7 Creative Lead Generation Ideas For MSPs And IT Support Firms

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Whether your entity is a business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C), there might be no shortcuts to boosting your profits except by stepping up your lead generation efforts. Unless you have visitors to your website, you might not be able to see the anticipated business growth you envision. Remember, it is simply a game of numbers, the more leads you have, the better for your business.


In that light, businesses such as managed service providers (MSPs) and IT support firms, mainly B2B, need to learn relevant strategies for lead generation they should use to market their services to other businesses. Outsourcing is a common way of running business processes in every city globally.


If your goal is to generate leads in the MSP or IT support sector, here are proven strategies that can help you level up:


1. Optimize Your Landing Pages

The landing page is the first place of contact when your leads click a link on your ad during your digital marketing campaign. As a result, you’ve got to invest heavily in designing your landing page to ensure that it appeals to your visitors. Ensure that your landing page is optimized with appealing colors. In that light, your landing page colors should match your business’s theme colors, which makes your products distinct from your competitors. If you’re launching your MSP or IT support company, choose your business colors wisely.


Moreover, ensure that you use a mix of written content and pictures on the landing page. Additionally, your copy must be clear and straight to the point. Employ the appropriate font and color in your copy. Your product copy should be readable without straining the eye. Visibility is key.


Another aspect that you should emphasize when creating your landing page is the user experience of mobile users. In that case, optimize your landing page to provide a fantastic browsing experience to your target audience using mobile devices.


Page loading time is a critical aspect that several business owners tend to overlook. As for you, do your best to avoid such a mistake. A loading time of fewer than 0.3 seconds is ideal for good browsing.


At the same time, provide relevant information on your landing page which aligns with your marketing campaigns. Let your visitors find the product they need on the landing page to take the desired step on the call-to-action (CTA).



2. Schedule Webinars

Apart from optimizing your landing page, IT and MSP lead generation ideas can take the form of webinars. It’s an excellent strategy your IT support firm or your MSP can use to boost the number of leads for your business. In that light, you may incorporate the marketing of your webinar in your digital marketing campaign on your website, email marketing efforts, and your ads.


Whether on your ads, website, or email marketing, include a link that might be in the form of a CTA for your target audience to register for the webinar. Regularly remind your audience through messages about the upcoming webinar.


A webinar is practical when you plan to roll out a new service onto the market. For IT support companies, technology is constantly evolving. As a result, when you have an IT solution to a challenge faced by your target audience, you may organize a webinar to tell them what it’s all about. Technology is a field in which many people have no current information unless they are kept updated.


Therefore, organize webinars on diverse topics but keep them relevant to your target audience. During the webinar, ensure that you address your audience’s pain points. Your audience should have understood your product clearly by the time your webinar is over. Thus, use an expert who can present facts to your audience. A practical webinar can easily convert the audience into potential customers. Therefore, direct your audience to your website, where they can find your products.



3. Leverage Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the successful strategies business owners opt for to generate business leads. It’s a strategy that works for any business, including MSPs and IT support companies. When looking for an influencer, you need to identify someone with a large following on their social media accounts. For instance, celebrities like musicians, footballers, and prominent politicians tend to have many people following them. Besides, you can also use bloggers to advertise to their audience.


In addition, their followers are people who actively interact with their content. In that effect, you can rest assured that when you use an influencer for marketing your products, you get quality interaction from their mass following. As a result, you’re likely to have leads to your website from some of their followers.


Here is a pro tip for you; ensure that you have a link in the content you post on the influencer’s social media page. Leads will use that link to visit your website or landing page. In addition, verify the authenticity of the influencer’s following. Sadly, some influencers use fake followers. In that case, bots might interact with their content in terms of likes and comments. It would help if you had someone with an authentic and active following.


Moreover, if you can get an influencer who is in your niche, you can expect better results with the advantage of a relevant audience.



4. Begin A Referral Program

Referrals can work wonders in your quest for leads. Using your current customers is the best way to leverage a referral program. Your customers can refer their family or friends they know, who may need your products. However, before they can make a referral, they must first be satisfied with your product.


To create enthusiasm for the program, you can offer incentives for every successful sale after a referral. It helps your partners in the program actively search for leads. Make the case a win-win.


Apart from using your customers, you may also encourage your employees to participate in the program and offer them similar incentives to motivate them to bring referrals.


5. Leverage Podcasts

The power of podcasts in boosting the numbers of visitors to your MSP or IT support firm can’t be overlooked. In that light, record some digital audio files and make them readily accessible on the internet for your target audience to download. In your podcast, you can select a service that your company is offering to record an episode concerning it.


During the conversation, ensure that you use experts who can clearly articulate the importance of the service to the target audience. In addition, you can share some of the success stories of your clients who have benefited from your services. Success stories help in boosting your persuasive power toward your potential customers. If you’re partnering with well-known brands in the market, revealing them to your listeners might also help build more trust and confidence in your target audience.


Finally, remember that your goal is to generate leads for your business. Therefore, ensure you inform your listeners how they can contact your business online by giving them your website. That is the call to action that you can’t afford to miss.


6. Try Video Content Marketing

Digital marketing takes several forms. And, video marketing is key and a leading strategy. Establish a dynamic and talented team for creating your marketing videos. Apart from having a capable team, it would also help if you had cutting-edge video shooting equipment. Your cameras must have a high-resolution capability that offers the best video clarity. Moreover, capture your video clips at strategic places that illustrate what you’re offering to your target audience.


For MSPs and IT support firms, you may try to capture your videos while doing some complex projects for your clients. It helps in giving your audience an idea of what they can expect from you. In addition, let some of those clients share their testimonials. Testimonials can easily attract other customers.


Before finishing your video, remember that you need a CTA that invites your target audience to your website. If you’ve certain offers attached to your service, mention them. Finally, share your video on popular social media platforms or through your influencers.


7. Consider Blogging

Perhaps blogging is something you can’t do without, regardless of the nature of the MSP or IT support firm you have. Thus, start a blogging section on your website if you’ve not been doing so. However, ensure that your written content is well researched and edited. In that light, it’d make it informative and educational, answering the pain points of your target audience. In your content, have a link that leads to your landing page.


Apart from blogging on your website, you may also consider guest blogging. Guest blogging helps you broaden your audience base by using your host’s audience. Ensure that you have inserted outbound links on your guest posts that lead your visitors to your website or landing page. If guest posting is well optimized, it has the potential to level up your leads in a short turnaround time.


Here is a pro tip: Take advantage of high-ranking websites for your guest posts. In addition, be consistent in your blogging efforts. Using sites with similar services improves your blog’s visibility. Finally, ensure that your content is well optimized using SEO strategies for ranking in search results.


Final Thoughts

Leads, especially in digital marketing, are the doorway to getting potential customers. In effect, you need to strategize how to implement strategies to level up your business leads. Hopefully, with the techniques listed in this article, you can now create a successful strategy for your business.

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