How Salespanel using its own tracking engine instead of relying on Google Analytics helps customers

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Roughly one and a half years back when we launched Salespanel to our beta users, our goal was to simply provide an add-on utility to CRM users. A simple lead tracking tool that tracks visitors and syncs data to a customer’s CRM. From early users, we received a lot of feedback that opened up the potential for more features and more use cases. The choice we had to make was to build a robust lead tracking engine from the ground up instead of using a 3rd-party service like Google Analytics who operate differently and are serving different use cases. Also, relying on Google Analytics would greatly limit what Salespanel could offer, the most important being real-time lead tracking. When we launched our company identification feature, we wanted to provide a data platform and go beyond lead generation. Lead generation is a start but the job does not end here for most companies. Salespanel needed to be a solution enabler that starts enabling solutions from the very first visit of the customer and work till the end of the customer journey. 

If you have tried out other products in the market that provide company identification solutions, you already know that many of them rely on Google Analytics. We have also gotten requests in the past year from various beta users to implement Google Analytics supported tracking. And, we have seriously considered providing an option. After all, user feedback is really important for us.  But we believe the benefits of in-house tracking far outweighed Google Analytics integration. 

And, this ended up being true with Google Analytics making an update and no longer providing the data necessary for company identification. Google Analytics no longer provides ISP and Network Domain data that facilitated the reverse lookup. You can read more about it in SeerInteractive’s blog post.


Let’s have a look at a few reasons why we use our in-house tracking engine instead of a 3rd-party provider.


Reliability of service as we have complete control over the product

Dependance on a third-party product that operates differently can be problematic. Especially being reliant on giants like Google and Facebook can be very risky as one update can change everything. SEO experts and social media marketers face this problem every now and then. 

Products like Google Analytics have a different trajectory to cover. Their moves will safeguard their interest and entertain sustaining development. This is good for them in the long term but if your core business logic or competitive advantage depends on the data they process, then it can change many things. That’s what worried us from day one. It’s been a big challenge as we had to build our own in-house engine but it provided us the opportunity to process this data in the sales and marketing context, on behalf of our customers with complete authority, which has also become an important part of the compliance. So in this context, if the product depends on another analytics company for the data and builds everything at the top of it then there are asymmetrical negative impacts waiting in the future. By not relying on Google Analytics, we have managed to avoid that for our customers.


Real-time tracking and data sync at all times

Having our own tracking system helps us track visitors on your website in real-time and also sync the data to other tools in your arsenal instantly. By real-time, we mean actual real-time. Not one hour or 10 minutes or anything else. Salespanel updates data instantly.

This has a lot of benefits. For example, if a lead performs a behavior that is deemed as something that means buying intent and they also match with your ICP, Salespanel will immediately send an alert to your sales team while your buyer is still on your website. Salespanel can also update lead score to any platform (CRM, messaging tools, etc.) in real-time.  


Salespanel is a lead data and solution platform and our work does not end with lead generation 

Salespanel works as a lead/customer data platform and like we mentioned before, our work does not end in lead generation. Having a dedicated tracking system with data enrichment and lead qualification tools helps us enable different use cases and solutions for our customers. For example, customers can use Salespanel to score leads and notify sales when leads match their ICP and cross a lead score showing desired behaviors. These leads can automatically be added as deals on their CRM through automated triggers. Customers can also generate real-time reports with a few clicks and get the data they need. Want to know which companies have visited your website from a particular google ad keyword and how many have completed sign up? We have got you covered.

We also use the data to offer high-value solutions like account-based personalization, lead nurturing, segmented retargeting and API based solutions. This would have simply been impossible with reliance on Google Analytics. 


A Look Into the Future

We are constantly updating the product to complete more use cases and create solutions by leveraging our data platform. If you want to know more about our new updates and what we are working on, please have a look at this post:

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