioned before, different leads have different motivations. This is especially relevant if you sell multiple products or if your product has different use cases. Showing relevant content is what will catch the attention of your subscribers. The content that resonates with a developer might not resonate with a marketer. For a website building product, marketing people might be interested in user-friendly drag and drop editors, lead magnet creators, etc. while developers can be interested in the backend advanced HTML/CSS related features. Salespanel helps you show the right content to the right people with Zapier. When a lead qualifies for a segment, they will automatically be added to relevant email campaigns as they move through your funnel.


Converting the Leads


Once a lead passes the qualification threshold and is deemed sales-ready, they can be passed on to the sales team. Salespanel empowers your sales team with all the data they need to close the deal. Salespanel notifies your salespeople when leads are active which helps them time their email follow-ups with precision. Salespanel also tracks when a lead opens a sales email or clicks a link in it.

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