Salespanel’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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As we face this tough challenge, I am writing this update on behalf of Salespanel’s team. A pandemic on a scale like this happens once in a lifetime and as such uncertainty and fear is echoing throughout the world. Every one of us, whether it’s us at Salespanel or our customers across the world are fighting this in their own ways. This is a tough time for everyone both in terms of personal well being as well as business health.

At Salespanel, our primary goal right now is to ensure the safety of our team while continuing to provide the level of service that you expect from us.


COVID-19 Response

Salespanel team is now working from home and is fully operational. We are committed to providing you the support you deserve. In that regard, it is business as usual for us.
During this period, we are deeply thinking about our product positioning and understanding what more solutions we can provide. So, you will be finding that Salespanel will be improving continuously.

Isaac Newton landed on wonderful discoveries during his isolation during the great plague . Under the code name ‘Project Isaac’ we have started spending more time on top features in demand from our customers during the isolation. Recently we launched our two-way sync feature with Pipedrive. We are currently on our way to launching a new version of Salespanel feeds ( Segments ), reporting screens for every segment, a simple tool to monitor your account-based marketing campaigns and many more enhancements. If you have any thoughts to share with us, we are happy to listen.


Customer Success

We are committed to providing uninterrupted support and operational support to our customers during this tough time. We have been extending trials for businesses that are distracted currently and want more time to evaluate things. This tough time provided us with an opportunity to truly connect with our customers and understand their challenges. As a bootstrapped business we are proud to be able to constantly add efforts to the continuous development of existing agendas we have been working on. We are here and will be around whenever you want to take things further.


Mental Health and Business Effect

It is easy for fear and uncertainty to get to everyone as we spend days in quarantine while consuming information about the pandemic. Within our company, we engage in fun little conversations where we talk about current affairs, movies, TV, video games, and also joke around.

Image grab from a Webspdy team meeting

The pandemic brings costs. A lot of businesses are affected in certain ways and you might be distracted and unsure of what’s next or how you can fix things.

We are constantly monitoring the situation. We are here as your business partner and will be constantly providing support to our employees, customers, and partners. If you want to talk, we are here to have conversations with you. Please reach out to us through the support chat. It does not have to be business. It can be anything you would like to talk about. We are facing the same challenges as you are. Let’s beat this together.

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