Use Page Visit Duration and Deep Referrer Tracking to Get the Extra Information Needed to Understand Buyer Intent and Qualify Leads

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Understanding lead intent is one of the most important things in the qualification process. Just tracking activities was not enough. There is a stark contrast between a lead who spent 30 minutes on carefully reading your documentation and a lead who skimmed through everything in 30 seconds. To give our customers more power while qualifying leads, Salespanel also provides Page Visit Duration and Deep Referrer Tracking data. These metrics will provide crucial lead behavior data that will help you prioritize leads who have real intent. The data will also help you optimize your marketing campaigns and weed out bad traffic. In this article, we will discuss how the information provided by these metrics can help your team across various stages of your customer conversion process. 

Feature Overview:


  • Page Duration

Salespanel tracks the amount of time a customer spend on each page on your website and logs them. This information can be viewed from a contact’s detail page as the visit duration is shown beside every page visit. This information can also be used in workflow automation. You can set up lead scoring rules based on the amount of time visitors spend on pages on your website. 


  • Deep Referrer Tracking

Salespanel tracks where a lead comes from and shows them using the ‘Source’ field. The Source field would include the referrer website of the first visit or the parameter used for the utm_source tag. For example, a lead who found you from organic google search results would have “” as the source. If a lead visits from a UTM tracked link, it will show the Source parameter. Salespanel preserves visitor data for upto a year. So, for example, if a visitor visits your website today and then comes back 6 months later, the sessions would be merged and you would know how he/she came back.


How will this help my business?


Performance Analytics

With this update, Salespanel gives you more power for your campaign performance analysis process. Use visit duration to know how leads from different campaigns are spending time on your website. Are there particular pages where leads spend most of their time? Are some campaigns bringing bad leads who spend less than the desired amount of time on your website? Are there any pages where leads are bouncing quickly? Salespanel will help you answer these questions. Along with monitoring marketing performance, visit duration will help you in identifying bottlenecks in your user interface.


Lead Qualification

Salespanel is a powerful lead qualification tool. Visit Duration and Referrer will be added to the arsenal of data attributes provided to you for lead qualification. This will give you the opportunity to create more complex systems that are suitable for your business. Visit duration, in particular, will help you find out leads that have real intent. The more time they spend on your website or on important pages, the more serious they are about your product. 



Visit duration and referrer information will help salespeople understand motivation of their leads better. All leads are trying to get a job done. The easier it is to identify the job, the easier it will be to close the deal. The new update will greatly enhance the experience of sales professionals while conducting lead research. During research, salespeople can easily find how leads are engaging with the content and create a customer story. For example, if a lead is spending a lot of time studying a particular feature or a use case, he/she is probably interested in that. The referrer information will also paint a picture of a customer’s journey through different touchpoints.  Salespanel goes one step further in helping salespeople address customer pain points and be better closers. 

These two features will definitely create a positive impact on your sales and marketing strategy. If you have any feedback or concerns, please feel free to share them with us. 

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