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The lines for CRMs are becoming blurrier every year. Most CRMs keep getting feature-heavy and try to do everything. From marketing to sales to support to everything else. The learning curves are also becoming steeper. Salespeople prefer platforms that help them simply get things done and move deals from one stage to another and take continuous actions until deals close. This is where Pipedrive comes in.


What is Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive is one of the most popular sales CRMs in the world. It is actually the first CRM in the world that was solely made for salespeople. And, as such, it is a favorite of sales teams worldwide who need a simple pipeline-based CRM without any complexities. Pipedrive promotes ‘activity-based selling’ where they help sales reps take actions and move deals from one stage in the pipeline to another.


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What do sales reps need after they login to Pipedrive?

Sales reps are the most productive when they don’t need to leave their CRMs and perform mundane operations. Ideally, they should need to do only two things: talk to prospects and move deals from one stage to another. So, what do they need?


Here’s what a sales team’s job on Pipedrive might look like:

  • Create deals for leads that are passed on to them.
  • Assign deals to reps.
  • Reps add details and notes to deals as they progress through the pipeline.
  • Reps set due dates to remind themselves for follow-ups and next steps.
  • Collaborate with other sales reps if needed.


The two major focal points are the addition of deals and notes and tracking of sales activities those deals as they move through the pipeline. With inbound lead generation, there is a third focal point – sales intelligence. What was the last action of the deal? What are they currently doing? Did they read the last email? What other things can be known about the deal that can help in closing?


Pipedrive provides sales reps everything they need from the software. But, sales reps also need information from marketing, and they would also be more productive if mundane tasks were reduced or eliminated. Sales reps only spend 35.2% of their time selling.


Sales reps spend 14.8% of their time on administrative tasks and 11% of their time on research. This is a problem.


What sales reps would love to have while they are on Pipedrive:

  • Reduce administrative tasks: Hot new deals and marketing qualified leads need to get automatically added — no need for CSVs and imports.
  • Spend less time on research: Sales reps get all lead data without going out of Pipedrive. They know who the leads are, what motivates them, and understand what would be needed to sell to them.
  • Keep track of leads and progress: Sales reps keep track of everything within Pipedrive. How the leads are engaging with websites and emails, what specific actions they are taking, how they are getting closer to buying, etc.


If your company uses Pipedrive, here’s how you turn this ideal scenario into reality.


Turning the ideal scenario into reality in 10 minutes

If we have your attention this far, let me introduce you to Salespanel. Salespanel is a lead tracking, qualification, and sales enablement that seamlessly integrates with Pipedrive and gets all data from marketing directly to sales. All of your sales reps can focus on only one thing: moving deals through the pipeline and closing them.


Login to Pipedrive and get Salespanel data

Preview of Salespanel app for Pipedrive


Here’s how you install it:


  1. Sign up to Salespanel and install the tracking code on your website. This can be easily done by your site administrator.
  2. Login to Pipedrive and install Salespanel from Pipedrive Marketplace in 3 clicks.
  3. Install browser extension for email tracking and push notifications.


That’s it.


Life After Installation

Once you install the Salespanel app on Pipedrive CRM, here’s what you and your sales team get:


1. Fresh new leads from marketing channels automatically added to the pipeline

Salespanel instantly tracks leads from your forms, pop-ups, meeting scheduling widgets (e.g., Calendly), and email campaigns and creates a contact for them instantly on Pipedrive. Your marketing team can set up a process to get new deals automatically added for these contacts.

As a result, your sales reps start their day with fresh leads ready for the sales process to begin. If your company has a high volume and likes to qualify leads before sending them to sales, your marketing team can use Salespanel’s segmentation and lead scoring tool to qualify them. When leads are marketing qualified, deals can automatically be created for them.


2. Campaign data (UTM), source, and lead activity data inside Deal/Contact details

Salespanel tracks where your leads came from and how they engage with your website and emails and syncs the data to your Pipedrive contacts. Your sales reps will know every activity of a lead on your website both before and after sign-up. If you are generating inbound leads, the most crucial touchpoint for your reps will be scheduling meetings through Calendly or any other call scheduling software. Salespanel will provide the complete picture of what motivated a lead to book a meeting by tracking what happens before and after the meeting is booked and syncing the data to the contact’s detail page on Pipedrive. If you use UTM tracking parameters on your marketing campaigns, your sales reps will also know which campaigns and keywords leads engaged with before dropping on your website. This information provides a significant advantage to your reps. For example, if a visitor lands from an advert on your competitor’s brand keyword, it will provide the context and help them understand the motivation of the lead.


Now, coming to behavior. Page visits, time duration, custom events like webinar views or button clicks can all be tracked and synced to your Pipedrive account. Manually sent emails and marketing newsletters are tracked as well. For one on one emails, Salespanel tracks opens and clicks on Gmail/G-suite and Outlook.


The activities are added to the contact details as they happen in real-time, which will help your sales reps always stay updated and get the full picture of a customer’s journey.


3. Real-time lead scoring for Pipedrive

In a B2B selling process, deals take time, and leads gradually convert to customers. These decisions are not impulsive. They take weeks or months to happen. As a customer gradually progresses through different touchpoints and engages with marketing content, the likelihood of conversion increases (or decreases if they lose interest). This likelihood is translated into mathematical numbers by the marketing team using formulas (rule-based) or predictive algorithms. This methodology is called lead scoring.


Salespanel helps you create lead scoring modules and sync scores to Pipedrive deals using App Panels. So, at any moment, before taking action on a deal, your sales reps will know the latest score of the lead. A breakdown of the score can also be obtained from Salespanel.Your sales reps can also use lead scores to prioritize leads. A lead who is more likely to buy will have a higher score. Lead score not only takes profile attributes into account but also takes ongoing engagement into consideration. Email opens, recent website views, one-pagers, etc.


Not just inbound, lead scoring is also helpful if you are acquiring leads through outreach. If you send cold emails, Salespanel’s tracking connects the dots between a lead’s email engagement and will track when they visit your website after reviewing the proposal or schedule a call via Calendly.

4. Powerful segmentation for sales reps within Pipedrive

Pipedrive already has a filtering tool which is pretty cool. Now, not only does Salespanel have its own segmentation tool, but it also boosts the capabilities of Pipedrive’s filtering tool. How? Simple. Salespanel adds new fields in your contacts to add new information and these fields are also available for filters. The same applies to the activity logs of your leads.


You can filter out leads based on lead source, lead score, last visit date, page visits, etc., without leaving Pipedrive CRM. Want to prioritize leads who were active today or read your messages today? You got it. Want to prioritize leads who watched a webinar in the last 3 days? You got that as well!


5.Real-time notifications for buyers showing intent

Leads always perform actions or a set of actions that always correlate to buying intent. There are some that are common for every company – frequent visits or email engagement, for example. And there are some that are specific to your business. Reading a particular case study or watching a full embedded video, or visiting a particular page. You get the idea! Salespanel’s browser extension notifies you when new contacts are found, when leads visit your website or engage with your emails and when leads perform high intent actions. You can tweak your notification settings to get relevant notifications only and take quick actions at the right times to move deals forward.


6. Generate rich sales reports with attribution data

Pipedrive’s sales reporting module is a neat tool to help you generate sales reports and share them monthly/quarterly with managers and other departments in your company. It helps you visualize the number of deals won by each rep, the conversion rates, compare data with company average, make periodic analysis, etc. All great features. Any idea what can improve this further and help your marketing team and other executives?Marketing attribution.What if, in the next quarterly meeting, you could say something like:


“45% of the deals won were companies with less than 200 employees who came from the Google ad campaign on XYZ competitor’s brand keyword.”




“55% of leads who buy spend over 20 minutes reading case studies. So, those are pretty important.”


Salespanel not only helps you enrich Pipedrive reports with attribution data but syncs deal data from Pipedrive back to Salespanel in real-time. This means you can easily generate these reports on Salespanel as well.


Final Thoughts

Pipedrive is a great CRM, and complementary products like Salespanel make the jobs of your sales reps easier and help them focus on selling. When your sales reps log into Pipedrive, all they should need to do is work on the deals that are already added in a silver platter for them, with all the information ready for closing. At the end of the quarter, your sales team can present reports that pinpoint conversions to entry points and help marketing teams bring leads sales would love to close.

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