6 Strategies to Boost the Motivational Aspect of Your Sales Team

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Now salesmen need to invest twice the amount of energy and effort in every prospect and client to keep them interested and loyal to your business.


Well, that’s a huge responsibility on your sales team. So, how do you ensure that your sales reps put their best foot forward and work committedly toward offering the best consumer experience?


Now, here’s the thing. You can impact your team’s sales efficiency in two main ways as a sales manager, director, or team leader: their experience and skills as well as their motivational levels.


Boosting the skill set of your team is a primarily independent process. You could identify what are the improvement areas and proceed appropriately by analyzing current key metrics and making comparisons with a productive final outcome.


Motivation, on the other hand, is far more difficult to come by. There are numerous variables that influence motivation. Also, each individual requires unique benefits and motivational strategies.


Well, to help you out we have compiled the following ways to help motivate your sales team and try driving their motivation levels up by several notches.


If you really want to boost the excellence of your company’s sales team, it’s critical to prioritize motivation. Let’s go through the six genius strategies for increasing salesperson motivation.



1. Establish a culture of trust and honesty in your organization

Trust serves as the cornerstone of motivation. When your sales team does not believe you and thus does not think you possess their best intentions at heart, they will find it tough to be motivated in their job role.


When sales staff are lacking motivation, you probably won’t be successful in re-inspiring them until you hold an honest and open discussion concerning their goals and aspirations, which won’t occur until you have faith.


You must develop credibility and then retain it by interacting with your team in a coherent and fostering manner.


Being fully transparent is an effective way to create trust. Simply talking about integrity might be a fantastic way to get results.


Be as straightforward and direct as possible. Do not attempt to conceal anything or to skirt the issue. Let your teammates know whenever there is a problem.


When interacting with colleagues, keep a helping attitude in mind. Don’t chastise or push. Rather, strive to address gaps and assist your sales reps in growing and improving.


You would like to ensure that you establish a welcoming environment in which employees feel valued and involved.



2. Establish employee experience management systems



Employee experience management necessitates a diverse set of abilities and assets. Whereas you attempt to build specific technical skills through training, it is critical that you are also skilled at communicating with your sales staff with empathy.


To create a solid employee experience strategic plan, you should first examine the lifecycle of your sales associates.


Learn what drew them to your company as well as what their roadblocks are that need to be addressed. Concentrate on enhancing processes related to work overload and wellness once you’ve identified the gaps.


By doing so, you will establish a powerful internal brand for which your sales team members will be happy to work. Encourage an emotional bond by providing your team with enough good experiences to maintain their morale.


Employees who are satisfied are more motivated, effective, and faithful. When individuals have outstanding professional experiences, they show enthusiasm in their roles and are much more willing to go above and beyond.


As a result, you will see faster and stronger increases in revenues and sales. Selecting a full-fledged employee experience management platform is among the most cost-effective ways to enhance the well-being of your sales team.


Having a unified program in place allows you to invest in both your firm and your staff simultaneously, leading to better sales results.


3. Introduce CSR initiatives


Donation matching is among the most powerful strategies to get your sales staff involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and keep their morale high. It is also an important way to show corporate backing for their hard labor and charitable donation.


There are numerous innovative ways to demonstrate to your sales reps that your firm is just as committed to staff donating as them. When your teams witness that you are going the extra mile to help the society, they are motivated to commit to you more.


Donation matching serves as a form of charitable contribution in which a company will complement employee contributions, allowing the individual’s input to have a larger effect. Donation matching usually refers to monetary contributions.


It’s a fantastic initiative for your company because each little bit of contribution adds up to more income and the means to support more individuals. For example, the Dollars for Doers program at ADM which is also known as ADM Cares, raised a whopping $8.5 million in 2020 for different sectors, such as food safety, sustainable, education, and more.


Well, if you wish to gain additional information about this framework and how it can be beneficial toward enhancing the motivation of your team, you can learn more about donation matching with Alaya.



4. Take time to understand your team’s goals

You cannot motivate your sales reps unless you understand what keeps their drive high. Recognize what each of your subordinates wants to achieve in their work and personal lives.


It will not only reveal the sort of person s/he is, but will also provide perspectives into what motivates them.


Once you’ve determined their objectives, ask your teams the below-mentioned key questions:

  • Are you feeling inspired right now?
  • What long-term motivations do you have?
  • What would you do to keep yourself motivated?
  • How might I understand if you really are disinterested?
  • What are you expecting the management to do when you don’t appear to be motivated?


Even if it appears obvious, you should always ask. Offer them around 2 days to identify their key concerns if they are unable to respond to these questions instantly.


Pushing your representatives toward being self-reflective increases the likelihood that they will provide thoughtful responses, which will benefit both your company and your staff in the long term.


Again, sales staff are motivated in a variety of ways. Collaborative sales competitions can encourage some people. Others are motivated by quota accomplishment.


Some people are driven by the desire to improve their quality of life. Certain employees are inspired by the influence they have on the organization. Some are driven by monetary gain.


Here is how you ought to approach each sort of goal:

  • Daily: It is a brief target designed to get an agent out of a rut.
  • Weekly: It’s a more concrete goal with measurable business implications. Set performance indicators for improvement, then collaborate with your representatives to develop a plan for effectively implementing skills over time to meet this goal.
  • Monthly: The most important of the 3 goals, monthly targets are supported by increased rewards for exceptional performance.


5. Organize inspiring sessions like a sales movie marathon

Each day is a potential beginning for a salesperson to approach a customer, communicate, and negotiate a deal.


It’s simple to say, but this is similar to taking a careful stroll over thin ice in reality. The very worst part is that they must respond to the reaction they receive from another end, which is frequently overshadowed by misgivings and negativity.


A few of your sales reps work 15-hours each day without complaints, while others work just under 3-4 hours and seem to be confident that they will meet their targets by the month’s end.


But what motivates them to outcompete themselves on a daily basis? Some claim to read a bunch of books, while others rely on amazing and inspiring movies to keep them afloat in the face of adversity.


Well, now that you know how entertainment can help inspire your salespeople to stay motivated and driven, you can organize a film marathon to engage them.


Believe us, there are several top-rated sales movies that will motivate even an overwhelmed sales rep to buckle up and try again – harder and with more dedication.


6. Promote a system of recognizing sales reps

Your sales representatives like being rewarded. However, only a commission is insufficient. Commissions are predicted, so you must go above and beyond for your salespeople to truly feel recognized for their accomplishments.


One strategy you can use is to host a dinner whenever someone meets a sales target or does something outstanding. That dinner, however, should not just be for that specific person. Instead, the entire team should be invited to participate.


This fosters a team-oriented attitude in the sales staff. Everyone aspires to be that individual who was recognized before the entire group. Everyone else will now want to be the reason for the next dinner.


This appreciation and recognition shall inspire them to not only put more effort but also to collaborate.


Incentives do not always need to be financial. You can also have a few enjoyable moments with your crew and look for novel ways to recognize them.


Perhaps you can compensate them by proposing to do an assignment they despise, such as generating leads / cold calling.


Alternatively, you could promise to trim your beard when your team achieves a certain objective. Perhaps you can organize enjoyable trips like a getaway to an obstacle course or a sporting event. To have your squad enthused, think creatively and outside of the box.



Your office is an important part of your brand. To have a clean, fresh, and beautiful office, Sidepost experts advise that the walls be painted on a regular basis. Not only for the employees but also for any visitors or guests you may have during working hours.


Also, make it your goal to keep your team motivated. Individuals who are not motivated will never become top performers because you give them a commission.


Understand what motivates your salespeople, and the ones with the autonomy and core natural ability to perform for an incentive will shine.


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