SDR Outsourcing Agency, Cold Cowboys, Uses Salespanel for Visitor Deanonymization and Tracking

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Cold Cowboys LLC is an SDR outsourcing business based in the United States. The company uses cutting-edge sales technology and automation tools to streamline the process of lead generation and outreach for its clients.

Michael Richter, the owner of Cold Cowboys, chose Salespanel to generate more leads using IP deanonymization and set up customer journey tracking for its B2B clientele.

The Problem

In pursuit of maximizing lead generation and optimizing client outreach, Michael and his team recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that could:

  • Identify website visitors to generate more leads effectively.
  • Track customer journeys to gain insights into prospect engagement.
  • Provide easily accessible reports and analytical data for informed decision-making.
  • Understand what prospects do after talking with SDRs.

How Can Salespanel Help?

After careful consideration, Cold Cowboys selected Salespanel to address their challenges and achieve their objectives. Salespanel was chosen for its ability to:

  • Generate leads by identifying visitors from client websites through IP deanonymization.
  • Track customer journeys comprehensively to understand prospect behavior and engagement.
  • Provide intuitive reports and analytical data for actionable insights.
  • Enable seamless tracking of customer journeys from email communications, empowering SDRs to tailor campaigns effectively.


Cold Cowboys found Salespanel remarkably easy to set up, thanks to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive tutorials. Leveraging Salespanel’s automation capabilities, the company swiftly configured its system to meet its specific requirements. Additionally, Cold Cowboys integrated Salespanel’s browser plugin for email tracking, empowering SDRs to monitor email engagement effectively.

The Results

The implementation of Salespanel yielded significant results for Cold Cowboys LLC:

  • Enhanced lead generation through visitor deanonymization
  • In-depth insights into prospect engagement with client websites
  • Tailored campaigns using Salespanel’s insights
  • Improved conversion rates and customer satisfaction

Final Thoughts

Through Salespanel, Cold Cowboys optimized lead generation and outreach, achieving greater efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. With Salespanel’s robust capabilities and Cold Cowboys’ commitment, the company is poised for continued growth in the SDR outsourcing landscape.

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