Industrial Equipment Manufacturer, SoftGripping, Uses Salespanel to Enhance Lead Tracking and Sales Communications

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SoftGripping is an industrial equipment manufacturer based in Hamburg, Germany. The company specializes in the development and production of innovative elastic grippers for material handling.

To track customer interactions on their website and use the data for sales communications, SoftGripping turned to Salespanel, with the initiative led by Alexey Stepanyuk, CTO at SoftGripping.

The Problem

SoftGripping needed a comprehensive solution to understand lead motivation and gather insights on the interests of their leads. Their specific requirements included:

  • Understanding what products and services leads were interested in.
  • Collecting leads from forms across different channels and aggregating them in one place.
  • Identifying how customers engaged with newsletters.
  • Enriching leads who signed up without requiring too many fields on their webforms.
  • Syncing all collected data with Pipedrive CRM for sales reps to access and utilize.

Implementation Strategy

The implementation of Salespanel at SoftGripping was smooth and efficient, enabling the company to quickly capture and use valuable data. Key steps included:

  • SoftGripping installed the Salespanel tracking code on their website, which began capturing visitor data immediately.
  • Pipedrive CRM and Newsletter integration were set up with a few clicks, streamlining the data flow.
  • No integrations were needed to capture leads from forms as Salespanel does this automatically.


The addition of Salespanel brought significant improvements to SoftGripping’s lead tracking and sales communication processes:

  • Comprehensive Lead Insights: Salespanel provided crucial information about leads and accounts visiting SoftGripping’s website, beyond mere statistical analysis.
  • Automatic Lead Capture: SoftGripping could automatically capture leads from various channels like webforms, live chatbots, and newsletters, and aggregate their data without needing extra integrations.
  • Customer Journey Tracking: SoftGripping could track the journeys of every lead and account from their website, providing a complete view of customer interactions.
  • Predicting Buying Intent: Sales reps at SoftGripping could predict buying intent by studying customer interactions, giving them a strategic advantage in conversations with prospects.
  • Great Support: SoftGripping is pleased by the support Salespanel has offered.

Final Thoughts

Salespanel has significantly enhanced SoftGripping’s ability to track leads and improve sales communications. By utilizing Salespanel’s advanced tracking, lead enrichment, and data synchronization features, SoftGripping has streamlined its sales processes and gained deeper insights into customer behaviors. This integration underscores the importance of sophisticated, data-driven tools in driving success in the industrial equipment manufacturing sector.

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