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So, you are looking for an alternative…


Customers who are looking for a company identification based lead generation product often ask us how we compare with Visitor Queue and other products with more or less similar functionalities.


We do share a feature in common. Like Visitor Queue and other lead generation tools, Salespanel also identifies companies who visit your website. But, it is only one of our core features to help you acquire customers.


Visitor Queue alternative comparison


Understanding the technology behind lead generation

Before we get into comparisons, let us understand what happens behind the scenes. This will actually help you make a more informed decision. How can a tool detect which companies are visiting your website?


The technology is fairly simple. Most mid-level and enterprise companies have a DNS pool that computers from the network browse through. So, all employees visiting from a company’s IP pool can be identified and tagged accordingly. This information is completely public and data regulation friendly. Products that identify accounts using this method will more or less identify the same companies.



Some products in the market, however, crowdsource the data or get them through other means. But for those, while you will identify more accounts, regulation compliance cannot be guaranteed. I visited a website (where I never signed up) from my home internet using Incognito mode and I was shown a dynamic widget that identified me as an employee of Salespanel. Pretty cool but is that legal where your visitor resides? If I were a privacy-focused lead, I would certainly not be impressed by this stunt.


Both Salespanel and Visitor Queue are using similar privacy compliant methods to identify companies and they will have a similar identification rate. Should you then just pick the cheapest option? Let’s find out.


Do more than company deanonymization

The similarities between Visitor Queue and Salespanel start and end at company deanonymization. Salespanel is a complete visitor intelligence and marketing enablement software. Salespanel helps you capture leads from your webforms, live chat, and email marketing campaigns, segment and qualify them using various data attributes, run account-based marketing, create sales and marketing alignment and the list goes on.


Here are some of our top features:

  • Multi-channel lead capture without integration
  • Visitor intelligence (more on that later)
  • Real-time tracking
  • Segmentation
  • Lead scoring
  • Website triggers
  • Marketing automation triggers
  • Real-time alerts


Salespanel offers a complete tracking and enablement package that goes beyond lead generation.


Work on all visitors (even if they are never identified)

The company identification process works currently in less than 25% of your visitors on average. Adding to that, only 5-10% of your visitors will sign up. What about the rest?


Salespanel tracks all of your visitors. When a lead visits your website, it tracks what they did, where they found you from, which marketing campaigns they engaged with, and how much time they spent on each page. If you set up custom triggers, it can also track which website elements your visitors engaged with. If the visitor’s company is identified, that information is also added.


This set of information helps you create a customer profile for all users and qualify them in real-time. You can then serve highly personalized content, get qualified leads to priority sales, retarget them on social media platforms and also create lookalike audiences of your best visitors. The possibilities are truly endless.


When a visitor ends up signing up, Salespanel will turn the anonymous visitor profile into an identified ‘lead’ profile and provide you activity details of the lead both before and after sign up.


You can also fire up Reports on Salespanel and get complete B2B analytics in real-time.


Segment and qualify your leads

Salespanel helps you segment and qualify your leads based on all the available personal (for identified leads), firmographic, and behavioral data attributes. For lead qualification, Salespanel provides both predictive (automatic) and rule-based (manual) lead scoring solutions. These features are only found on higher-priced products.


You can create thresholds and alert your sales team through push notifications, emails, or a communication platform like Slack to help them strike conversations when leads are hot.


Do more while paying the same

It is now time to compare pricing. Salespanel has a free plan. You get basic B2B tracking and company deanonymization for free. A free plan is not available on Visitor Queue.


For paid plans, Visitor Queue is one of the cheapest options in the market and starts at $39/mo for identifying 100 accounts. Salespanel’s paid plan on the other hand starts at $49/mo for tracking 1000 unique visitors a month. Since our product is focused on visitor tracking, we charge based on the number of unique visitors you track. This also means that you do not have to worry about blacklisting bad leads to save credits. If you want to identify accounts only, you can identify around 100-150 accounts with the $49/mo plan.


We can conclude that the entire price bandwidth is very similar on both products. But, on Salespanel, you get so much more. The choice is yours to make.


Sell more, understand your customers’ journey for free!

Sales and Marketing teams spend millions of dollars to bring visitors to your website. But do you track your customer’s journey? Do you know who buys and why?

Around 8% of your website traffic will sign up on your lead forms. What happens to the other 92% of your traffic? Can you identify your visiting accounts? Can you engage and retarget your qualified visitors even if they are not identified?

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