Electric Vehicle Developer, E-Tron, Uses Salespanel to Generate and Track Leads From Their Digital Campaigns

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Founded in 1993, E-Tron is a prominent distributor and developer of professional electric vehicles. Operating out of Sweden, the company has established itself as a nationwide service partner for major government transport and logistic organizations like POSTNORD. Despite having its roots in service and repairs, E-Tron has grown as a leader of R&D in this space.

To enhance their lead generation capabilities, E-Tron sought a product that could effectively identify leads and monitor their interactions on the website. This initiative was led by Andreas Magnusson, Marketing Manager at E-Tron.

Why Salespanel?

E-Tron needed a robust solution to identify and manage accounts visiting their website. While many visitor identification tools were available, E-Tron required a solution that can:

  • Accurately identify accounts and visitors interacting with their website.
  • Do more than just identifying accounts visiting the website.
  • Continue tracking customer journeys after account deanonymization, capturing leads through form submissions or demo bookings.
  • Segment leads based on their specific requirements and behaviors was crucial for targeted marketing efforts.

Implementation Strategy

The implementation of Salespanel at E-Tron was smooth and efficient, enabling the company to quickly begin capturing and utilizing valuable data. E-Tron needed three things set up:

  • Tracking Code: Andreas installed the Salespanel tracking code on the E-Tron website, which immediately started capturing visitor data.
  • Team Onboarding: Andreas onboarded his colleagues at E-Tron, ensuring that the entire team was familiar with the functionalities and benefits of Salespanel.
  • Segmentation: The team set up segmentation protocols to differentiate leads based on their browsing behavior and intent, enhancing their ability to target and engage potential customers effectively.


The integration of Salespanel brought several notable improvements to E-Tron’s marketing and lead management processes:

  • Account Deanonymization With High Match Rates: Salespanel enabled E-Tron to identify companies visiting their website even if the visitors did not fill out a form. This provided a valuable list of prospects that the company could proactively engage with.
  • Automatic Lead Capture: Salespanel seamlessly captured leads when visitors signed up through forms, live chat, or demo scheduling software without requiring additional integrations. This streamlined the process of tracking the customer journey.
  • Engagement Insights: With Salespanel, E-Tron gained insights into how their target audience interacted with their website post-campaign or newsletter distribution. This information was critical in refining their marketing strategies and improving engagement.

Final Thoughts

Salespanel has greatly improved E-Tron’s ability to generate and track leads from their digital campaigns. By utilizing Salespanel’s advanced identification, tracking, and segmentation features, E-Tron has enhanced its marketing efficiency and effectiveness. This integration underscores the importance of sophisticated, data-driven tools in driving success in the competitive electric vehicle industry.

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