11 Video Marketing Tools to Boost Sales Engagement

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Videos are one of the most engaging types of content, one that’s steadily gaining popularity in recent years.


According to a Wyzowl survey, 91% of marketers use video marketing and 96% consider it an important part of their marketing strategy.


So, if you want to engage your target audience on multiple channels, using a format that they like, you need to invest in video marketing and video marketing tools.


After all, you can’t ace your video marketing game without the right tools in your arsenal. That’s why, I’ve composed this list of the top video marketing tools to help you get started with video marketing.
But first, let’s understand what video marketing is and how you can use videos to boost sales for your business.


What is Video Marketing?

In layman’s terms, video marketing is the use of videos to boost sales for your products or services and grow your business. This includes posting video clips on social media as well as embedding them on your website.


Seems simple, right?


Well, while it’s conceptually simple, driving real results from video marketing is more nuanced and requires expertise and access to great video marketing tools.


The great thing is that even though videos are widely popular, they’re still an untapped channel for most businesses, especially for boosting sales.


And that gives you the unique opportunity to get in on the game, learn how to use video marketing to boost sales, and acquire the right video marketing tools. That’s what this post will help you with.


Let’s get started.


How to Use Video Marketing to Boost Sales and Engagement

Here are some ways in which you can use video marketing to boost sales:


  • Share informative videos about important industry topics to establish yourself as a thought leader and an expert that your prospective clients can trust.
  • Create educational videos on how people can use your products and convince prospects that your product is the solution to their problem.
  • Use video marketing to show prospective customers the key benefits and use cases of your product and how it’ll be beneficial to them.
  • Use customer testimonial videos to provide social proof to your prospective customers.
  • Add product tutorial videos on your product pages to make the purchase decision easier for your customers.


Of course, you’ll need the best video marketing tools in your arsenal to accomplish these goals. So, let’s check out some of the best video marketing tools that you can choose from.


Top Video Marketing Tools for Sales and Marketing Teams

Here’s my list of top video marketing tools for you to choose from. Consider your needs and choose a few tools that can help you take your video marketing to the next level.


1. Movavi Video Editor – For Desktop Video Editing



Movavi Video Editor is a powerful desktop video editing software that offers a comprehensive set of features for editing different types of videos. It offers two modes of editing videos—quick mode (for beginners) and manual mode (for advanced users.


The quick mode offers customizable templates that you can use to create amazing videos in no time. It also offers a plethora of options for stock photos, videos, and soundtracks. The manual mode is great for advanced users who like to control every aspect of their videos from background removal to manual sound adjustment.


With the sheer number of filters, transitions, effects, and other features at your disposal, there’s no limit to what type and quality of videos you can create.


If you go for Movavi’s complete video suite, you’ll also get a screen recorder, file converter, and video converter. So, if you’re looking for a complete video editing software suite for use on desktops, Movavi is the perfect choice for you.


Key Features

  • Easy and advanced color adjustment options
  • AI-powered motion tracking
  • AI background removal
  • Highlight and conceal features
  • Filters, transitions, stickers, and effects
  • Quick and advanced editing modes
  • Scene detection
  • Advanced audio editing options
  • Screen recording, screenshots, and other tools in the video suite



  • Drag-and-drop, easy-to-use video editor
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced users
  • Manual mode offers tons of customization options
  • 30-day money-back guarantee



  • Suitable only for desktop use
  • Tool Level
  • Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced


Usability: Easy to use with a drag-and-drop editor and an intuitive user interface.


Movavi offers both individual tools and a complete video suite.

  • Video Editor: €37.95 (~$41) for a 1-year subscription
  • Video Suite: €57.95 (~$63) for a 1-year subscription


2. Wideo – For Creating Animated Videos



When it comes to video marketing, you can’t deny the importance of animation. Wideo enables you to create a custom visual experience for your viewers that can be hard to replicate in the real world. What makes this video marketing tool very user-friendly is the fact that it offers numerous customizable templates that you can select to get started.


All you’ve got to do is add your videos to the templates, drag-and-drop the graphics, and incorporate the text you want. That’s it. Your video’s ready to roll. These features also make it handy for creating video presentations.


Key Features

  • Hundreds of free customizable templates
  • Access to numerous editable stock videos and graphics
  • Ability to share the videos and upload them to social platforms directly
  • Can create presentations



  • Free version available
  • User-friendly and simple to use
  • Purpose-built video templates



  • Even paid plans have limits on the video duration.


Tool Level: Beginner

Usability: Extremely easy to use



  • Free (video length upto 1 minute)
  • Basic: $19 per month (video length upto 1.5 minutes)
  • Pro: $39 per month (video length upto 10 minutes)
  • Pro+: $79 per month (video length upto 30 minutes)


3. Powtoon – For Making Animated Videos



Powtoon is one of the best video marketing tools when it comes to producing and editing high-quality animated videos. It offers a variety of characters, animations, and visual effects to help you create professional videos for promoting your business.


It also has a powerful character builder that helps bring animated characters to life. You can personalize your animated characters by choosing clothing, gestures, colors, etc.


Key Features

  • Video editing
  • Screen recording
  • Animated character building
  • Whiteboard doodling
  • Presentation making
  • Customizable templates
  • Huge visual stock library



  • A versatile tool that can be used to make all types of videos from social media videos to business presentations
  • Great for building customized characters for animated videos



  • Restrictions on video length on all plans
  • Free trial produces videos with watermark


Tool Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Usability: One of the easy-to-use video marketing tools that can be used by beginners.



Here are the plans it offers:

  • Lite: $15 per month (video length up to 10 mins)
  • Professional: $40 per month (video length up to 20 mins)
  • Business: $125 per month (video length up to 30 mins)
  • Enterprise: Custom (video length up to 30 mins)


4. Videoscribe – For Making Whiteboard Explainer Videos



Like Powtoon, Videoscribe is also one of the video marketing tools that specialize in animated videos. I am, however, recommending this tool for something more specific—whiteboard explainer videos.


These are a special category of explainer videos that use whiteboard-style animation to explain difficult concepts in a simple manner. Such videos are great for educating your prospects and familiarizing them with your business concepts or innovative products.


Videoscribe provides easy-to-use whiteboard animated video templates that you can use to create informative and engaging videos in no time. And, it offers a lot of other features as well, let’s check them out.


Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop animated video maker
  • Videos templates for a variety of videos
  • Option to create GIFs
  • Hand-drawn animated illustration library



  • The browser version can be used on both desktops and tablets
  • Easy-to-use tool for beginners who want to create quick animations
  • Offers a no-hassle, 7-day free trial



  • Not the most advanced tool for professionals who want more control


Tool Level: Beginner
Usability: This is one of the video marketing tools that are extremely easy to use


Pricing: Price starts at $17.50 per month. You can contact their team to get custom quotes and discounts for team plans.


5. StreamYard – For Video Livestreaming



One of the ways to use video marketing to boost sales is to establish yourself as a thought leader. And nothing helps with that as starting an educational webinar series.


Live webinars are especially good for boosting audience engagement and one of the best video marketing tools you can use for that is StreamYard.


This tool makes live-streaming easy by providing you with quick ways of adding your personal touch to your broadcast. Add your brand logo and colors, upload your preferred images, GIFs, and videos, and multistream to different platforms simultaneously.


Key Features

  • High-quality video live-streaming
  • Multistreaming of various platforms
  • Option to invite up to 10 guests on-screen
  • Great customization options
  • Browser-based video marketing software
  • Goog audience engagement features



  • One of the easiest-to-use video marketing tools for live-streaming
  • Option to stream on multiple platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn
  • Offers a completely free plan



  • Suitable only for live-streaming, while other video marketing tools provide all-in-one solutions


Tool Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Usability: It is fairly easy to use once you get acclimated to the platform and all its features.

Pricing: It offers separate plans for individuals and businesses. Here are the details.


For Individuals
Free: $0 with restricted features and watermark
Basic: $25 per month
Professional: $49 per month


For Businesses
Premium: $99 per month
Growth: $299 per month
Business: Custom


6. Renderforest – For Mobile Video Editing



Renderforest is one of the video marketing tools that are loved by influencers and marketers alike as it packs tons of features in its mobile apps.


It is one of the few video marketing tools that offer a dedicated mobile app and is actually good at on-the-go video editing.


It’s a versatile tool that you can use to create videos, presentations, logos, graphics, mockups, and even websites.


What makes it stand out from the rest of the video marketing tools on this list? It offers a specialized toolkit for creating different 5 types of video content on different platforms. For example, it has a YouTube toolkit, a 3D explainer video toolkit, and an Instagram Reels toolkit.


Simply choose the type of video you want to make and get access to all the tools required to create a stunning one.


Key Features

  • Video editing
  • Specialized video toolkits
  • Animations
  • Logo, website, and graphic design
  • Mobile app for on-the-go video editing



  • Offers video editing, graphic design, and website design in the same plan
  • Allows easy video editing through its iOS and Android apps
  • Offers a free forever plan



  • More customization options can be provided for advanced users
  • Some users demand a better video preview option


Tool Level: Beginner

Usability: It is one of the most user-friendly video marketing tools on this list.



Here are the pricing plans it offers:

  • Free
  • Lite: $9.99 per month
  • Pro: $15.99 per month
  • Business: $23.99 per month


7. Cincopa – For Making Sales Videos



Cicopa is one of the few video marketing tools on this list that specializes in making sales videos. It is a must-have tool for sales teams who want to leverage video marketing to generate more sales.


It allows you to create personalized video messages for your prospects, video marketing collaterals, gated video content to capture leads, and more.


What’s the best part?


It also helps your website rank higher on SERP using video SEO, making it one of the best tools to boost sales performance.


Key Features

  • Video hosting
  • Digital asset management
  • Specialized sales videos
  • Video player
  • Templates
  • Online courses and training videos
  • Easy integrations with other platforms



  • Explicitly designed for sales teams to use videos for boosting sales
  • Also provides video hosting and other add-on services
  • Offers a 30-day free trial



  • Not the most advanced video editor, offers basic features
  • The interface can be more user-friendly
  • Higher-tier plans are a bit expensive when compared to other tools


Tool Level: Intermediate
Usability: It has a learning curve in the beginning and is not one of the most user-friendly video marketing tools.


Here are the plans it offers:

  • Plus: $25 per month
  • Corporate: $99 per month
  • Enterprise: $350 per month
  • Custom Enterprise: Custom


8. TubeBuddy – For Making YouTube Videos



YouTube is the leading video-sharing platform in the world, so it makes sense to add a YouTube-specific tool to this list of video marketing tools.


TubeBuddy is a simple-to-use Chrome extension that helps YouTubers manage their videos, use the right keywords, and rank higher.


This tool helps YouTubers grow their YouTube channel with real-time analytics.


It offers tools to improve your productivity, help with video SEO and promotion, and get basic video analytics, among other things. The tool also offers a mobile app.


Key Features

  • Video SEO – keyword research, rank tracking, tag suggestions, etc.
  • Productivity tools – video scheduling, topic planner, etc.
  • Promotion tools – share on Facebook, milestones, tracking links, etc.
  • Data and research – video analytics, competitor scorecard, etc.



  • A video marketing tool dedicated to growing your YouTube channel
  • Offers a complete suite of features from promotional tools to video SEO tools
  • Offers a free plan with limited features for you to test the waters



  • The basic plans have very few features and you need the top plan to access some of the best features
  • Outdated interface that can be more user-friendly


Tool Level: Intermediate

Usability: It is not among the easiest-to-use video marketing tools as the interface is a bit outdated.



Here are the plans it offers:

  • Free
  • Pro: $4.00 per month
  • Legend: $28.50 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom


9. Loom – For Free Screen Recording



Looking for a free screen-recording software solution?


Loom is one of the most popular tools used by individuals and businesses alike.


It is a simple-to-use tool that allows you to create screen-recorded videos quickly that can add to the customer service software. With the help of explainer and how to videos your customer support system can provide a robust customer support.


It can be used on multiple devices including desktop and mobile devices.


The free plan allows you to create up to 25 5-min videos, after which you can upgrade to a paid plan. How does this help with marketing?


First, screen recordings are great for creating explainer videos, which are essential for marketing. Second, you can leave video recordings for your prospects, instead of sending text messages or emails, making the communication process easier and more engaging.


Let’s check out all the features that make it one of the best video marketing tools.


Key Features

  • Screen recording & cam bubble
  • Instant video editing
  • Unlimited transcriptions
  • Custom branding
  • Engagement insights
  • Activity log export
  • Salesforce integration



  • Offer a free-forever plan, which is good for users with limited usage requirements
  • Great tool for creating explainer or tutorial videos
  • Video sharing is easy by using sharing links



  • Video editing options are limited
  • Some users claim that the desktop app is buggy and often lags


Tool Level: Beginner
Usability: While the interface is easy to use, it can lag sometimes.


This is one of the cheapest video marketing tools but also provides limited functionality. Here are the plans it offers:


  • Free
  • Business: $8 per creator per month
  • Enterprise: Custom



10. Vidyard – For Ready-to-Record Sales Video Templates



Vidyard is one of the video marketing tools that specialize in creating sales videos and are great for sales teams.


It helps you easily create and share personalized videos with customers, prospects, and internal team members to improve communication and drive conversions.


What makes it stand out among other video marketing tools?


It’s ready-to-use sales video templates for a variety of videos including sales demos, proposals, follow-ups, cold outreach, meeting reminders, and more.


If you want to use videos across your sales lifecycle but don’t know where to start, Vidyard is the solution to your problems.


Key Features

  • Video creation and editing
  • Video hosting
  • Easy video sharing and distribution
  • Analytics and reports



  • Enables sales teams to create quick video marketing materials without requiring technical expertise.
  • Great tool for boosting sales productivity.



  • Best suited for sales teams and not for broader marketing purposes including social media marketing
  • User interface can be a bit more user-friendly


Tool Level: Intermediate
Usability: It has a small learning curve but is fairly easy to use once you get accustomed to the interface.



  • Free
  • Pro: $29 per creator per month
  • Enterprise: Custom


11. Vimeo – For Video and Audience Analytics



Vimeo is one of the video marketing tools that are great both for marketing and employee communications. What makes it stand out from other video marketing tools, however, is its analytics feature.


Its advanced video analytics not only helps you assess the performance of your video marketing campaigns but also analyzes audience behavior. This helps you improve your video marketing strategy to get better results.


Key Features

  • Video editing
  • Auto captioning
  • Webinar software
  • Virtual events
  • Video player
  • Video library
  • Live-streaming
  • Screen recording
  • OTT video monetization
  • Analytics



  • A complete video marketing platform with video editing, hosting, promotions, and a lot of other features
  • One of the best video marketing tools for studying audience behavior and gaining valuable insights
  • Offers high-quality video streaming without any ads, unlike most other video marketing platforms


  • Some users complain about slow video uploads
  • The platform is often buggy and technical support is slow


Tool Level: Intermediate

Usability: Vimeo is one of the popular video marketing tools that are easy to use and suitable for both beginners and advanced users.


  • Free
  • Starter: $12 per month
  • Standard: $20 per month
  • Advanced: $65 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom



1. What is video marketing?

Video marketing refers to the practice of using videos for marketing purposes. This includes social media videos, website videos, and more.


One example of video marketing is adding customer testimonial videos to your website to provide social proof to your prospective customers. This directly helps drive more sales.


Another example is posting informative videos on YouTube to establish yourself as an expert who people trust. This will generate leads organically as people would be more likely to check out the products or services offered by an industry expert.


2. What are video marketing tools?

Video marketing tools are software, extensions, or apps that can help you get the best results from your video marketing efforts.


Video marketing tools include a variety of tools, such as:


  • Video editing tools
  • Live streaming tools
  • Screen recording tools
  • Webinar hosting tools
  • Video SEO tools
  • Video analytics tools


Contrary to popular opinion, video marketing tools are not limited to video editing tools, but expand to several categories, as mentioned above. This means you may need not one, but a few video marketing tools to take your video marketing campaign to the next level.


3. Which is the best video marketing tool?

There is no one tool that can be deemed as the best video marketing tool. Also, what’s best for you depends on your specific requirements and may not be the best for everyone.


In this post, I’ve provided a list of the best video marketing tools for different purposes. Choose a mix of tools that suit your needs.


Here’s my list of top video marketing tools:

  • Movavi Video Editor
  • Headline Analyzer by Attrock
  • Powtoon
  • Videoscribe
  • StreamYard
  • Renderforest
  • Cincopa
  • TubeBuddy
  • Loom
  • Vidyard
  • Vimeo


4. Why are videos important for marketing?

Videos are the most entertaining way of delivering important information to your prospects. Whether you want to teach them the benefits of your products or show how other users use your products, videos are a great way to do that.


Given the rise in popularity of visual social media platforms, it’s become necessary for marketers to use videos for marketing.


Videos can help you:

  • Showcase the benefits of your products
  • Teach consumers how to use your products
  • Tell your brand story to develop consumer relationships
  • Show other consumers raving about your brand
  • Build a loyal audience who may eventually turn into customers


5. How to use videos for marketing effectively?

Videos, by nature, are quite versatile and can be used in myriad ways. Here are some ways to use videos for marketing:


  • Use informative videos to establish yourself as an industry expert
  • Share video testimonials of customers to build credibility by providing social proof
  • Create engaging product tutorials to show prospects how to use your products
  • Use videos as gated content to capture more leads from your website
  • Add product videos conveying important information to make purchase decisions easier


As you can see, there are a lot of ways in which you can use videos for marketing purposes. However, you’ll need good video marketing tools to get the best results. Choose from the list of video marketing tools provided in this post to get started.



Video marketing is no longer a choice, but a necessity. Given that 91% of marketers are already using videos for marketing purposes, anyone who isn’t is at a disadvantage.

So, if you’re not leveraging video marketing to it full potential, it’s high time that you start doing so. And you’ll need the best video marketing tools to ace your video marketing game.

Use the video marketing tools listed above to start with video marketing and get the best results. All the best!

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