Businesses Rely on Data. Here is Why You Need a 360-Degree View Of Leads.

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For businesses, it is crucial to understand and empathize with leads and customers to sell efficiently and have great customer relationships. If there is one thing that is important for all businesses, it’s data. Marketing teams need data to analyze results of their campaigns and find out if leads align with ideal customer profiles. Sales teams need data to understand leads and their motivations and turn them into customers. Customer success teams need customer behavior data to retain customers and reduce churn.

To understand a customer’s life cycle, these questions need to be answered:

  • Who are the leads? Where are they from? What do they do?
  • How did they find the product?
  • Do they resemble ideal customer profiles?
  • Is the lead engaging with the marketing material?
  • What is the lead exactly looking for?
  • Is a customer actively engaging with the product?
  • Which customers have a high probability of churning?

We designed Salespanel to provide a complete 360-degree view of leads and customers and answer these questions. And, all of the data is effortlessly made available under one dashboard.


For Marketing Teams


Marketing teams focus on lead generation, nurturing and qualification. Marketers run campaigns on different channels. Gathering every lead and their data can be tedious. Salespanel captures leads from the tracked website and records where leads came from.

Not all leads are equal. With time and resources being finite, it is important to find out if acquired leads match your desired customer profiles. Marketers can segment leads based on customer profile information and activity data collected by Salespanel. They can also set up advanced lead scoring rules. A workflow can be set up to export qualified leads to a CRM.

Marketers can also set up workflows where unqualified leads are automatically exported to an email marketing tool for nurturing.



For Sales Teams


Most effective sales teams study their leads before they start pursuing them. Understanding leads helps them understand their pain points and empathize with them. It is always important for them to know what a lead’s job to be done (JTBD) is. Salespanel helps sales teams know who their leads are and what they are looking for. Not all leads are trying to solve the same problem. Different customers have different requirements. The data plays an important role in the sales qualification process and helps sales teams provide value to their customers.

We heavily emphasize the fact that in sales, timing is key. A study has shown that leads are 400 times more likely to qualify if you follow up within 5 minutes of their visit. Salespanel sends instant alerts to sales reps when a lead is identified or when they actively engage with the website. This helps them quickly follow-up and strike up the sales conversation. Sales teams can also create regional feeds and share leads with team members to divide the load and follow up faster.



For Customer Success Teams


Once a lead is converted into a customer, it is important to retain them. For a lot of companies, retaining old high-quality customers is more valuable than generating new customers. Actively monitoring customers that are drifting away from the product and reproducing value for them is done to avoid churn and increase customer lifetime value (CLV). Salespanel helps businesses identify customers who have gone cold or have low engagement rate and re-engage with them before it’s too late.



Overall, Salespanel provides a complete 360-degree view of leads by showing who the leads are, where they came from and what they did on your website. Salespanel is a pluggable software that integrates with other sales and marketing tools to provide a seamless customer management experience.

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