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In this year 2020, we have been working on some important features and I wanted to share a few things with our customers and readers.

When we started working on Salespanel, the purpose was to create a simple lead web tracking tool as a value-added service to CRMs like Pipedrive. As we went along the path, we were amazed by the feedback we received from our early customers. They saw multiple use cases and wanted to complete different workflows with our product, all of which were based around the core analytics engine. At Salespanel we believe in having a robust product first that caters to a clear need and once that’s complete, we take feedback and improve on things. For the past year and a half, this has kept us really really busy. We had features to complete, we had inbound leads to talk to, we had to understand different scenarios. We were amazed by finding a variety of customers who wanted to do different things with the same tool.

Salespanel, now as an inbound lead intelligence tool, opens up such many use cases. Salespanel is based on its own analytics engine. It was an informed decision from the beginning and it was also a trade-off because it meant we had a lot of catching up work to do on building an analytics engine, and we did it. Recently there has been a blast on data-driven marketing workflows. Among the existing technologies, we think of us as a specialist who wants to help marketing and sales teams qualify their inbound leads when leads land on the website as visitors and when they become contacts and moves up through the funnel.

About the product:

– We want to make it easy to use.

– We want to make it accessible to all kinds of businesses.

It’s been challenging for us to document everything but we have been blessed with a great pool of customers who understood what we are up to and bought our vision even when we were not feature complete. We have arrived at a spot where we can now communicate on the bigger picture and are working on major pivotal updates that will bring it all together.

Visiting Company Data

We have released a major data update for all of our customers and new trial users this week. This update will let you detect more visiting companies. The efficiency of companies detected will increase in the range of 10 – 40% depending on your traffic. We have been working on it for a while as it will allow us to qualify anonymous visitors in real-time. If you are already subscribed to a plan, your existing data is upgraded to the new system. You can take an export of this data, it included all leads from your past traffic!

Important: If you already have tried out Salespanel in the past and want to check it out again, please get in touch with us, we would help you to provide you a free one-week extension.

What we are looking forward to

– Next in this series is real-time 2-way data sync to CRMs like Pipedrive that will not only bring data from marketing to sales but also bring data from sales back to marketing. We will discuss more about use cases that are completed by this in the upcoming weeks.

– Salespanel Feeds will get a new look and will be renamed to “Segments”. We are adding new features to segments that will also be connected to Salespanel SDK. Every segment will remain connected to your website in real-time and if you want to perform any kind of qualification activity on that segment, for example, adding visitors to an audience, it will be possible and open up a plethora of use cases. We are working on a better help academy that will show you how to do it. Using this technology you will be able to use low-cost customer acquisition sources, like Facebook ads and create lookalike qualified audiences at very marginal values. Other use cases like personalizing the website, sending leads to different funnels depending on the lead score, will also be possible.

– We will release a new support desk. It will cover a variety of guide material for the sales and marketing teams. The primary purpose is to educate them around available workflows and how Salespanel can fit in.

It cannot be done without your feedback and support. Please let us know if you want to share things with us.

If you are liking what we are doing, please help us spread the word. If you know another business that can benefit from our services, please recommend our product. We will be launching a referral program for our existing customers soon. Meanwhile, if you are interested in doing business with us, do get in touch with us.

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