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Salespanel integrates with your Pipedrive CRM to create seamless sync of leads to your sales pipeline. Salespanel has direct integration with Pipedrive and it can sync leads and their tracking data to your CRM in real-time. This includes data like lead score, lead activities, lead source, UTM parameters, and lead temperature.

What is Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive is a sales focused CRM software that helps salespeople effectively manage sales pipelines and easily move deals through different stages of the purchase cycle. Salespanel can be integrated with Pipedrive in less than two minutes by installing the app from Pipedrive marketplace.

What can I do after integrating Salespanel with Pipedrive CRM?

Sync all inbound identified leads and their web visits, email activity to your Pipedrive contacts and deals.
Get all lead data and activity logs updated on Pipedrive contacts in real-time. Help your sales team to identify purchase intents and personalize sales message based on the data powered by Salespanel in the Pipedrive CRM.
Automatically sync every identified lead to Pipedrive contacts.
Selectively sync some identified leads to Pipedrive contacts.
Define your own criteria of qualified leads and sync these leads to Pipedrive contacts.
Get your salespeople notified about leads who are injected into the sales pipeline or when they revisit your website.
Get the lead score and lead temperature on Pipedrive deals.
Use lead score field to sort deals from the most qualified to least qualified and spend your time on top leads. The score can be provided based on profile attributes and behavioral data.
Create deals for qualified identified leads and visiting companies as soon as you spot them in Salespanel.

How to get started?

To set up the direct integration, login to your Pipedrive account and Salespanel account and open the Salespanel app listing from their marketplace (link provided on the side bar). Click on Install and follow through the process. Once installed, every lead captured will be added as a contact to your Pipedrive account with their data. Your salespeople can then create deals for qualified leads. Lead data will be constantly updated based on their behavior and metrics.

Pipedrive App Panel

Pipedrive has recently launched a feature called App Panels where an app widget will be displayed inside a contact’s details page. Salespanel is one of the first applications to support this feature and as a result, your sales team will have access to the latest lead score, lead temperature, last visit and total visit data directly for their CRM.

To activate app panel, go to a contact’s or a deal's detail page and press the Activate App Panel button under the Salespanel widget on the left hand side. It will show you the latest data about that lead using by fetching real-time information from Salespanel APIs.

To integrate Salespanel with Pipedrive, please visit our app listing in the Pipedrive marketplace from here: Salespanel's Pipedrive Marketplace App

I see that B2B marketing can be set to a next level with Salespanel. It is super easy and fast to take use and offers a great value for its price.

Wide integration possibilities makes it suitable for many kind of companies already working with other tools. Salespanel + pipedrive + Mailchimp combination is our favorite and what we recommend to all of our customers who are looking flexible and efficient way to do their marketing and sales.One of the best software we signed up for.

Timo Veirto
Markkinoinnin Muurahainen Finland-based Marketing & Advertising Company
Mikhail Avady
VP Marketing & Product Voxie

"Made all of our jobs easier"

We needed to product qualify leads for Voxiechat before sending them to Pipedrive. Salespanel made everything easy as it helps us send the best leads to our CRM.

Our sales team is able to find all leads along with important information. This has made all of our jobs easier and reduced the amount of manual work needed.

Salespanel is helping me to increase efficiency of my sales.

It takes long time to close complex consulting deals and with Salespanel I can see how much traction I really have.

And it works nicely with Pipedrive. I recommend Salespanel to all kind of sales teams – both with digital products and with services too.

Wojciech Ozimek
CEO Rokanan Group

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Historically, CRM and marketing tools have been separate tools used independently by sales and marketing teams, respectively, but they actually both fit into the larger revenue cycle and need to be considered in tandem to help customers hit their revenue marks.

With app panels on Pipedrive, we help partner applications update data in the CRM in real-time for deals and contacts. Salespanel uses this functionality to bring dynamic marketing data to sales reps in real-time, helping them close deals more efficiently.

Krishna Panicker
Chief Product Officer Pipedrive

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